Today ~ above Fate and Phantasms, we’re law something a small different. Maid #83 is the key antagonist of part 1 of FGO, therefore obviously their identity is a bit of a spoiler.

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You deserve to still check out their character sheet over here, or examine their build breakdown below the cut. Don’t carry out either if friend care about spoiling component 1.

Next up: The hero us deserve.


Fate and also Phantasms #83: Solomon

Now the the spoiler warning’s out of the way, we’re do the 3rd king the Israel, leader that the 72 Demon God Pillars, and cause that all seven singularities, King Solomon. We also currently did the whole attach rigmarole over the cut, for this reason let’s just dive right into it.

Race and also Background

Solomon’s a Human, however we’re going through the variant version, giving him +1 Intelligence, +1 Dexterity, Perceptionproficiency, and also the Lucky feat. This feat lets you roll an extra die as soon as attacking, gift attacked, checking, or making a conserving throw. You can use either the lucky roll or the typical roll. We’ll be choose up the continual portent later, but Diet Portent never ever hurts.

Solomon may be a king, however he fits as a Hermit as well- his expertise of all events, past and present, giving him the unique insight of‘humanity kind of sucks and also should be rebooted’. It likewise gives the Medicine and Religion proficiencies. He’s literally a doctor and a major religious figure.

Ability Scores

Solomon’s highest stat is his Intelligence- that orchestrated a millennia long setup to destroy humanity throughout every time, and also he requirements it for many of his casting. Second is his Wisdom; he’s precise King Solomon, this must be a given. Dexterity after that, obtaining hit is negative for you, and also that outfit isn’t heavy armor. Her Constitution is a bit low, however you’re a caster, you have to expect that. We’re no dumping Strength for once, you to be surprisingly skilled in a fistfight. Friend still lost to Guda, however that’s better than a many other casters could say. Us are, however, dumping Charisma. Most of your resides were spent in service of others, and also you generally get blamed because that everything. The reality that it yes, really is all your fault definitely doesn’t help, but still.

Class Levels

1. Cleric 1: Really, us could’ve started with either class we’re using, but the extra HP from beginning as a Cleric is really useful. Likewise useful space the proficiencies you get in Wisdom and also Charisma saves, as well as Insight and also History.

You know literally everything, which is why you’re a Knowledge cleric. You deserve to prepare and cast Spells based on your Wisdom, and also you have Blessings that Knowledge, offering you expertise in Arcana and History.

For her spells, grab Guidance and Resistanceto buff someone’s checks and saves, andThaumaturgy for part minor miracle effects. Her domain spells room Command and Identify. The previous will aid you pull off your overly complex plans, if the latter will help you ~ pretend to it is in omniscient. D&D characters can’t recognize literally everything, yet you can certainly look prefer you do. For ready spells, Detect Magic will aid you understand even more about what’s happening approximately you, and Inflict Wounds will give you an strike option, i beg your pardon you’ll an alert would otherwise be lacking for a while.

2. Cleric 2: second level clerics can Channel big once per quick rest, activating among two options. Turn Undead forces undead to do a wisdom save as an action(8+ your wisdom comprehensive + your proficiency modifier) or they’re compelled to operation away indigenous you for as much as a minute, or until it bring away damage. You also know the Knowledge that the Ages, letting you spend an action to come to be proficient with any type of one skill or tool for 10 minutes.

You deserve to optionally likewise Harness magnificent Power to invest a channel divinity usage to restore one spell slot one per lengthy rest, but we’ll it is in grabbing one even far better way to execute this in just a second.

3. Wizard 1: your power comes from god, yet you’re the cool Caster, and also nobody casts much more than wizards do. At very first level, you acquire another collection of Spells in your spell book that girlfriend cast and also prepare with Intelligence. You additionally get an Arcane Recovery, letting girlfriend recover half your magician level (rounded up) in total spell levels when you take it a short rest, yet only as soon as per lengthy rest.

Speaking of spells, wizards obtain a lot of them, and like many casters you have a lot of leeway in what you would know, for this reason we’re just bringing up the vital ones here. Your outfit might or might not it is in armor- if that isn’t, Mage Armor will help with that. Magic Missile covers caster balls, andChromatic Orb covers many kinds of weak magical attacks. You likewise get three more in her spellbook at this level, and also three cantrips together well.

4. Wizard 2: At 2nd level, wizards pick a institution of magic to study, and it’s tough to it is in omniscient if you’re no a Divination wizard. You’re a Divination Savant, halving the cost and also time to copy divination spells, and also you deserve to see Portents at the end of your long rests. These space two d20sthat her roll and also write under the results. Later, you can replace any attack, save, or inspect you can see with among those results. You deserve to only carry out this once every turn, and once per portent. Also, portents don’t last longer than the next long rest, so you can’t hold on to that 20 forever.

You likewise get two more 1st level spells.

