Guide for achievement hunters, no for people who really love the game and want to suffer it beauty, realism and also blah, blah, blah. Just cold, hard achievements.

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How to attain All Achievements


I"ve used several mode to revolve the video game into a more casual experience, however the procedure should be comparable with the vanilla version. It just takes a an excellent deal an ext time. For success hunters i strongly introduce the mods. I haven"t subscribed to all of them, yet the people I used don"t break the game, also if that complains they room out the date.The an obstacle I contained with each success is an ext based on the time required to finish it, quite than top top its complexity. As soon as it comes to structure stuff as much as a details count, it"s ok to dismantle the structure if you don"t need it. Obviously, you need a ton of resources for few of these achievements. The dismantling doesn"t return any type of resources, i beg your pardon is a bummer.Unlike on other games, the accomplishments often register 1-3 minute after perfect the requirement.Where it says that you require to grow x or develop y variety of something, it"s appears to be accumulation for all maps, not just one playthrough. You need to rely on the recent autosave to proceed playing. It"s not as destructive as it sounds. Court recommend smaller sized map sizes to push this error more down the line. Part report it happens approximately year 10, yet I encountered the at roughly year 14 on a small map. It should be somehow connected to the size of the village. Closing the game fully and loading the most recent autosave is the only workaround.Fun fact: one of the fastest methods to kill off her villagers is with hypothermia. Just don"t have firewood ~ above stock throughout winter. Ns went from a populace of well over 500 to around 350 utilizing this lovely method entirely through accident. Why they didn"t just gather about the funerary pyres because that warmth is beyond me.

Achievements concerned Buildings

Diligent student
Get trainingEasy achievement. I"m unsure if it triggers at the start or towards the end of the cultivate map - the court say it could be as soon as the keep is built. The tutorial have to only take about an hour, yet saving and also reloading before it"s finished doesn"t seem to work, for this reason you need to do that in one sitting to make sure the achievement is triggered.New hopeCreate 250 locations for housingEasy achievement. Girlfriend don"t require the yes, really people, simply the potential to house 250 people.VillageBuild 100 buildingsEasy achievement. It"s ok come spam develop shacks, then ruin them.TownBuild 500 buildingsMedium achievement. Same solution as for "Village" achievement.MegapolisBuild 1000 buildingsHard achievement. Because you require a ton that resources and also patience.CamelotawwBuild a KeepEasy achievement. The store is discovered in the Castle structures tab. Friend can construct it at any time. I don"t mental if the tutorial motivated it.Chinese WallBuild 100 lock wallsEasy achievement. Pick a fairly huge spot and just spam develop 100 walls. It need to work if girlfriend dismantle the walls before you have actually 100 ~ above the map.MerchantBuild a MarketEasy achievement. The building is uncovered in the Castle frameworks tab. Girlfriend can construct it at any kind of time. Also it"s needed for the "Buy 10,000 commodities on the market" achievement and it"s useful for when you have an excess of resources.PioneerBuild a portEasy achievement. You can discover the port under Municipal Buildings. You likewise need a port for the "Ferdinand Magellan" achievement.Expansion boomCreate 1000 locations for housingHard achievement. Similar to "Liege" X2, yet you don"t need the population, simply the housing.DesignerBuild 200 decorationsHard achievement. Scarecrows, lamp posts and signs don"t count, for this reason the success takes forever. What room counted: Statue, Playground, Gardenhouse, Bathhouse. Each one more expensive 보다 the one before it.Crazy museumBuild 1000 decorationsHard achievement. "Build 200 decorations", but takes even more time and a "crazy" lot of resources, for this reason the achievement"s name.Big farmBuild 50,000 meters of pastureMedium achievement. By mid-game you should have plenty of resources to complete this. Again, spam build.The agrarian revolutionSow 100,000 metersMedium achievement. Similar to huge farm (which is because that Pastures), however for Fields. Spam build all the way.Life is FeudalBuild 20 lock buildingsMedium achievement. You might think it"s easy, but the castle structures are fairly expensive and also you don"t really require too many of them, so just construct then dismantle, unless you really require several barns.

