What came first, the chicken or the crystal egg? Crystals have been about for thousands, millions, even billions the years.

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Crystal eggs draw us in due to the fact that they remind united state of the mysteries and also miracles the life, brand-new births and new beginnings. Discover the fascinating story of egg shame stones, your symbolism, healing properties and also how to usage these gemstones in both your holistic and also everyday lifestyle.

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Join us for a to mark reel that this short article with actual life instances of gemstone eggs.

What go a crystal Egg represent?

Eggs represent new beginnings. Us all know that eggs lug life through birth. Just look at the divine, innocent and also adorable infant chick that hatches from its cozy shell to sign up with us ~ above Earth. If you are looking for a fresh new start, decision eggs room perfect because that you. 

Because life in itself is a miracle, us associate eggs v bringing about magic. If you room looking to med miracles and magic right into your life, crystal eggs space perfect for you.

Eggs are also a symbol for Spring. Eggs represent fertility, virility and flourishing life force. In Christianity, they represent resurrection and eternal life. If girlfriend are in search of youthfulness, sexuality, and also life force chi, decision eggs are perfect for you.

Crystal Eggs as Easter Collectibles

With Easter gift the celebration event of Spring, the is only fitting the eggs have been focal distance in this holiday. It is heritage to give eggs on Easter.

For children, cacao eggs are classic. Painting of Easter eggs has been walking on because the 13th century. More recently, plastic eggs with presents inside have end up being popular.

Adults celebrate Easter v egg gifting too. Traditionally, hens eggs to be given. Porcelain eggs space a charming collectible item, such as the well known Faberge eggs. If you"re opting for something an ext natural 보다 the branded porcelains, crystal eggs do marvelous Easter collectibles.

Crystal egg come in a variety of different stones the are normally colored- no have to dig the end the paints! Decorate her home and hearth through pink rose Quartz eggs, blue Lapis Lazuli eggs, brown Tiger"s Eye eggs, and also clear Quartz eggs.

Check out the Satin Crystals Egg Collection for her Easter decorating and also gifting needs. 

Crystal Eggs for Acupressure 

Crystal eggs room a an excellent choice for acupressure.

Practitioners that acupressure periodically use special tools to assist them apply pressure to the crucial points ~ above the body"s meridian. Decision eggs room an ideal selection because either finish of the egg can be used. The top have the right to be supplied to use gentle press to the points. The an ext rounded bottom have the right to be used to rub muscles for blood and energy circulation.

The score of acupressure and Asian bodywork is not simply to relax pain, but to eventually restore a holistic balance that the yin and yang energies. Since the modality is concentrated on full wellness, crystal eggs bring an additional element to the heal process. Every crystal has its own healing benefits, and also those end up being incorporated into the session. Acupressure with crystal egg brings on double healing.

You can additionally use decision eggs because that Gua sha energy flow in the face. Similar to gemstone facial tools, using stone eggs will gain the blood flowing and rejuvenate your skin because that a youthful glow. 

Lisa"s an individual Experience v Crystal Eggs

I don"t usage crystal egg as regularly as decision balls, yet they came to be of utmost importance to me throughout my pregnancy. Discovering that nothing would beat a crystal egg during this time that changes, my small blue Lapis Lazuli egg and tiny green Bloodstone egg became my best buddies. 

When i was pregnant, ns knew nothing around babies or kids. Did I even have a solitary motherly instinct within me? my Lapis Lazuli egg opened my third Eye Chakra and the circulation of herbal intuitions. It alleviated the doubts i had, i beg your pardon I"m sure plenty of parents-to-be experience.

My Lapis Lazuil egg kept me mentally strong through the numerous moods the pregnancy. At any time stress and anxiety reared your heads, I would certainly take organize of my blue decision egg. It helped to to wash away fears and go soon in this brand-new chapter the life.

Physically, pregnancy was a do the efforts time. That"s when my Bloodstone Egg stepped up and took the project of maintaining me healthy. The plenty of healing nature of Bloodstone helped gain me through a visit to the ER, endure number of risk determinants that arose, and ultimately survive labor and also delivery.

I am grateful for mine guardian angel decision eggs that guided me v pregnancy therefore I might experience the wonder of brand-new life. Infant Andrew was born strong, handsome, and also perfect. 


Metaphysical provides for Crystal Eggs

What are crystal eggs supplied for in the metaphysical realm? besides decoration, gifting and also massage, egg shaped stones have an excellent healing energy.

Here space some things you can use your decision eggs for metaphysically: 

1. Break Old Habits

The decision egg means rebirth and also therefore is the finest tool because that breaking old actions so you can type new healthier ones. Set your will and intention on shedding old negative patterns, and then surround yourself with crystal eggs. The egg allows you to emphasis on new, healthy thoughts and lifestyle choices. Break old habits may take time, however is vital to your soul"s growth.