5. Cleric 3: third level clerics get second level spells, including your domain spells, Augury and Suggestion. The former gives you a general idea of just how your setup will job-related out (warning: does not take the power of friendship right into account), and also Suggestion is an additional spell the will aid ensure your plans pertained to fruition. Some various other spells come look for incorporate Hold human being and Silence to shut down any type of opposition before it can acquire started.

6. Cleric 4: use your first Ability Score Improvementto strengthen her Wisdomfor better cleric spells. Also, choose up Mending; the outfit of your is way to an elaborate to obtain axe-prints ~ above it.

7. Cleric 5: fifth level clerics check out their revolve Undead become Destroy Undead, instantly killing any undead the CR ½ or reduced who fail your wisdom save. They also get third level spells, like Nondetection and Speak through Dead.

8. Cleric 6: because that your last cleric level, you gain a 2nd use of Channel divinity per brief rest, and also you can also Read Thoughtsas a 3rd use of her divinity. If your target fails a wisdom saving throw, you can read your mind for up to a minute. Girlfriend can also end the effect beforehand to cast Suggestion on lock without utilizing a spell slot, and without a conserving throw.

9. Wizard 3: third level wizards get second level spells, grabbing Mind Spike for an offensive divination spell that additionally helps you uncover them later, and Detect thoughts will let you read a creature’s thoughts without forcing any type of saving throws.

10. Wizard 4: usage your next ASI to boost your Intelligencefor stronger spells. You likewise pick up the Light cantrip, and also two an ext spells of her choice.

11. Wizard 5: At fifth level, friend get 3rd level spells. Summon Lesser Demon will aid you start to thrive your Demon God Pillars, and Clairvoyancegives you a method to watch the present in an area in ~ a mile that you. Remember, your Portents have actually a vision range, so this have the right to spread those portents to areas you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

12. Wizard 6: 6th level diviners have Expert Divination- spreading a divination assignment refills a lower level assignment slot, as long as that slot is 5th level or lower. Again, you acquire two an ext spells of her choice.

13. Wizard 7: saturday level wizards get fourth level spells. Divination tells girlfriend how an occasion within the week will certainly go, and also Summon higher Demon will provide you stronger pillars.

14. Wizard 8: usage this ASI to maximize her Intelligence for the most and also strongest spells possible. You likewise get two much more spells you can prepare.

15. Wizard 9: 9th level wizards get 5th level spells. Dream lets you insert yourself or another person the your choice into a creature’s dream, possibly disturbing their rest however definitely sending a message. Feel complimentary to usage this assignment to shed a conflict to one eggplant the technically has never left she house, that’s a great use of your time. Scrying lets you develop a sensor that complies with a creature around if lock failed a wisdom save; again, an excellent way come abuse her Portents.

16. Wizard 10: at tenth level, diviners have the right to open your Third Eye. As soon as per brief rest, you can obtain Darkvision, Ethereal Sight, Greater comprehension (the capacity to read any kind of written words) or See Invisibility until the finish of her next quick rest.

You also get a new cantrip. For your spells, Wall of irradiate lets friend pull under a little of that large sky halo to box your adversaries in, and also Contact Other airplane will aid you save in touch v Chaldea when they’re messing up another one of her singularities.

17. Wizard 11: Eleventh level wizards get sixth level spells, choose Sunbeam, one more bout that glowy halo magic, and also Summon Fiend for your strongest Demon Pillars yet.

18. Wizard 12: use your critical ASI to bump up her Wisdom for more powerful cleric spells. Those thoughts aren’t going to read themselves, friend know. Also, two more spells.

19. Wizard 13: at this level, you obtain seventh level spells, which room the highest level we’re getting. Plane change will help you relocate through the singularities to store things going follow to plan, and Dream that the Blue Veil will even enable you and also up come six various other creatures view visions of, and also get transported to, other worlds. In the regards to the extended metaphor I’ve been setting up, ns guess that would be the Lostbelts? Haven’t really thought this one with too much.

20. Wizard 14: her capstone capacity is a Greater Portent, letting you watch three portents instead of 2 each rest. And again, you get two more spells of your choosing.

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Thanks to you being both Lucky and having many of Portents, you’ll be good at influencing occasions at the table from really early on. Cancel foe crits, force them to fail wisdom saves, it’s great.Thanks to your high intelligence and also divination skills, you room literally a know-it-all. Or at the very least if girlfriend don’t know everything, you can discover out and act prefer you do.You’re an excellent at controlling others. Sneak into their dreams, review their thoughts, and also force lock to perform your bidding. You’re the final boss after all, friend can’t it is in doing your dirty occupational until at the very least halfway v the game.


Your HP barely scratches the 100 allude mark top top a great day, so a properly encouraged fighter or sorcerer’s with 9th level spells deserve to be a problem.You also have very low charisma, therefore you’ll probably have to make people work v you by force. Also, obtaining yeeted the end of the universe is a reasonable issue for you, also with ability in charisma saves.That short charisma is even much more of a problem if you’re regulating Demons. They’re most likely not going to do what friend say most of the time, at the very least not without“encouragement”. Be careful with demon summoning: if you chaos up, they can be the ones regulating you.