- Assuming friend didn’t catch it in the critical article, head come the meteorite north of Walse. You have the right to use a warp panel inside to jump to a new section that the world. Her Wind Drake doesn’t come with, for this reason you’ll need to walk come your next destination, to the west. This will offer you some time to develop up the next jobs you obtained in the Tower the Walse.

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- Karnak is an additional town / lock split, though lock Karnak is right now denied to you. Over there aren’t any type of items to choose up, but you’ll find one more piano come play in the Pub. Fires in a few places will protect against you from moving about too much.
- There are a number of stores in Karnak, together per usual, and also they seem typical - but there’s a trick come this place. When you’ve purchased anything from the weapon or armour stores and also leave the food selection you’ll it is in arrested and taken come Karnak Castle. Everything is right now at a diminished price, so choose something high value - armour, more than most likely - and buy that.
- You’ll wind increase in a jail cell alongside some old dude. Wait a few moments and he’ll punch a feet in the wall surface beside your cells. Speak to him - he’s the Cid! - and you’ll eventually escape native prison. Leave with the northeast.
- do your method out of the Castle. You’ll check out a many treasure chests follow me the way, and also you can’t obtain at any of them appropriate now. Blah. Shot to remember wherein they are, together you’ll it is in able to access them later - however you’ll be subjected to a time limit. We’ll come back to this.
- leaving the Castle. You deserve to now return to Karnak and buy items to your heart’s content, though they’re earlier at common prices again. The magic shop is specifically nice, as it add to second-level spells to your arsenal, simply as the first-level spells were obtaining a bit weak. Blizzara at the very least will aid in the following area, located just south the Karnak Castle.
- despite how it looks on the outside, this location is a dungeon. Many of the adversaries down below are weak to ice cream attacks, so black Mages, Red Mages, Mystic Knights, and the Shiva summon will be quite helpful down here.
- Bulkhead 1. Straight north of the enntrance gate is a little side room containing a Mythril Glove. Go up the stairs to her left and also the course will split. Go up the second set the stairs additional west and, in ~ the end of the succeeding path, you’ll uncover an Elixir. Backtrack come the Bulkhead and also head north; there’s a Cottage under the stair in the northwest and also an exit in the northeast. Usage the elevator in this next room.
- Bulkhead 2. Come your prompt right is a Phoenix Down. Come the left is an additional elevator resulting in a room filled through vents. Climb into the vent on her left and also follow the course through here until you with a room with multiple exits, 3 to the north and four to the south. This constitute the rest of the dungeon, because that the many part. You’ll find the adhering to by making use of these exits:
The top-left, if girlfriend forget, leads ago the way you came.The top-middle takes you to a circuitous path (head right) that at some point leads to a Green Beret.The top-right leads to a dead end. Other routes will bring you back this way.The very first from the left follow me the bottom take away you ago to the start of this little maze, an ext or less.The 2nd from the left fall you close to a tiny room and a set of stairs. Walk up the stairs and also you’ll uncover a small corridor; hit the move on her left to open a door to the north resulting in a Moonring Blade. Backtrack and enter the door top top the left; it leads to the dead end from before. The door on her left will certainly take you to a save point, and, beyond, one final puzzle. (Probably ideal to execute this course last, for efficiency’s sake.)The third from the left will certainly drop you next to a chest containing Thief’s Gloves, which make theft much simpler for your Thieves. Head north and you’ll need to backtrack to the junction allude a ways.The last on the appropriate drops you right into the exact same area wherein you discovered the eco-friendly Beret. Don’t bother.
- Go v the save room corridor and you’ll discover a arsenal of moveable platforms. You should hit the switches in this room in the proper order to advance. Carry out so in this order:
Head north and also hit the switchMove left and hit the switchMove south, and hit the far-west switchMove all the means east and hit both the the switchesGet on the square platform to her left and also hit the switch connected to it
This will take you to the northeast side of the room. Suspect you adhered to these accuse properly, girlfriend can additionally grab one Elixir
native the chest in the north. If you want to leave, action onto the tiny platform in the south and hit the move attached come it to return to the beginning. Otherwise, go v the door in the northeast. The boss is in the next room, and also it’s a doozy if girlfriend haven’t been levelling.
