The Lollipop chest Reduction additionally known together Vertical Incision chest Reduction. Find out much more about this common breast reduction technique and even if it is it is ideal for you.

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Vertical Incision breast Reduction Method

The Vertical Incision breast reduction method is a newer method in chest reduction. In this technique an scratch is made roughly the border the the areola and then vertically down from the areola to the chest crease. The upright incision technique is also commonly used as a breast lift procedure, for women are seeking improved cosmetic appearance without reduction. This method is generally referred to together the Lollipop breast Reduction Method. You may also hear it referred to as the Keyhole scratch Pattern or Le Jour incision Pattern — also references come the form of the incision pattern.

Advantages of vertical Incision breast Reduction

The Vertical incision or Lollipop chest reduction is finest suited to females who just require a moderate quantity of organization removal. Since it calls for no incision along the bottom that the breast this an approach results is less scarring. The upright incision chest reduction technique is most frequently performed in conjunction with among the pedicle approaches for repositioning that the nipple and also areola (nipple-areola complex). These chest reduction techniques preserves blood and also nerve connection to the nipple and keeps the majority of the patient"s milk ducts intact. This reduces the potential for loss of emotion in the nipple and also increases the woman"s chances of gift able come breastfeed in the future. You can speak with among our chest reduction specialists below at the chest Reduction center Los Angeles, to see if the lollipop breast reduction is well suited come you.

Lollipop chest Reduction Before and After Photo

Patient age: 32, indigenous Los Angeles. Lollipop breast Reduction to be performed.See an ext Before & Afters I"ve suffered from back, neck, and shoulder pain, native my large breasts. I want a breast reduction to mitigate that pain and also I wanted smaller much more beautiful breasts. The lollipop breast reduction provided me those results with minimal scaring, and also a quick recovery and also most importantly, beautiful breasts! You males are the best!" - N. T.

Lollipop breast Reduction v Body Sculpting Liposuction

depending upon your human body type, your surgeon may recommend human body liposuction at the moment of her lollipop chest reduction.

For women who plan to have a significant amount of tissue eliminated from your breasts it a great idea to likewise remove overabundance fat organization from under the armpit, the upper earlier and atop the ribs. Slimming under the upper body help to keep your breasts looking full and also natural, also in their lessened state.

Most women that undergo breast reduction do so in bespeak to address physical difficulties however there space cosmetic gains come be had actually as well and there is nothing wrong v taking benefit of this. By combining liposuction v your lollipop breast reduction you deserve to enhance and also lift your breasts while slimming your framework for an as whole beautiful result.

Choosing if the lollipop chest reduction technique is appropriate for you

There are countless methods of chest reduction however there might only be one or 2 that space suitable options for you, her physical situation and also your goals. Selecting the right method of breast reduction is really around choosing the right surgeon.

Our very trained and also experienced surgeons will have the ability to rapidly determine which an approach is ideal suited to you. We will likewise take the moment to educate you on the selected technique so that you recognize why it has actually been chosen and feel comfortable with it.

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Our separation, personal, instance approach

There are plenty of plastic surgeons that standardly use the same an approach of breast reduction on all your patients. This sort of one-size-fits-all approach, merely does not sell the best possible outcome because that each patient"s separation, personal, instance situation. Due to the fact that our surgeon room well versed in multiple techniques of breast reduction they are able select the method to be offered on a patient-by-patient basis. We think in doing every little thing it bring away to offer our patients the best results for lollipop chest reduction Los Angeles needs to offer.