I am a experienced writer, editor, proofreader and also tutor. No project is too little or too large. I have never to let go a attributed nor also come close.My score is simple: to carry out a customer with the best possible product for their money.

Content Editor and also Co-Founder

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I am a expert writer, editor, proofreader and tutor. No job is too tiny or as well large. I have actually never to let go a deadline nor even come close.My score is simple: to administer a customer with the best possible product for their money.

Content Editor and Co-Founder
Ancient history Encyclopedia is a non-profit ar website that uses definitions, timelines, maps, illustrations, and articles to current ancient history in a very accessible way.The target of this site is to promote ancient background and to do it freely accessible for everybody. The website was built, and is added to, by one educated community of dedicated volunteers and also every article and definition, and image and also book review, is peer-reviewed for quality and accuracy the information. Ns am a constant contibutor to the site, a peer reviewer, and editor. I likewise serve on the plank of Directors and am honored to have been one of the co-founders. From July 2009 to existing (6 year 6 months) Adjunct Lecturer/Writing facility Tutor
I have taught part of College writing I & II, literary works courses, Intro to history and Intro to Philosophy and World Views and also Values courses for the Marist College humanities Department. I additionally work in the Marist university Writing facility helping students through their papers. Duties incorporate editing, proofreading, generating ideas, formatting, citation, and also assisting students with study skills. Native September 2000 to existing (15 year 4 months) Freelance Writer/Editor
Proofreading, editing, ghost creating services listed by a published, working writer with over 20 years experience in both fiction and also non-fiction.Reasonable, vain rates.Joshua J. Mark is a freelance writer and editor who founded Ubisunt Writing solutions to carry out clients with accessibility to a reliable expert in every area of writing. That is a released writer that both fiction and also non-fiction who has actually lived in Greece and Germany and presently resides in upstate new York, USA, v his family. The is a co-founder and editor because that Ancient background Encyclopedia wherein he also contributes content on Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Maya, and other civilizations. His released fiction has `When There were Trees" with Writes for all Magazine, `Black Rose" through Infective Ink, `Asking for Life" with Hudson valley Halloween Magazine, and `After the Funeral" through 5 Stop Story and also other quick fiction v print and also on-line. That is a previous contributor to ancient Planet virtual Journal, creating on Mesopotamia, and also Celtic guide Magazine, composing on Scotland. Mark teaches English and also Philosophy part-time in ~ Marist College whereby he is also a guardian in the creating Center. Indigenous January 1990 to present (26 years) Professor that English literary works
Professor of literary works for college of Maryland, European division and Instructor that English for City Colleges the Chicago, europe Division. Duties included teaching Philosophy and Literature/Composition to armed forces personnel stationed in Germany and also Greece. Native March 1990 to June 1992 (2 years 4 months) Heidelberg Area, GermanyAdjunct Lecturer
Duties contained teaching student in the first year Composition i & II/ Remedial Reading and Writing/ introduction to Philosophy/ Ethics/World religious beliefs both ~ above campus and also at Fishkill Correctional Facility. From January 1988 to January 1990 (2 years 1 month) teaching Assistant
new York at brand-new Paltz. Duties consisted of teaching remedial college student (Freshman composition repeaters) for three semesters/Freshman Composition i & II. From January 1986 come January 1988 (2 year 1 month) Residence Therapist
Duties included counseling and also teaching recovering schizophrenics. From January 1986 come January 1988 (2 year 1 month)

Bachelor of arts (BA), English/Philosophy
SUNY College new Paltz Joshua J. Note is expert in: history writing, Fiction Writing, Editing/Proofreading, Religion, technical Writing, Shakespeare, History, Literature, Writing, Teaching, Stories, Fiction, creative Writing, Copy Editing, Books

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