Tucked in the coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte, just 1.5 kilometers far from Laoag City, is a breathtaking rock formation by the beach recognized for its creamy white rock surface sculpted by herbal phenomena.

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The Kapurpurawan rock Formation is an art of nature special a see of smooth cream color limestone created by the natural process of sedimentation. It’s name’s source word, “puraw”, is an Ilocano native which translates to “white” since of the alabaster rock formations that the tourists would certainly love come see.


In former of the rocks is the see of the Bangui Bay’s decision blue waters and also the visually appealing vision of the waves drastically thumping versus the limestone formations makes the step a picture perfect minute in every means possible.

See waves crashing against the marvelous white absent formation

Also, the plenty of towering windmills from the bordering Burgos Wind Farm will certainly you as you drive in the direction of the drop-off point of the rock formation. No wonder that this has belondonchinatown.orge among Burgos’ best tourist attraction.

Kapurpurawan’s drop-off point is three kilometers away from the key highway. From the entrance, visitors need to go under a trip of stairs close to the souvenir shops, then trek in the direction of the rocky coast a to reach the rock formation. The course is not too steep however take keep in mind that it can be muddy.

The trekking route going come the rock formation 

While trekking, friend will watch a statue that the Biag ni Lam-ang, an Ilocano epic poem.

A statue the Biag ni Lam-ang

For those who desire to don’t desire to walk, there are obtainable horses come ride ~ above for simply Php 100 every person.

It is recommend to stay londonchinatown.orgfortable clothes and also footwear or lug a jacket come avoid gaining cold, wet, or any possible accidents if trekking. Additionally take note that paris of drones is not enabled in the area as result of the strong winds.


It is best to visit Kapurpurawan on early mornings to prevent the harsh sunlight or periodically rain showers in the afternoon, and also the crowd. Other adjacent attractions in Burgos the one deserve to visit ~ Kapurpurawan is the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse and also Bangui Windmill Farm.

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How to gain here:

From Cape Bojeador, take it the Pan-Philippine Highway/AH26. Do a left rotate at Kapurawan absent Formation accessibility Road and drive directly ahead till you reach the drop-off point.From Burgos City ideal via Pan-Philippine Highway/AH26, rotate left onto Pres. Ignacio Street. Make a appropriate turn in ~ F. Garcia Street. Drive straight ahead until you with the Kapurawan rock Formation accessibility Road onto the drop-off point.

General Information:

Address: Burgos, Ilocos NorteBusiness hours: 6 am to 6 afternoon (Mon. To Sun.)Horseback speak fee: Php 100

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