Hello and also welcome! after posting photos from a Mad hatter Alice in Wonderland Tea Party and also these mad Hatters cap online, I received an insane amount of emails requesting a DIY height hat article. (See listed below for every the details on wherein this tea party cap DIY was used, including the popular large Tent Circus Party). These tiny top hats have come to be SUPER popular and also are everywhere Pinterest, however the wait is ultimately over: today’s blog post is all around these Mad hatter tea party hats to do for each of your invited guests!

The Perfect Mini height Hat For your Mad baht Tea Party

The Mad baht mini optimal hat is super easy to make however don’t allow its size fool you. Gain ready to produce a huge impact on your Mad hatter Wonderland party ambiance v this DIY! line them all as guest arrive to pick out their favorites or just use as photograph props, usage your imagination! although Mad hatter party hats aren’t your common cardboard optimal hat, you shouldn’t be intimated by the indict below. If I have the right to make them, friend absolutely deserve to too!

Made with Disney inspiration and also a little bit of warm glue, ours Mad hatter Hat accuse will move your guests to a whimsical, far-away land.

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How to make The Mad hatter Hat

Isn’t it stunner what you have the right to do when you know exactly how to make a hat out of paper? include a couple of embellishments come a height hat pattern and also you’ve designed an lover DIY! through nothing an ext than a coffee paper cup – the tapered shape lends itself perfectly to the of a tiny top hat – and also the mad Hatter’s hat Template, you’re ready to get started…

A rapid note: this mad baht headband was produced by deconstructing one the was currently made. So, if the foolish hatter cloth materials watch a tiny “tore up”, it’s due to the fact that they are!

Mad baht Disney motivation From Alice in Wonderland

Want to understand the very very first thing come do prior to making a Mad hatter hat out of record and cardboard? Inspiration! before we start cutting, we should pour over Disney inspiration and also pictures of the Mad baht in Alice in Wonderland. So lot of his significance is in the details the his outfit, so discovering what walk the Mad baht look favor is height of the agenda.

Debuting in 1951, the initial Mad baht hat different from the more contemporary Johnny Depp, live-action films but we can attract inspiration native both. I wonder if earlier in the 1950’s the Alice in Wonderland top hat was as memorable as it is nowadays!


Mad Hatters Tea Party hat Ideas

Over the years, the hat for foolish Hatters tea party has become a prize of silliness and absolute the contrary of unfun. The tea party scene in Alice and also Wonderland is just one of my every time favorites, so making this Mad baht craft is perfect for a tea party or also just a fun prop because that a photograph shoot! we all understand someone who loves Disney cosplay, right?

When you acquire the chance, examine out the blog short article for the impressive Alice in Wonderland Mad baht Tea Party where these Mad hatter tea party hats space featured. It is seriously the many amazing party you’ll ever see!

Ok so currently that we’ve acquired some visual inspiration to go on, let’s obtain to top top to just how to do a Mad hatter hat!


How to do a Hat the end of paper Cups

Begin by make a top hat design template for the human body of your tea party hats. Creating a design template out of cardboard before you begin cutting fabric will ensure friend aren’t wasting material. To do the mini optimal hat pattern, deconstruct a document cup and also lay it flat on cardboard. Trace out the shape of the cup, allowing half an inch on either side. Reduced the cardboard, and you have a foolish Hatter’s hat theme for the next of her DIY tea party hats! This template additionally makes it rally multiple Mad hatter tea party hats for your party… and also saving time is always a good idea.

Now it’s time to begin assembling your small top hat. Use the pattern to cut the side of her mad baht tea party hat. You will need one piece for every DIY mini height hat friend make.


To construct your Mad hatter Tea Party Hat, you’ll need:

A paper coffee cup (any brand the suits the dimension tea party hat girlfriend want)The plastic top of the coffee cup, v brim gotten rid of as shownMad hatter FabricCoordinating ribbon because that decorative baseCoordinating embellishments, such as: Mad hatter numbers, feathers, Mad baht cards or pins.

To rally the Alice in Wonderland Mini optimal Hat, you’ll need:

Sharp scissorsHot adhesive gun

Fabric pieces that you will cut:

Side of hat (using her “side” template)Top that hat/cup2 piece for the bottom of cup/hat brim


Mad baht Hat Tutorial

For the brim of this DIY tea hats, we’re walk to usage the plastic height of the record coffee cup. At this point, you have to have already removed the brim’s edges with sharp scissors, making that a level disc shape. Map the flat disc onto your fabric, allowing half of inch or so around. Friend will require two of this pieces. Fold towel in fifty percent before cutting to save time.

Hot glue the an initial piece onto the level disc by folding it end its edge. Hot glue the second piece flat on the brim, developing the watch of a seam. The brim the the hat will certainly be “seam” side down, and against your head once worn.

For the height of the party hat, simply trace and also cut a fabric piece of the open finish of the coffee cup. With hot glue, secure the fabric as taught as possible. Through a heat of warm glue on the top, secure the siding. Then create a seam top top the side. You’re practically done…

The time because that Mad hatter hats to decorate is all about your imagination! usage rich colors and contrasting patterns, connect the decorate ribbon at the basic (bottom) of your hat to conceal the seams that the brim, etc. Choose high embellishments – favor feathers or Mad hatter numbers – come conceal the seam.


For the Mad baht Tea Party (you need to see all the photos from this exceptional party) we supplied hair clips because that our guest to wear them easily. At the Circus huge Top Party, we supplied the very same party hat tutorial however attached the hats to headbands because that the kids (aka Ring Masters!).

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I want to say thanks to everyone because that visiting and checking the end this Mad baht hat craft! This fun tutorial is certain to do a big impact at her party.

 Mini top Hats to Decorate or Buy

Here is a perform of beloved mini peak hats to decorate or buy from Amazon that would be perfect because that a Mad baht tea party favor or enhancement to your party. These room affiliate links. Thanks for her support!