This is a brutal stop suggest for novice speedrunners. Liquid Flame is a constantly-transforming enemy, and also it deals powerful fire-based attacks against its foes, both normally and also in retaliation to your strikes, whether they’re physical or magical. As soon as in the humanoid form, liquid Flame will attack with Fira, and also will counter strikes with the all-hitting Blaze before swapping forms. In its hand kind Liquid Flame will certainly do more of the same, though rather than making use of Blaze it will counter with Magnet, which deserve to paralyze a character. In its tornado form Liquid fire becomes more evasive, and also will commonly use Fira to heal itself.
The crucial here is to usage your absolute strongest ice-based attacks - Blizzara and Shiva, primarily, though breaking ice cream Rods functions wonders also - come smash fluid Flame before it have the right to dish out too much damage. So long as you have actually at least one character through an ice-based attack who have the right to strike consistently, fluid Flame shouldn’t be able to heal itself quickly enough come survive. Alternatively, you deserve to just wait until it runs the end of MP, at which allude Liquid flame is pretty much helpless. Climate beat it right into submission. Regardless of how you win, you’ll obtain a fire Scroll because that besting liquid Flame.
- A reduced scene follows, and, yes, the Fire decision bursts. You’ll then acquire blasted ago into Karnak Castle, and the follow begins.
At this point you have ten minute to grab as plenty of items together you can from Karnak Castle and escape prior to the entirety thing explodes. You have the right to skip right to the exit if you wish - the items aren’t that amazing, and also every second you need to escape is helpful, because there’s a quasi-boss in ~ the end - however it can’t hurt come grab a few things along the way. You’ll run into enemies along the route; having actually someone actors -ra level spells on them all to clear the course is a great way to wipe them the end quickly, as well as earn yourself a many gil, experience, and also ABP in the process.
On B4 (the prison) there’s 2,000 gil in the bottom-left chest and a monster battle in the top-right chest that will certainly win you an Elixir.On B3 there’s a monster battle in the western chest that will earn you a Ribbon and also another monster fight in the eastern chest that will earn friend a Shuriken. The Ribbon is worth it; the Shuriken isn’t, really, as the battle versus the Gigas can take a while.1F is the lobby, and also you can exit from right here if girlfriend want, however you’ll miss a lot. Several doors here lead to the second floor; we’ll start in the east. The top-left door leads to 2,000 gil (the chest nearer the entrance) and a monster battle that will net girlfriend an Elixir. Head southern of these two chests come find another monster battle chest, this containing another Elixir, and a doorway resulting in the western fifty percent of the 2nd floor; head increase the stairs close to the previously mentioned entrance chests and also you’ll find a winding course to a chest comprise an Elven Mantle.Now because that the west side. There room two chests near the stairs native the very first floor; the right has 2,000 gil, the left has a monster attack and an Elixir. The 2 chests in the south from the enntrance gate stairs, near the connecting balcony, both save on computer monster attacks, as well as Elixirs. Go up the stairs in the northeast corner to uncover another lengthy path along the external walls which eventually leads to, yes, a monster battle, and a Main Gauche.Head back to the lobby. There room two last chests, to the right and left the the entrance. The one top top the right includes a Lightning Scroll; the one on the left teaches you the Esuna spell. Both also lead to battles. Run out v the entrance of the castle and it’s boss time.
This start out as just an additional random fight with a Sergeant and three Cur Nakks, despite if you loss the Cur Nakks the Sergeant will transform into Iron nipper on the following turn. Steel Claw is not really strong, and also is challenging only due to the fact that he’s impede your means while time is running out. He’s durable against physical attacks, for this reason use solid magic and also summons to rip v him in a stylish fashion. If friend have sufficient time come dawdle girlfriend can likewise learn the death Claw Blue Magic strike from stole Claw, despite this obviously needs a Blue Mage in her party. Stole Claw will certainly not show up if you death the Sergeant before wiping out the Cur Nakks, so if you want a slightly shorter battle walk that path instead.

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Beat stole Claw and also you’ll escape indigenous Karnak Castle as it drops apart. This will give you accessibility to the decision shards you missed earlier:Beastmaster, Geomancer, and Ninja. The wall to the west the the castle is now destroyed, together well, allowing you come access an ext of the continent.
(Before girlfriend leave, inspect out Karnak. You have the right to now rise onto the walls and also get at a fire Rod, included in a barrel.)