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This was the very first episode that \"KUWTK.\" E!

The two youngest jenner sisters appeared to live a pretty normal life during that first season of the present — if normal means having cameras adhering to your every move, the is.

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Kylie to be all around having fun and also getting right into hijinks through Kendall, choose the time their half-brother Brody zener was babysitting and also decided to movie Kylie playing v her parents\" stripper pole.

It absolutely wasn\"t together scandalous as it seems, but Kris and Caitlyn to be not happy with Brody because that recording she mini \"Girls gone Wild\" skit. They additionally irritated their dad as soon as Kris let the girls bring home a fluffy tiny puppy, Bella because even famous world disagree over dog training.

Kylie started cultivation up throughout season two.


Khloé Kardashian v Kylie Jenner throughout season two. E!

The family\"s burgeoning call didn\"t impact the youngest members much and Kylie to be still a pretty common tween throughout season two.

Still, Khloé attempted come teach her tiny sisters around puberty and Kylie to be certainly much more game to talk about her bodily alters than Kendall, that is shy about it all.

The early on stages that Kylie's love that makeup showed up on season three.


Kylie Jenner also debuted a streak in her hair. E!

Now that members the the family members were becoming celebrities, they ended up being busier and also busier, showing up in magazines and advertisement campaigns, and also traveling the world.

Kylie was now on the cusp of coming to be a teenager and she experimenting with makeup, lot to the chagrin of her parents.

Kylie and Kendall were also afraid once they overheard their parents discussing Caitlyn\"s colonoscopy, thinking that their parent might be ill. Caitlyn was nervous to define it to them, but the girls to be relieved to learn it\"s a basic procedure that numerous adults walk through.

Kylie challenged tension with some of her brother on season four.


Kylie zener was ache by she sisters. E!

On the fourth season that \"KUWTK,\" kendal expressed interest in modeling, which appeared to upset Kylie, who felt her older sister was being given special attention because of her budding career prospects.

Kylie and also Kendall were likewise both upset through Kim when she lied around spending time with them through pretending she had actually a foot injury and needed to rest. They found she\"d been lying and were understandably hurt, however Kim apologized for being dishonest.

Kylie was worried around her parents and also their marriage on season five.

Kylie jenner on season five. E!

By the show\"s fifth season, the tension in between Kris and also Caitlyn began to expose itself ~ above camera and it\"s the small ones that were many worried about seeing their parents fight.

Kylie and also Kendall to be afraid that they were headed for divorce, but Kris and Caitlyn reassured them that they were simply going v a rough patch.

Kylie was likewise upset upon learning that Kris to be hiding a mystery smoking habit, and she plotted v Kendall and also Kourtney to obtain her to stop smoking.

On the 6th season, Kylie and also her mom faced some tension.

Kylie zener soon embraced her inner teen. E!

Now that both zener girls to be in your teenage years, they wanted to execute what many adolescents want come do, which was hanging out v their friends there is no parents maintaining a watchful eye.

Kris was having actually a tough time taking care of her youngest daughters finding your independence and also she tried to insert it s her in their ice-skating and jump-rope sessions.

The girls defined that although lock love safety time v their mom, they likewise wanted to invest time v friends. Tensions rose further when they went behind Kris\"s ago to enlist Scott\"s help as their manager.

Kris was furious that Scott to be meddling in their personal and skilled lives and they all learned a thing or two around the cultivation pains connected in elevating teenagers.

Season 7 is wherein Kylie began to flourish into she own.

Kylie zener starts to get busier this season. E!

As the young Jenners started stepping the end of the shadows of their older siblings, they started exploring new opportunities, like ending up being West coast contributors come Seventeen magazine.

Kylie was a natural, easily able to technique strangers ~ above the street as part of the job, even though kendal was much more reserved. Their progressively busy schedules led castle to miss out on a the majority of school, and also Kylie listed that being far behind offered her anxiety.

