Authors: David E. Sadava, David M. Hills, H. Craig Heller, Sally D. HeckerFile Size: 139 MBFormat: PDFLength: 1268 (3682) pagesPublisher: W.H. Freeman; 11th editionPublication Date: June 15, 2017Language: EnglishASIN: B06XKY71TQISBN-10: 1319010164, 1319125174ISBN-13: 9781319010164, 9781319125172

About The Author

David E. Sadava
David M. Hillis

Dr. David mark Hillis is an evolution biologist, and the Alfred W. Roark Centennial Professor of Biology at the college of Texas at Austin. He is ideal known for his studies of phylogeny, molecule evolution, and vertebrate systematics. He produced the popular Hillis Plot explicate of the evolution tree the life.

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H. Craig HellerSally D. Hecker

The eBook Life: The science of biologic 11th edition (PDF) is active, engaging, and focused on to teach the an abilities that university students need in the majors biology course. Brand-new pedagogical features grab scientific research students’ attention and give lock a clear finding out path with the textbook. Active learning is a priority throughout the media and text, giving instructors the assistance they have to encourage your students come “learn through doing”. Life continues and improves its focus on data and experiments, ensuring the students discover the skills they must succeed in your careers. That is this potent mix of expertly crafted pedagogy and also engagement the make this brand-new revised 11th edition the best source for biologic students.

The Life: The science of biological 11e retains its reputation as the ebook with the greatest quality content, experimental emphasis, and clarity the language, and also the new focus and also features do it a Life precious investigating.

NOTE: The eBook Life: The scientific research of biology 11th edition has been converted native ePub come PDF, thus the web page numbers will certainly NOT match the physical copy.

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As a Bonus, The 10th execution of Life: The scientific research of Biology is also included!

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