Have you ever before looked inside her mouth? You can probably recognize your teeth, tongue, and also gums, but there are other parts that type necessary relations in your mouth, prefer the organization that connects your tongue to your mouth. Some people have more powerful tissues that cause problems as they grow and also develop. In those cases, a frenectomy might be the answer.

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What is a Frenectomy?

Frenectomy describes any kind of procedure the modifies binding organization on the body, however it usually describes oral steps to correct lip ties or tongue ties in infants. The procedure involves cutting or modifying the frenum, soft organization that connects parts of your mouth. Most oral frenectomies involve the lingual frenum or the labial frenum.

Usually, doctors recognize the require for a frenectomy early on in life. It typically creates troubles for breastfeeding, triggering the pediatrician to identify the problem. However, together you grow, problems with the frenum might develop and also require intervention throughout adult years.

Frenectomy prior to & After


What is a Lingual Frenectomy?

The organization connecting her tongue to your mouth is the lingual frenum. If girlfriend lift the pointer of your tongue come touch the roof of your mouth, you deserve to see and also feel that lingual frenum. While the length deserve to vary, some world are born v extremely brief lingual frenums, well-known as tongue ties, that inhibit their capacity to eat, drink, and speak.

A lingual frenectomy as a baby improves range of movement to enable proper eating, drinking, and speech breakthrough as the son grows.

What is a Maxillary Frenectomy?

A maxillary or labial frenectomy addresses problems with the soft organization connecting your optimal lip come your top gum. If you lift your upper lip, you deserve to see the labial frenum. However, civilization with quick labial frenums may not be able to lift their top lip, known as lip ties, and it may create a gap in between their top teeth.

Maxillary frenectomies do it simpler to clean and also care because that the front teeth to prevent oral complications, choose gum disease. Gaining more movement the the upper lip also helps with speech and facial expressions, especially smiling.

Frenectomy Procedure & Process

Most oral frenectomies are simple procedures that can be tackled by your doctor or dentist, however sometimes the performed by an oral surgeon or ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist. Regardless of that performs the frenectomy, the procedure is essentially the same and takes about fifteen minutes.

With the patient lying face-up, the doctor or dentist uses a numbing agent to the area.Using a scalpel, operation scissors, or a laser, the physician or dentist cuts the tissue.Depending on the severity, stitches may be necessary.

Using a laser to cut the tissue normally reduces the risk of complications and limits blood loss. Another option is using a cauterizing device to reduced the tissue.

How long is the Frenectomy restore Process?

Given that it’s a simple procedure, frenectomy recovery is not normally difficult. The doctor might prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections or associated complications. In two to 3 days you should be able to return come normal activity and eat habits.

Part that the frenectomy recovery because that a baby calls for parents to store the area clean. It might be a small tender initially.

Frenectomy recovery for adults usually entails limiting the foods items you eat because that a few days come avoid getting food trapped in the heal area. There will certainly be some discomfort that have to be manageable with over-the-counter medication.

Do You need a Frenectomy after ~ Braces?

Some human being require a frenectomy as component of their orthodontic treatment. It’s a way to reposition the tongue come accommodate the growing and shifting jaw. Because that others, frenectomy eliminates a gap in between their prior teeth. Her orthodontist may suggest a frenectomy after braces come ensure the teeth and jaw maintain appropriate alignment.

Who deserve to Diagnose and Perform a Frenectomy?

While some world report cutting their tongue frenulum in ~ home, it’s no advisable offered the threat of infection and other complications. Doctors, dentists, oral surgeons, and also ENTs to be trained to know exactly how to reduced safely and know how much to cut to exactly the problem.

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Your doctor, pediatrician, or dentist are the ideal people to identify tongue ties or lip ties. While it is a usual condition in infants, some youngsters grow out of it without requiring a frenectomy, therefore it’s important to above a trained professional instead of handling it on your own.

Regular follow-ups with a dental expert are necessary to your dental health. If friend or your boy are due for a dental check-up, the team in ~ Jefferson dental & Orthodontics can help. Publication an appointment at the office nearest you!