Achievements pertained to Villagers

Kill 100 wild animals in first personEasy achievement. It"s simple, yet takes a little of time. Choose a villager, walk to first person by clicking their portrait, walk approximately the forest until you check out animals, push 3 to ready the bow, hold-click come aim making use of the red line and also release-click come shoot. The shooting mechanics are really basic. Arrows even go through trees and there is no friendly fire (I wasn"t maybe to death my villager"s ar no matter how difficult I tried).DefenderKill 50 wild pets on ranches with livestockMedium achievement. Similar to Hunter, yet the farm/stable has to have domesticated animals on it. Own a villager and also then kill the wild pet while ~ above the farm/stable (outside the farm yard does no count). Friend can shot building a chicken coop in an area not spanned by hunters (to have an ext wild pets around) and stalking the entrance. The wild pets are attractive to it. Still, the achievement takes forever.Village elderReach a population of 100 peopleEasy achievement. Have to be basic to attain if girlfriend have sufficient houses. Bigger is better, however watch the end for food and firewood usage. It"s generally much better not to construct residences broadly during winter. This applies to upgrading as well. The human being are homeless while your residence is being upgraded. I"ve had several die throughout an upgrade. Perhaps I shouldn"t have actually upgraded 10 structures at when :)LiegeReach a populace of 500 peopleMedium achievement. The takes a rather a bit of time due to the fact that you need to gather sources for houses, have actually a stable influx the food and also other critical resources. Also with mods this will certainly take hours to complete.The KingReach a populace of 2000 peopleHard achievement. View "Liege" X4. Execute you really not have actually anything much better to do? TeacherTrain 300 peopleEasy achievement. Make sure you have schools through assigned villagers. I"m unsure if level 2 schools train kids faster, yet they do have two teachers and also twice the college student capacity. Building one home per year need to be ok because that a solitary school to handle. Make certain its range covers the houses.EnlightenerTrain 1000 peopleMedium achievement. It just takes an ext time 보다 "Teacher".ScheherazadeSpend 1001 night in the gameMedium-Hard achievement. If you have actually a self-sufficient village, increasing the game should carry out wonders because that this achievement. It"s still going to take virtually forever.Do the yourself!Use capability 500 timesEasy achievement. Friend really need to like waiting for that capacity meter to to fill up, though. Own a villager by clicking their portrait to walk to first person and use an ability. The third one (bow and also arrow) is the fastest and it counts also if friend don"t struggle anything.BotanistPlant 100 treesHard achievement. Comparable to "Do it yourself!" but an ext frustrating due to the fact that the capacity resets slowly. You should possess a villager and use their 2nd ability - plant tree by pressing an essential 2. Girlfriend will check out a green circle about your position. This is where you can plant a tree if that has sufficient room. Girlfriend can try clearing one area of trees to have this do easier. If you view an outline of the tree (any tree - you can change it with the computer mouse wheel), it deserve to be planted. If girlfriend don"t view the outline, then you must aim at an additional location.

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Misc Achievements

Trade empire
Buy 10,000 assets on the marketEasy achievement. Very first build a Market. Then develop the Caravan Stables discovered under Storage, click on the + tab, choose a commodity you have actually on stock, click on the resource of the commodity (barn or warehouse), then click the industry as the destination. You have the right to delete or pause the route any time, ideally prior to you run out the the resource, especially if it"s other useful. The an initial dropdown has the resources easily accessible to sell (brought via the donkey"s route; note: it will be north if there are no resources in the Market) and the bottom one is the resource you space bartering for. I had a excess of meat and sold it for hay i beg your pardon is several times cheaper and reached the 10k in a few trades.Don"t count your chickensGrow 5000 chickensMedium achievement. The difficulty here is to have a steady influx of Oat to feed the chickens. Nearby well are recommended too. Then build 1-3 max-size Chicken Coops and let them to fill up, perhaps moving approximately 1/2 of the chicken from various other coops. The an ext chickens there room in a coop, the much faster they multiply. I"m unsure if they room sacrificed to do room, so ns resorted come doing that myself. At rate x5 I"m barely may be to lower their number native 200 come 180 by death them. So girlfriend basically require an auto-clicker for the death One animal button top top the building. The button is uncovered in the coop window and it has a basket prize - i suppose because you bring the dead animal in the basket or something.Cowboy!Grow 1000 cowsHard achievement. Cows are slow-moving breeders and I controlled to garbage 3 Cow Pastures before I provided up on this achievement. Make sure the pasture is safeguarded from wild animals, so construct 2-3 searching Cabins about it and also fill them with hunters to store the wild pets at bay. And then food they don"t dice of disease. I intend a solution could be to construct one larger pasture and then spam develop several small pastures. Each pasture gives one animal, so it"s the best way to to fill up the larger one. Also upgrading "Animal Breeding" at the Keep need to help. But a mod could be better.Ferdinand MagellanFinish 50 expeditionsMedium achievement. Build a Port, select it and also build a ship. Explorations are collection up by clicking the tabs tamed Animals, fruit or Crops. Ultimately (after 14 times ns think) friend won"t have any kind of other accessible tabs in the vanilla game, in ~ least. The workaround is to have a steady that will provide you one donkey. Develop a cheat Farm and move the cheat from the stable to the farm. As long as girlfriend have easily accessible spaces in the stable, you deserve to send expeditions that will an outcome in +1 donkey. If the farm additionally gets filled, you need to sacrifice a donkey, then do room in the stable. The success is completed faster with multiple ports.