Turns the end the God the the Dead is the goodest boy that will trade you a great afterlife for a belly rub. Who knew?

Introducing Anubis K9, the very first Legendary that the divine team. Through a brand-new revive skill, one ally-killer for setup, and divine synergy throughout, he’s sure to eat the hearts of your adversaries like puppy chow.

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Good team combinations through this toon:


Hermes road RunnerAnubis K9


Star-Pharaoh MarvinMarvinM4RV1N or K9Anubis K9

Event Duration: 4 Days

Featured Toons:

Anubis K-9Star-Pharaoh MarvinEvil GrannyHermes roadway RunnerMarvinK-9Archon ElmerNova BunnyM4RV1NLitigator LolaStarseeker LolaK’Chutha Sa’am

General Highlights:

– Min Player Level: 40

– bring featured toons to the exciting “Horizons Fate”, “Glorious Return!!” and “Keeper the the Dead!!” Campaigns.

– take part in our Solo competition to win great prizes!

– finish time-limited searches to earn nifty rewards!

– use your Scepters in the adhering to exchanges: Hermes road Runner, Archon Elmer, Nova Bunny, Litigator Lola, M4RV1N, K-9, and Marvin.

Campaigns Highlights:

– form of toons required: featured occasion toons.

– The “Horizons Fate” project has one Chapter and it resets daily. Complete these battles to earn rewards and complete special quests!

– The main “Glorious Return!!” project contains 2 Chapters. Fight here for Anubis K-9 character pieces and farm because that Scepters and Egyptian Flails! You have the right to use your Scepters in the Exchanges in the Store and also Egyptian Flails have the right to be offered towards the heart of the Sphinx Exchange for a chance at unlocking Anubis K-9!

– The legend “Keeper that the Dead!” campaign contains 2 Chapters. Below you can collect Anubis K9 pieces and also Anubis Jars, i beg your pardon are used to turn the legend “Anubis Wheel”.

Time-limited searches Highlights:

– complete limited-time searches to knife Anubis K9 toon pieces, gold Tickets, Gems, Event money Energy, yellow Medals, and Gold.

– Time-limited searches will be easily accessible throughout the totality of the event.

Solo competition Highlights:

– complete in ours Solo tournament to success Space regional Materials, Crests that Mayhem, golden Tickets, and also Gold.

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– In the milestones, you’ll attain K9 Anubis toon pieces, Space regional Materials, gold Tickets, XP Potions, Gems, and also Gold.