Learn your lucky leprechaun name and call out your inside leprechaun this St Patrick’s Day! This would be good for parties.

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This can be a fun tiny activity to aid celebrate St Patrick’s Day and bring out your inside Leprechaun. Why not usage your Leprechaun name for the day on march 17th! have the right to you imagine if everyone wore theirs as a surname badge! It would certainly be so lot light hearted fun.

My leprechaun surname generator is yes, really awesome and also loved by children and adults alike! Why carry out you not make your own toilet record roll leprechaun and assign him among the surname above! In reality make one for every the family. You can use them as puppets or also name cards for the dinner table.

Hi! I’m Sloane “Shenanigan” Bryne – pretty to meet You!

What is her leprechaun name?

Discover her Lucky Leprechaun Name

Meaning of your Lucky Leprechaun Name:

For a little of extra fun, find out what her festive leprechaun surname means.

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*The interpretations for the very first names were taken from babynames.net and also the meanings for the critical names were found on ireland-information.com*

Your Leprechaun Last surname Meaning

A: Bryne, meaning “a raven”

B: Fitzpatrick, definition “a devottee the Saint Patrick”

C: Donovan, means the colour black/brown

D: O’Callaghan, an interpretation “bright headed”

E: O’Dwyer, an interpretation the color black

F: MacDermott, definition “free indigenous jealousy”

G: MacKenna, menaing “fire-sprung”

H: Sheehan, means peaceful

I: Sweeney, method pleasant

J: Kavanagh, way comely, or mild

K: Healy, method artistic, or scientific

L: O’Donnell, definition “worldly, or mighty”

M: O’Doherty, an interpretation “hurtful”

N: O’Connor, way Patron the warriors

O: Regan, method “little king”

P: O’Shea, way fine, or stately

Q: Whelan, method Wolf

R: Buckley, way cow herd

S: Magee, means Fire

T: Maher, way Magestic

U: Foley, method a plunderer

V: Casy, means watchful

W: Boyle, means vain

X: McGrath, definition “son of grace”

Y: Flynn, way Bright red

Z: McLoughlin, means viking

Your Leprechaun very first Name Meaning


Red:Biddy, means powerful and strong

Orange: Bree, way “higher power”

Yellow: Fiona. Method fair woman

Green: Moira, way Rebellious Woman

Blue: Neve, way Dazzling

Purple: Nora, way Honor

Pink: Sloane, way Raider warrior

Black: Sorcha, way Beaming

White: Brianna, means Noble one

Gold: Caitriona, means Pure

Silver: Ciara, way Little Dark Girl


Red: Alby, way White One

Orange: Conall, method Powerful Wolf

Yellow: Fergus, an interpretation “man with energy”

Green: Flannery, way Red Bravery

Blue: Mannix, means Monk

Purple: Quinn, way Wise, Reasonable

Pink: Leary, definition Keeper of Calves

Black: Rian, means Little Ruler

White: Aodh, means Flame

Gold: Cairbre, method “One that rides in Chariot”

Silver: Culkin, means “Very Learned Man”

My leprechaun name would certainly mean: Raider/Warrior and raven.

What’s yours? Is her a great leprechaun name or not?

Share this task with all your family and also friends and also celebrate St Patrick’s job by phone call each other by your new name!

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Some good St Patrick’s job Crafts:

Now that we all recognize our leprechaun name, let’s make part cute St Patrick’s day crafts too!

Easy cap Leprechaun catch to capture the small green guy

Green an excellent Luck be afflicted with – do this cute care Bear through shamrocks top top his stomach

Leprechaun popular music Up St Patrick’s Day card – do this beloved Leprechaun card

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