Jewelry is a Crafting ability in the MMO Life is Feudal (LiF) as well as Life is Feudal: Your own (LiFYO)

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Primary Attribute

Agility (AGI)

Secondary Attribute

Constitution (CON)


Passive:Max Q of resulting jewel - Q the jewelry influence it\"s luck bonus %%%%Level 0:Can do precious steel bars and also ingotsLevel 30:Can make basic rings.Level 60:Can make straightforward jewelry with gems.Level 90:Can make complicated jewelry v multiple metals and gems. Can develop exceptional (+20%% Q and name) jewel (0,0001 chance)Level 100: Can produce exceptional (+20%% Q and name) jewelry (0,00011 chance)


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Required because that Recipes

Silver ingotGold ingotSilver barGold barSilver ringGold ringSilver jeweled necklaceGold jeweled necklaceSilver amethyst ringSilver garnet ringSilver ruby rinGold emerald ringGold sapphire ringGold diamond ringGold and silver ringGold and also silver amulet_Exclusive gold and silver amuletExclusive gold and also silver ring

Strategy Guide/Tips/Tricks

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AchievementHow to unlock
Master Jeweler
Reach 90 in jewelry Skill
Grandmaster Jeweler
Reach 100 in jewelry Skill

Secondary make Skills

Fishing Hunting

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