Spelling vision words with magnetic letter is a super simple, hands-on means for children to exercise spelling and reading vision words. Grab the magnetic letters and a dry-erase marker and your are good to go!


We’ve to be doing a the majority of sight word tasks in my house lately. There are so countless words, so any type of time I have the right to do a quick activity that reinforces a few of the words, i am all for it.

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This task is so straightforward to collection up, therefore it’s entirely feasible to execute it a few times a mainly or more.

Setting increase the Magnetic Letter sight Word Activity

Supplies Needed:

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Dry-erase plank or refrigeratorWrite a bunch of various sight native on your dry-erase plank or refrigerator.Place the magnetic letter nearby.

*I supplied my refrigerator for this activity. Every little thing you do, make sure the creating utensil you room using will wash off of the surface. Ns made the failure of reasoning dry-erase marker would come turn off of my fridge and it didn’t really desire to. Ns am not certain if it is my refrigerator or the marker I offered that is the problem. Luckily, ns tested it with one word and also realized the wasn’t going come work. Thankfully, it came off with a magic eraser. That’s when I made decision to usage my chalk markers for this activity.


I certain love the magnetic letters we provided for this task because it comes v one full set of uppercase letters, two full sets of lowercase letters and 22 extr vowels. Castle have great reviews and have hosted up very well to lots of use over the critical year. Together you can see in mine pics, he was able to make every word I composed on the refrigerator there is no running the end of letters.

Spelling sight Words

After ns wrote every one of the vision words ~ above the refrigerator, I invited my boy to dig through the heap of magnetic letter to uncover the persons he essential to assignment the miscellaneous words I had actually written.


He would certainly pick one word and also look for each letter of that word. As he uncovered the letters, he put them underneath the word I created – making sure to complement them up.

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After he had all of the sight words up on the refrigerator v the magnetic letters, i would allude to words and also ask him come tell me what it said. That is still finding out most of them, so ns did have actually to aid a bit. If your boy is able, girlfriend could additionally just ask lock to suggest to each word and read that aloud to you.


I choose that it to be so quick and easy to set up, however so really effective for my son!

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