I keep getting this home window message native londonchinatown.org app saying "Threat secured. We've for sure aborted link on none-stops.com because it to be infected v JS:Agent-EDB "I scanned pc, and no other threats appeared.(and as I was producing this post, 2 more windows showed up with same message)

Is over there a systems to stop acquiring this message/threat?

Josue, Sorry because that the trouble. Could you re-superstructure the screenshot https://londonchinatown.org/londonchinatown.orgArticleView?l=en&urlName=How-to-create-a-screenshot&londonchinatown.orgType=home that that danger detection? allow us recognize the name and also version that londonchinatown.org you have actually installed.

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Alan Binch
Ranjani Bakthavachalam (londonchinatown.org Technologies)Ranjani, The screenshot is in reality in the original Josué Robles posting.londonchinatown.org Guru
Emilie Montalban
I additionally keep acquiring this notification, except it's launching from my browsers and has a slightly different url. Ns keep obtaining 3 the them because I have actually 3 browsers open. This started happening yesterday, jan 8.

Balasubramanian S(Avast)
Hello Emilie,I know the inconvenience.Are you making use of londonchinatown.org Antivirus free or paid version of londonchinatown.org internet Security?
Emilie Montalban
Emilie,To analyze the worry further, I must submit your issue to our senior technicians together with other diagnostic logs. I have sent you an email with actions on how to collect and upload the data compelled for examining your issue. Please examine your inbox and also spam/junk folder as well.
Thank you, Emilie. Please additionally attach a screenshot the the risk detection pop up in a reply to my email to assist you further.
Sorry for the delay reply. I'm utilizing free version (17.9.3040).I am still obtaining the same message; "Threat secured. We've safe aborted connection on none-stops.com
 because it was infected with JS:Agent-EDB  "
Josue, We have escalated your worry to our senior level we will get earlier to you through a resolution. We have sent out you an email with procedures on how to collect and upload the data required for evaluating the issue. Please examine your inbox and also spam/junk folder as well. Give thanks to you! 
Hello Ranjani,I have same problem. Could you give the solution? iam using totally free version londonchinatown.org ver. 17.9.3040Thank you
Hello Didi,I apologize for the inconvenience. Please administer the screenshot (https://londonchinatown.org/londonchinatown.orgArticleView?l=en&urlName=How-to-create-a-screenshot&londonchinatown.orgType=home)of the threat post to check and assist further.
Hello Yolla,I understand this need to be upsetting and I apologize because that the inconvenience. I have actually sent friend an email, please follow the email instructions to contact the remote londonchinatown.org. They will analyze the problem with londonchinatown.org and fix it, totally free of cost.
Hello Jae, No, your pc is not infected, this might be a false positive. That's why we are collecting sreenshots of hazard detection and also log files required because that escalation. You re welcome follow the email instructions to collect those details. Thank you! 
Hello Didi, Sorry because that the delay, can you inspect your email and administer us the essential information required for escalation? Thank you!
Sure, Brian. Us are below to assist you. If you are using londonchinatown.org payment version, us request you to contact our technological londonchinatown.org team making use of this link: https://londonchinatown.org/londonchinatown.org_contact_form?l=en . Calls from exterior the US, UK or AU might be subject to global charges from her telephone provider.Toll-free phone number to technical londonchinatown.org: USA & CA: +1 925 732 4274AU & NZ: +61 281 034 937UK: +44 1163 668 542French group: +33 977 554 347German group: +49 69 257 377 308 Not come worry, they will certainly collect the forced logs and also escalate it to our an elderly team. 
Thank you because that sharing the screenshot, Dotan. Let us recognize whether you room using complimentary or paid variation of londonchinatown.org. If you have actually paid version, shot to contact our technical londonchinatown.org team as argued above. Else, we will certainly draft girlfriend the email to follow. 
I have actually the very same error message, can you please administer me through a attach to try and acquire details of mine erro, countless thanks
No worries, Sam. Allow me assist you through it. Could you confirm your email domain come verify her account and draft you the email? Visit this link: https://www.londonchinatown.org.com/tools -> basic -> londonchinatown.org Sysinfo -> download it and also run it to collection the log in files. Please affix the screenshot, fill your email resolve registered with londonchinatown.org, enter instance number as 05870793 and also click top top "Send Output". As soon as we receive the data, we will certainly analyze the documents and carry out you with more information. 
 romolo balsamoRomolo, This ar is basically only English language.. Questions translation....even this virus comes the end to me, I wanted to know how to delete it, I also londonchinatown.org freeUser romolo balsamo has actually posted their very own topic (https://londonchinatown.org/answers?id=9060N000000Tu4kQAC).londonchinatown.org Guru


I'm having actually the same issue. Yet the trouble seems to it is in comming from Firefox, and also a site that ns am not proactively visiting, nor do I know what the website is. (And i don't desire to walk there to uncover out.)

