let me present you what i mean.

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Ian Brown is the flattest singer in the world, ever. When he starts come sing, and I use the term ‘sing‘ in the loosest terms, you couldn’t get one of John Squire‘s plectrums in between the arse the his flared Joe Bloggs and the Spike Island toxic sludge. But you knew that already.

Stone Roses, 1993

So kudos to Simon Dawson. He’s the anonymous genius who combined ol’ monkey boy’s flat-as-a-pancake vocals into the rough refined diamond that is The 2nd Coming, the Stone Roses long-in-the-making 2nd (and final) album. Why Dawson isn’t stated in the same breath as Nigel Godrich or john Leckie or any kind of of those various other indie-producing wunderkinds is anyone’s guess. If ns was in a band and looking for the Led Zeppelin plays cunning Stone’s biggest Funk access time sound, he’s the guy I’d be looking for.

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Reni & Mani perform a Brown

As a band, the 3 non-singing musicians deserve to really play. Hear to this, the vocal-free rehearsal monitor that ended up being ‘Daybreak‘. 8 minutes lengthy at the fade-out and also not one overdub within earshot. Or listen to this, john Squire and Reni jamming on effect-heavy guitar and also drums. Like, cosmic man! They deserve to really play. But. Add the vocals and also you get this. The 1993 demo that ‘Love Spreads’ sounds like heavy funk soup. It was my favourite record as soon as it come out. I played it to death. I’ve never ever played the demo come death, despite it is something of a curio. But the demo version lets you appreciate the lengths Simon Dawson had actually to go to in ~ the controls in order to get the whole thing sounding fantastic.

In much more innocent times, I offered to de-tune my guitar to open G, grab an empty botle of Stella as a rudimentary slide and freak the end in front of the mirror together I played along loudly to ‘Love Spreads’. In really fact, every you have to do is drop the thick ‘E’ string come a ‘D’, acquire yourself a kind £5 slide and also play along to the tab below. S’easy, man!

E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|d|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------5-----5/8---5/8---5/8---5-------0---3-5---5/10---8---5---0-5------|D|-0---------0-----------------------0----------------------------------0--| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|----7-----------------------------------------7----------------------------|--7---7\----------------------0---0-------0--------------------------------|----------0-5/8---5/8---5/8-----3---5/8-----------0-3---5---8---5-8---5----|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------10-----8---|--7-------------------------------------------------------------9------7---|--7-------------------------0-------5---5\--0--/5--/6--/7----/7-7---/5-5---|------0---5/8---5/8---5/8--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------0------------------------------------------| --------------------------------------||8-------------------------------------||7-------------7-----------------------||5-------------7-----------------------||----5/8---5-----0---3---5---8---5-8---||--------------------------------------||

John Squire, Glasgow Green

A wee ned punched me complete in the face at this gig. Sore, yes, but not as painful as the bootleg I have actually of the show. Those flat vocals. Ouch!