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I perform really like playing death Floor 2, however, every time there\"s a new event or new small patch there is one point that keeps me from playing... The initial load time. Ns would prefer to play this video game more, yet why wait more than 6 minutes once I deserve to load up DOTA, and also wait for a full matchmaking queue, and get a video game in half the time the takes because that KF2 to even get to the start screen?I don\"t think this is an worry with mine hardware. I will carry out full specs because that my rig more down the page, however to put it into an easy terms, I deserve to play this game at 1080 through a mix the High and also Medium graphics setups with a steady 60 FPS, so i don\"t think the video game should take much more than 6 minute to launch when I get over average graphical settings.To provide much more information, when I introduced KF2 today, I chose to open up up the task manager and also keep a comprehensive stopwatch of wherein KF2 to be moving and when it hit details milestones in the procedure of launching. I\"m not sure if this is needed, however I thought it would certainly be helpful.0:00.00 - \"Preparing to Launching death Floor 2\" heavy steam dialogue disappears, and also KF2 appears in the background procedures section of job manager. In steam, KF is consistently listed as \"Killing Floor 2 - running\"0:56.90 - KF2 moves from Background processes to Apps ar after almost a minute1:13.07 - after 16 seconds, the KF2 task appears in the taskbar, despite noteably the is simply a empty square and also doesn\"t sports the KF2 logo. Additionally, the KF2 home window appears, but as with the KF2 logo, it is blank. Bar in ~ the height says \"KF2 is not responding\"4:37.38 - After an ext than 3 minutes, the KF2 logo design finally shows up in the taskbar, the KF2 splash arts appears, and the bar in ~ the optimal of the process changes native \"KF2 is no responding\" to behaving an ext normally6:01.11 - The Georgia and also Tripwire intro cinematics lastly play, meaning the game ideal has ultimately launched, however the procedure isn\"t immediately brought approximately the optimal layer despite me having clicked on it, despite I continue to hear the intro roll and also menu music perfect fine.6:20.36 - KF2 finally comes to the peak on mine screen, ~ above the key menu, and I\"m finally able to play the game.Between the too much amount that time that takes for the game to launch, logos not reflecting up, and game not properly maximizing when it should makes me think other is wrong.To help, below are my device specs, and also my launch.log record from the launch videotaped above. Thanks for any type of solutions / fixes!CPU - Intel main point i7-3610QMGPU - GeForce GTX 660MRam - 8 GBOS - windows 10