2. Composing Manifestation Lists

It is a wise exercise to create a manifestation list every few months. This clarifies your life purposes so the you deserve to go full force in achieving your dreams.

Manifesting brand-new things is what decision eggs love come do, together they are all about brand-new beginnings. Hold the egg when you check out the list aloud. Saying affirmations every day v an egg in your hand speed the procedure of manifestation along.

2. Praying for Miracles

Eggs carry the wonder of life. Lock can carry you various other miracles together well. As soon as in prayer, organize a crystal egg in her hand. The vibration that the stone will intensify her prayers and send the blog post out into the cosmos (or right to God"s ears, depending on your beliefs). 

4. Feng Shui Placement

For Feng Shui purposes, the crystal egg is right in the bedroom. Because eggs carry fertility, they room perfect for those wishing come conceive. Proceed to store the egg in your bedroom v pregnancy and also birth to completely benefit indigenous its positive effects.

Alternatively, egg are great for the office or place of company when you room starting a new venture. They will placed you top top the course of courageousness and also success.


Everyday offers for Crystal Eggs

Besides their metaphysical energies, gemstone eggs have actually practical supplies in home and life.

Here space a few ideas on how to use your crystal egg for everyday uses:

1. Home and also Kitchen Decor

Eggs do a wonderful collectible item for the home. Chickens and eggs are well-known decorative themes because that kitchens in particular. Eggs bring around a emotion of family, life, and nature. They make artful piece in traditional homes, modern living, and even trendy urban farmhouses.

2. Crystal Egg Massage

You don"t need to be one acupuncture practitioner to enjoy the healing benefits of a decision egg massage. The pointier top finish of crystal eggs are great for digging right into the pesky deep tissue pains. The smoother bottom finish can be used to gently rub muscles. Try a circular motion for details pain relief. Try and up and down activity to gain blood flow going.

3. Gemstone Yoni Eggs

The newly resurrected trend for decision eggs is to usage them together Yoni eggs. Kegel exercises through Yoni eggs may strengthen the pelvic floor. Since it is discouraged by clinical professionals, Satin Crystals go not offer crystal eggs for this purpose.

We respect a woman"s separation, personal, instance choice, therefore recommend you speak to her doctor before engaging in the sacred and also sensual ritual. Learn about the do"s and also dont"s that yoni eggs to make an educated decision alongside your doctor.

4. Gifting decision Eggs

Crystal eggs make the perfect decorative and meaningful gift for Easter. Normally bright and springy tones favor pink increased Quartz, pastel environment-friendly Amazonite, and raspberry Rubellite Tourmaline pair well v this holiday.

Eggs are great for graduates that are around to embark top top a new chapter in life. Bold eggs that carry out courage and confidence to walk forth are ideal, such as environment-friendly Aventurine because that financial success, orange Carnelian because that goal realization, and blue Lapis Lazuli because that innovate thinking.

Crystal eggs are beloved by mothers, grandmothers, and daughters every year round. Malachite eggs space stunning, unusual, and precious.

Find the perfect gift in the Satin Crystals Egg Collection.


Sheila"s personal Experiences with Crystal Eggs

I have constantly been fascinated by the idea the the crystal eggs deserve to heal discrepancies in her body. I imagine one egg wobbling around in your power field, trying to discover its balance. Kind of choose Humpty-Dumpty ~ above his brick wall. 

I usage crystal eggs because that massage. Ns am a large massage person and usually resort to self-massage if i don"t obtain the an ideas to do an appointment and commute to a actual masseuse. Sitting hrs at the computer or bent end the bead board, gift me with tiny knots in ~ the neck.

I like to usage a palm dimension crystal egg and untangle those pesky knots. The smaller sized side of the eggs can acquire in deeper and the huge side is more soothing over a large surface that neck. 

How perform you cleanse and also charge a crystal egg?

The type of rock your crystal egg is refined from will determine how you deserve to clean the physically. For softer stones like Selenite and Angelite, you will only want to usage a soft fabric or maybe even something as airy together a feather duster. For harder stones like Quartz and Agate girlfriend will be able to use water and soap or even an essential glass cleaner. 

To energetically clean, charge and also program your stone eggs because that healing, friend can pick from a range of methods. This has water (for the more difficult stones), incense, crystal clusters, the strength of the moon or the rays of the sun. Check out our Crystal Care guide to discover more. 

How carry out I purchase a Crystal Egg?

Satin Crystals is the leader of crystal eggs. We have actually a wide an option of gemstone eggs for all your healing needs. Merely look v our listings to watch what energy is appropriate for you.

Are you wishing to give a crystal egg as a present? as soon as you gift a Satin Crystals egg, we deserve to have the shipped straight to the special receiver.

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You and Your decision Egg

Do you very own a crystal egg? What gemstone is the made of? What carry out you usage it for? Where execute you screen or keep your egg?

We"d love come hear indigenous you, even if it is you have an individual stories to share or questions about your gemstone egg. You can email us directly or reach out in the contact box.