Stretch marks space a type of skin scarring that establishes when the abdomen is overextended due to pregnancy or being overweight. In ~ La Jolla cosmetics Laser Clinic, we offer stretch mark laser treatment choices for men and also women in mountain Diego, Encinitas, La Mesa, El Cajon, and also surrounding areas of California.

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Remove Unsightly stretch Marks through Our cutting edge Laser Treatments

Stretch point out often impact women in pregnancy, however they can likewise be brought about by adolescent development spurts, hormones, weight gain, steroid use, or body structure – and also sometimes there seems to be no factor at all. No issue the reason, large marks space unwelcome, not easy to remedy and also previous cream and also lotion treatments have no result once a large mark has actually occurred.

Laser therapy For big Marks v Fraxel

Fractional laser systems have actually proven to carry out the most efficient method of diminishing stretch note appearance. In ours La Jolla office we usage the Fraxel gain back laser to help rebuild collagen and smooth the skin surface. V multiple therapy sessions, patient will regularly see improved pigmentation blending as the procedure seems to assist melanin cell migration right into the ar of the stretch note itself.

What Is A large Mark?

A stretch mark is in reality a tear in the dermis that the skin. It occurs when skin is stretched beyond its natural capacity to change to transforms in volume accommodation.

The tears room usually linear and can be very short, or as in the instance of pregnancy, span countless inches.

How walk Fraxel work-related To lessen The appearance Of big Marks?

Because the tear is permanent, the only remedy is to pressure a collagen an answer to rebuild some of the collagen support layer surrounding to the mark. Fractional laser “turns on” the collagen rebuilding by the use of heat yielded into the deeper class of the skin.

As the collagen is restored, the tear in the dermis shrinks and the mark is much less visible. Return Fraxel enhances stretch note appearance, that cannot eliminate the note altogether.

How many Stretch mark Laser Sessions will certainly I Need?

The variety of sessions you’ll need will rely on numerous factors:

Your skin kind and colorSeverity the the stretch marks to be treatedNumber of point out in the influenced area

Is There preparation For Fraxel Treatment?

For those v darker skin tones, yes. Since the warmth from the laser deserve to actually reason some level that hyperpigmentation in darker skins, us will provide you through a pigmentation suppression product the you will use prior to and after the treatments.

How easily Can I expect To see Results?

Stretch note laser treatments are not instant. In fact, it’s actually pretty slow going and also you might think we have to “hurry up”. But, the process, i m sorry takes location over numerous months, will improve the appearance of the marks if you follow the treatment plan and practice patience.

My large Marks are Red – do I Still need Laser Treatment?

Yes, yet a different kind of laser. Vascular laser can remove a great amount the red color in red marks. The redness is caused by broken blood vessels. A vascular laser will certainly seal off the vessels and cause the redness to go away – again, this might not take place completely, yet it will certainly make a an extensive difference.

For a totally free consultation to talk about laser treatment alternatives for removed stretch marks, please call La Jolla cosmetics Laser Clinic virtual or call (858) 225-8380 today. We are pleased to serve patients throughout the san Diego area and nearby.

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Stretch note Laser therapy FAQs

Unfortunately, over there isn’t a procedure or treatment out there that totally removes large marks. In ~ La Jolla cosmetic Laser Clinic, us use various laser therapies to address stretch marks for our patients. For newer red large marks, pulsed dye lasers space the most effective. Because that older, white big marks, spring laser treatments room best. Relying on the patient, we may use our Fraxel, Starwalker, ResurFX, or SP Dynamis lasers for stretch note treatment.

Pulsed dye laser treatment – because that pink and red stretch marks, we usage pulsed dye lasers. The laser energy is soaked up by the blood vessels of the new, red stretch marks. This heat energy helps resolve the redness. For the first 3-4 days after therapy your large marks will actually become redder, however then will start to fade. Pulsed dye lasers also trigger brand-new collagen development as we describe listed below with spring laser treatment.Fractional laser treatment – as soon as the laser light energy penetrates the epidermis the converts to heat and it root cause a remodeling that the collagen, the skin’s support protein that provides the skin that underlying assistance structure. The body perceives this as a wound and responds by removed older, damaged tissue and producing new collagen and elastin. The new collagen gives the skin a smoother texture and improves the skin tone, lessening the illustration of the big marks.

Considering as much as 90 percent the pregnant women develop stretch marks, their formation is not simple to stop. They have tendency to construct most rapidly throughout the last trimester the the pregnancy when the baby is cultivation the most. There space some alternatives for make the efforts to stop stretch marks indigenous forming, but they are far from foolproof.

Manage your weight gain – girlfriend hear the “eating for two” advice often during pregnancy, yet that’s no true. If an average, healthy, non-pregnant woman should eat around 2000 calories every day, pregnant women require only increase this by 200 calories every day. No going crazy with rapid weight obtain is the best way to avoid stretch marks.Hydration – drink plenty of water keeps her skin supple and more resistant to the development of stretch marks. Pregnant women should drink at least 12 cups of water every day.Eat sensibly – an excellent foods are an excellent for her skin. Rather than binging top top junk food, eating plenty of foods items with antioxidants, vitamins, zinc, and fatty acids will help your skin and will be much better for her baby.Vitamin D – certain studies have displayed a correlation between low level of vitamin D and also the formation of large marks. Sunshine gives vitamin D (but don’t obtain burned), as does dairy, fish, and also other sources.

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Moisturize – Massage topical cream or oils right into the high-risk areas for stretch mark development. Assets that save on computer shea butter, vitamin E, and also aloe vera room the most effective. Massaging lock in help to also stimulate blood circulation through the area.