Kris was initially against homeschooling yet considered it once she realized just how much it intended to Kylie and Kendall. And they were still up to their teenage hijinks, almost ruining a white carpet with red sauce and also trying to hide the evidence from Kris.

Kylie faced more growing pains during season eight.

on season eight, Kylie zener turned 16. E!

This to be the season where Kylie transforms 16 and she definitely came to be much an ext independent.

When she stated felt prefer she needed some room from Kendall and also to spend time v friends separately, kendal was hurt, and also Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney stepped in to assist them occupational out your differences.

Kylie also showed off her burgeoning fashion sense, i m sorry Kim tried to emulate.

She had actually a dark, edgy \"Alice in Wonderland\"-themed Sweet 16, much to the chagrin the Kris, who wanted she to have a much an ext childish soirée. Still, Kris learned to trust Kylie\"s artistic vision and also the party was a success.

Season ripe featured a the majority of changes.

~ above season nine, Kylie jenner had vibrant hair. E!

The ninth season that \"KUWTK\" carried plenty the ups and downs, as Caitlyn and Kris announced they were separating.

Each household member was many concerned about Kendall and Kylie because they\"re the youngest, but they seemed to recognize that it to be for the best.

Kim additionally got engaged to Kanye West in ~ the start of the season and also married him in ~ the end.

In between, the family members took a pilgrimage to Thailand, and also Kylie and Kendall ended up being frustrated with the family\"s bickering. Lock seemingly disappeared one day, sending the rest of the crew into a state the panic, but were discovered safe after escaping because that a massage and some purchase in the local town.

The youngest sisters also published their very first book, \"Rebels: City of Indra,\" a sci-fi young adult novel.

Kylie’s signature lips became front and also center on season 10.

Kylie Jenner shortly started she empire. E!

Season 10 was possibly the biggest year of expansion for Kylie on the display so far, as she was concentrating on her own projects.

She was still functioning on her apparel lines v Kendall, however she to be also beginning her very first solo venture, a heat of hair extensions, which to be her first foray right into beauty.

She also purchased her first home, proving that she was not your typical 17-year-old. But the cook storyline bordering Kylie in this season was she lips — the media seemed to take notification that she had some work done and Kylie to be unsure of just how to manage all this newfound attention bordering her appearance.

Kylie eventually admitted that she was always insecure around her lips, i m sorry then end up being her most famous feature, and also ushered in the starts of her really own beauty empire, thanks to she Kylie Lip Kits.

Caitlyn also announced she to be transitioning, which the family members addressed in this season. They all expressed worry around Kylie, who begins spending much more time alone, even on group trips.

on season 11, Kylie Jenner had a blonde moment. E!

Season 11 to be a milestone year for Kylie, as she graduated high school, celebrated her 18th birthday, and got a brand brand-new Ferrari.

Kris threw the girl a joint graduation party and met Caitlyn for the very first time at Kylie\"s birthday party.

Kylie also became more serious v longtime friend Tyga, which irritable Kendall, that felt she was not as close to her infant sister together she when was.

Kendall was angry as soon as Kylie brought Tyga on one \"all-girls\" expedition to St. Barts, but Kylie reminded her household that they\"ve all brought significant others top top trips before.

Kylie zener got tired of paparazzi. E!

By season 12, Kylie and also the remainder of her family were for this reason famous, they can no much longer do typical activities, choose going out for errands, without paparazzi and fans hunting their every move.

Kylie, Kendall, and also Khloé made decision to mess with their followers by dressing increase in wacky costumes — finish with wigs and prosthetics — to gain a \"non-famous\" day out touring Hollywood.

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Kylie opened up up around the stress and anxiety she experiences from being so famous, especially after the beginning of she Lip Kits proved so successful. Kylie revealed she wasn\"t sure she actually wanted to it is in famous, telling Kim, \"Some world are born because that this life and also others aren\"t and I simply know I\"m not.\"

Kim empathized through her and shared the Kanye aided her to treatment less around what civilization say and think.