Point: A allude is the basic element of geometry. If we placed the reminder of a pencil top top a file and push it lightly, we see a very little mark on the paper. This note is recognized as a point.

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The smallest mark denotes the visibility of a point. We say the a suggest does no have any length, breadth or thickness, but it has actually a identify position.


In short, we can make a tiny dot on a file by making use of a spicy pencilor a pointer of the needle. That is called a point. It to represent a position and ismarked by a capital letter A, B, C etc. A point has no size or shape. So, ~ above aline one infinite number of points exist.

Line: If two pointsare made at a street on a surface and also are joined by a pencil climate a part of aline is formed. The part of the line will be right if the surface is planeand curved if the surface is curved.



Thus, if we join any kind of two points with a ruler and extend iton both sides, a line is formed.

A line is indicated by drawing arrow-heads ~ above both sides ofthe component of a line.

The arrow-heads at the ends show that the line goes onin both directions. A line has no end, so it has actually not a definite length.


The surname of a heat is indicated by two funding letters ofthe English alphabet.

The price ↔ is placed over the letters as AB, CD.


These explanations on points, lines and shapes will assist thekids to recognize the different an essential element that geometry and how she indicated.

In short, a line is a straight course of points. A line has no beginningor end. A line is named by a single small letter l, m, n, etc. A line is alsorepresented as \(\undersetAB\leftrightarrow\). A line deserve to be directly or curved.


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