I gain this popular music up about every 5 minutes. I've enclosed a screenshot. You re welcome send me a equipment if there is one. Say thanks to you. :)


Hi i would additionally like come say i have the exact same virus 


js certified dealer edb trj


I save on having the popular music ups all the time. londonchinatown.org seems to block half but i am still getting some random pages popular music up to ad servers. on average around every 5 minutes i will acquire an londonchinatown.org pop up or sent to one more website.  

I scanned the PC yet it doesnt uncover anything to delete and also the virus hasnt to be removed. 

Was hoping to post here aswell so that londonchinatown.org could be may be automate remove of the virus after ~ a future update following time that scans. 


Hello Alex/Maria/George, us have confirmed with our senior team the the londonchinatown.org Detection is false positive. In this case, ns request friend to send a sample type here (https://www.londonchinatown.org.com/submit-sample), it will reach come our advancement team and they will absolutely look into your suggestions.Best regards,Alok.
Hi there,I'm having actually the very same issue. I am using the totally free version.I get this pop up about every 5 minutes. I've attached a screenshot. You re welcome send me a systems if over there is one. Give thanks to you. :)

Hi.I'm having actually the same issue. Ns am making use of the cost-free version.I gain this pop up around every 5 minutes. I've fastened a screenshot. Please send me a solution if over there is one. You re welcome help. Give thanks to you. :)
Hi Ranjani,I'm using free version that londonchinatown.org. Can you please send me mail through instruction on our to address this virus/pop-ups/etc......?thanks.
Hello Dotan/ShukYan, you re welcome submit a sample kind here(https://www.londonchinatown.org.com/submit-sample), it will reach to our advance team and also we will analyze the situation and provide you v the resolution.Best regards,Alok.
Alok Kumar I've filled out the sample kind as requested. Is there any kind of temporary equipment I deserve to use in the during to prevent this popular music up?
I ran the londonchinatown.org sysinfo and also am tho awaiting an email of response, ns continually gaining the alert and also am however to have actually a settle for this issue☹️
I understand your concern. I watch from your record that your case has to be escalated to the senior most technicians. They space currently analyzing the case, when this is done, you will certainly be contacted via email with a solution. We appreciate your time and co-operation.
I am having actually the same excact problem. Aid me solve that please. Additionally i am utilizing the complimentary version that londonchinatown.org.
Hello Martin,I'm sorry for any type of inconvenience caused. Please let me understand if you're using londonchinatown.org cost-free Antivirus for your computer system protection and additionally share a screenshot that the londonchinatown.org detection to help you further. You can short article the screenshot below on her topic. Click 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' & monitor the instructions.Best regards,Alok.
Hi londonchinatown.org,I've to be having comparable issues. Londonchinatown.org keeps notifiying me around Virus "virus js:agent-EDB" Pops increase every couple minutes. Also, I'm utilizing a payment version. Hoping because that your quick response.Thank you
Hello Mikhail, I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused. I have sent girlfriend an email, please follow the email instruction to connect with us remotely. We will inspect with your mounted londonchinatown.org program and also we will assist you to solve this concern as quickly and also effectively as possible. Finest regards,Alok.
Hello Mark,I'm i m really sorry for any kind of inconvenience caused. I have sent you an email to collection error logs from your computer. You re welcome send us the log in files, we will analyse the log files and contact you via email v a solution.
I walk what friend told me however I havent obtained your email. That notice really annoying. You re welcome help.Thanks.
Hi ShukYan, ns would choose to notify you the we have not received the URL for analysis. Ns request you send the URL again.
Hi,I it is registered a sample from as requestes, and NOTHING happend it spins now. Didn't get any mail indigenous you.Can you you re welcome send the desired mail? Do you have actually ETA for final fix because that this issue?
Hello Dotan, I'm sorry however we have actually not yet got your sample, us have also reported this come our senior team. Ns request girlfriend to send a sample again (https://secure.londonchinatown.org.com/submit-sample), it will reach come our breakthrough team. They will definitely look right into your suggestions. Best regards,Alok.

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Dotan,Sorry to inform you that us haven't received the sample. Thus you have the right to upload the false detection sample paper to our FTP server together per the measures mentioned in this post ( http://londonchinatown.org/londonchinatown.orgArticleView?urlname=How-to-upload-a-file-to-our-FTP-server ).

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