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Tonight top top VH1’s struggle series Love & i know good Hop Hollywood returns with an all-new Monday, November 6, 2016, episode and we have your Love & i know well Hop Hollywood recap below for you. ~ above tonight’s season 2 episode 13, called “Reunion – component 1,” Masika intimidates to leaving after a surprise guest arrives.

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Did you watch critical week’s episode where in the third-season finale, Ray and also Princess continued to be at odds, threaten the couple’s upcoming wedding? If you missed it and want to record up, we have a full & detailed Love & Hip Hop Hollywood recap from last week, right right here for you!

On tonight’s episode as every the VH1 synopsis, “Part 1 of 2. Nina Parker reunites the cast to discuss Season 3. Later, Fizz and also Nikki face off; Moniece crosses a line when she strikes Brandi’s family; Nikki reveals she romantic partner and also Masika intimidates to leaving after a surprise guest arrives.”

Tonight’s illustration of Love & i know well Hop Hollywood will be packed full of drama that you won’t want miss. Don’t forget to bookmark this spot and head over for our Love & i know good Hop Hollywood recap tonight at 8PM 9PM ET! While friend wait because that our recap of Love & i know good Hop Hollywood season 3 illustration 10, nothing forget to check out every our L&HHH recaps, spoilers, news & more!

Tonight’s episode begins now – update Page frequently to gain the most existing updates!

This main on component one of The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Nia Parker reunites everyone to resolve the season’s drama. She kicks the display off v congratulations to Ray and Princess. Climate she move on come talk about the relationship in between Moniece and Fizz. Nia asks Fizz “Was there ever before a component of friend that believed there can ever be a rekindling that the relationship?”

Both Moniece and Fizz are rapid to deny that they wanted to rekindle the relationship. It is quickly brought to light that Moniece is gay and also has a girlfriend. Nia asks Nikki “What made you relocate on indigenous the situation?” Nikki claims “I to be going v my very own things at the time.” Fizz claims “I felt choose she want a connection for 3 episodes and also then she wanted one more relationship.” The dispute quickly ended up being heated and also Nia had to move on.

She moves on to attend to Moniece’s worries with Princess and Brandi. Nia asks Moniece “Why does it seem like most of the females come because that you?” Moniece says “All the this began last year as soon as they want to come for me and they want to strike my motherhood. Had actually they no come because that me I would not have actually come for them.” Nia climate asks Nikki “Do friend feel prefer Moneice dram the victim?” Nikki says “i execute think she theatre the victim. She always tweets an unfavorable things around me and also then desires to play the victim. She was simply in Safaree’s DM talk to him.”

Moniece actions up and says “That was about work.” Nia measures in and also asks Safaree “Was Moniece hitting you increase on Twitter?” Safaree confirms that she was, yet says that it was about work.” Masika speaks up and also tries to defend Moniece, but this quickly goes sideways. The argument between the females breaks down and also soon every one of them space yelling and also swearing at each other.

When the reunion returns Nia asks Brandi responds come a comment made around her son. She states “You called my child and also my family members ugly. You stated that I have to save money for braces for my son.” Max speak up and tells she “Stop worrying around my son.” Nia asks Teairra “Do friend think the they space ganging up on her?” Teairra claims “Absolutely. Perform I think the she need to have dubbed her kid ugly? No, but we room all get an impression women and also should have the ability to have conversations v each other.”

Nia moves on to talk around Moniece’s sex tape. Moniece decides to obtain up and also leave. Nia do the efforts to get her come stay. Brandi states “I didn’t desire to perform that, yet I felt choose she was simply doing too much.” Nia says “Moniece you had actually to recognize that after you talked about Brandi’s situation they to be going come retaliate.” Moniece tries to protect herself. She says “I had actually individual conversations through each that them. Princess wanted to satisfy in a park.” once again the concern breaks down completely and over there is alot the screaming and also yelling.

When lock return they move on to talk about Princess and Ray J’s wedding. Nina asks Princess just how the relationship with her dad to be going. Princess says “We have been the end there come visit.” Nina then asks “How lot do you think you placed in to planning the wedding?” Princess says “I think I put in ninety percent.” Ray states “I just wanted come wear the chain that Arsenio room wore in comes to America.”

They then move on to talk around the worries that Sonja had actually with Princess and Ray’s wedding and the prenup. Nina asks Sonja “How perform you feel around Princess now?” Sonja says “I think Princess is strong. I’m solid too.” Nina then asks Brandi “You told Ray about the prenup.” beam interjects and says “It to be a bumpy road, but as long as you occupational through your issues and come out on the various other side it’s all good.”Nina then asks Safaree “Were friend there?” Safaree says he to be and

Nina then asks Safaree “Were girlfriend there?” Safaree says he was and thanks Ray and also Princess for inviting him. She climate asks Nikki “Were you dating Safaree? were you at the wedding?” Nikki claims “No. Ns wasn’t. Ns honestly felt some kind of means because I assumed we to be cool.” Princess claims “It to be a little wedding and Nikki and also I hadn’t yes, really talked in two years. ” She speak Nikki “You’d never really comment to the last text I sent you.”

When lock return they relocate on to resolve the issue in between Nikki and Safaree. Safaree states “I can’t manage who God attracts me to.” Nina tells him “You also seem to it is in a serial monogamist.” Nina asks him “Are friend suing your ex?” Safaree claims “No, it’s not true. My lawyers drafted some stuff and had me look in ~ it and the various other side never explained what the was.” Nina climate addresses the situation in between Nikki and Rosa as it applied to Safaree and also Nikki’s relationship. Nina asks Nikki “Why no tell them both the fact off the top?” Nikki says “I didn’t feel I had to phone call either among them anything because I wasn’t in one exclusive connection with either among them.” Nina then asks Rosa “Who were you an ext angry at?” Rosa says “I was much more angry in ~ Nikki.” Nina asks Nikki “Was Rosa your first serious partnership with a woman?” Nikki states “No. I offered to day Amber Rose. We still cave out.” Nina then asks Nikki and also Rosa about the state the their relationship now.

At first the 2 women seem come shy far from answering the question. Climate they communicate in a steamy kiss on phase that appears to shock everyone.

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When castle return they address the situation of Brandi acquisition the 27,000 the Max had put aside for his son and investing it into her store. Nina asks Max “Were girlfriend really that upset?” Max claims “I to be mad since she it s okay on me for spending money fast, however when she does it it is fine.” Nina asks Moniece “Would you have actually taken the money?” Moniece states “I wouldn’t have actually done it, but she walk what she feeling she had to carry out for her family and also kudos to she for that. Ns don’t treatment if the keep succeeds or fails.” Nina climate asks Brandi “Have friend paid ago all the money?” Brandi says “Yes ns have, and the keep is quiet open and also doing an extremely well.”

When they return the reunion moves on to resolve the concerns sorrounding Hazel E, Masika and Masika’s infant daddy Fetty Wop. Nina asks Masika “How regularly does Fetty view the baby?” Masika claims “He sees she alot more often.” Nina says “Hazel made some allegations the Fetty was no your infant daddy.” Masika claims “I’m no going to give her no longer air time.” Nina welcomes Hazel come the stage and she comes out weapons blazing and ready come fire at Masika.