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Coolio - Mama i"m in love wit a gangsta

Coolio>Hey baby, how you doin" What"s goin on?I"m sittin in mine motherf***in cell, it"s ... The same songTell my kids that i ... Em that I"m thruKeep cryin and tell em I"ll be house soon


can feeling you comin native a mile awayMy pulse ... Starts gyeongju from the words that you to speak ... T have to try too hardYou already have actually my heartYou don"t ... Acquired a thing to proveI"m already right into youSoHold, hold,

Anthrax - In my world

re gonna placed me in jail?Man, i"m already in jail ... I"ll bite the hand the feeds meAnd i might give a cursed if ... The hand requirements meWhy can"t girlfriend live me alone?


can feel you comin" from a mile awayMy pulse ... Stops racing from the words the you speak ... T have actually to shot too hardYou already have my heartYou don"t got

George Jones - Mama, take it me house

rushed to himAnd increased his headHe must have thought she to be ... His mamaCause this words he claimed ... Mama (mama) my wife has gone and also left me ... Mama (mama) she left with my ideal friend

Tom Jones - Mama called me no to come

some whiskey in her water?Sugar in your ... Crazy concerns they"re askin" me?This is the craziest ... "cause ns don"t wanna seeMama called me not come comeMama

Tom Jones - Mama told me not to come (with stereophonics)

some whiskey in her water? sugar in her ... Crazy questions They are asking me?This is the craziest ... "Cause ns don"t wanna seeMama said me not come comeMama

Fuse Odg - Mama i"m in love

tried come fight it yet my feelings were also strong.So ns ... The been method too long.You ain"t gunna choose this, please don ... T absent me out my home.Mama I"m In love v a Jamaican.

Edie Brickell - Mama help me

the learns to invest his timeIf a child lives with crazy ... He goes out of his mindI didn"t live with nothin" ... That"s precious talkin" aboutBut i didn"t live

Porcelain black color - Mama pardon me

mama forgive me"Cause I"m breaking every ... Rule tonightPlease mama pardon meHe"s for this reason wrong ... Yet he loves me therefore rightTrouble"s always ... Gonna uncover me part wayAnd i don"t also know

Lena Meyer-landrut - Mama called me

s not taking me down Gonna stand ideal up ... It to town Baby but I"m not I"m not feather left or ... That turns ideal out to it is in fine I"m not acquisition another

Black Rebel Motorcycle club - Mama teach me far better

Can you feel the silence start to tear but it simply takes ... And if you might see within yourself your world would ... Shatter My mama teach me far better than the Don"t play

Save Ferris - let me in

ve been watching you and also all friend doFor ... Fairly some timeKnowing all the ins and outs of friend ... Ve well-known what was on your mindBut all the world is spinning round and roundInside mine head tonightI will autumn into the

The encounters - had actually me a real great time

I to be lookin" goodSo i cycled "cross the ... NeighbourhoodWas invited by a thin girlInto ... Throughout the crowded roomI had nothing come loseMy ... Wasn"t very keenSo transforming on a friendly grinStood on

Nf - plunder me in her arms

It"s crazy because that meCause I just feel various ... NowIt"s choose I"m come a suggest where i feel likeGod, i ... Should offer You everything, and also that"s what I"m gonna

Beartooth - Me in my very own head

at nightWith the are afraid of dice if ns close my eyesWhat"s ... The allude of existenceWith this incurable sicknessJust present me ... The doorGive me a ar to restWhat I

Danny Fernandes - had actually me at hello

started out friends, then ended up being loversEverything girlfriend need, ... And also from the very first time ns knew we"d it is in togetherWhen ... You"re close to me girl I deserve to hardly breathe(I

Maribelle Añes - had actually me at goodbye

1:I"m trying something differentyou had me at ... Typically they listenand look at me in the eyei have the right to tell friend ... Wont say the (oh no)you desire me come be your ladybut her trying to play the (oh no)Pre

Griffin house - permit me in

my league and also that"s the sort of girl I need I to be the ... Of mine leagueAnd that"s the sort of girl i needI to be the ... OthersThey can"t turn my headAnd once I"m with an additional I

Tom Waits - had me a girl

ns had me a girl in L.A.I knew she couldn"t ... StayHad me a girl in mountain DiegoOne work she simply had to goAnd i had me a girl ... I"ll it is in alrightBut I"m feelin" blueAnd my physician says I

Knuckle Puck - In your crosshairs

though the native were spoken in whispersThey were loud and ... Steps, through the ceiling ventsSo careless and ... I swear come god I never meant for thisBut i’m crippled

R.e.m. - Me in love husband

sat over there looking uglyLooking ugly and meanI knew what ... You were sayingYou were saying come meBaby"s gained some new ... RulesBaby said she"s had it v meIt seems a shame

Kings the Convenience - Me in friend

back at goals I"ve missedRainbows or burning bridgesIf ... Girlfriend squint a little an ext it looks the ... SameBut ooh, there"s a small ... Little bit of me inside youGathering what you"ve lostOoh, there

Kendrick Lamar - median joe

hardest point for me to doIs to acquire you, to understand ... me, within sixteen barsThat"s the ... Hardest thingWho is K. Dot? A young ... Native ComptonOn the curb composing raps next to a total shotOn

Juvenile - Juve the good

Uh, Uh i took my very first break in seventy-fiveI tell the ... With my brothers there is no makin e"m madcouldn"t obtain along ... Simply ran with my Dadhe took me appropriate there whereby the killas

Dj hip Hop - In em

Look, if friend had one shot, one opportunityTo ... Seize every little thing you ever before wantedOne moment ... There´s vomit top top his pullover already, mom´s spaghettiHe´s

Alex Parks - not your median kind that girl

I observed youWanted that allSomething i couldn"t reachI"ve ... Just a hopeAlways going because that those crazy dreamsThey ... Re always tearing me apartDo I find for intrigue?Something a little

The game - Mama knows

Verse 1: Game>Mama said me continue to be away indigenous them niggasMama called me she had a K because that them ... NiggasMama called me she walk to pay because that them niggas ... While my grandmother called me the she would pray for them

Plan B - Mama (loves a crackhead)

Mystery Un-Ravelled All ended up being Black N" White, know What ns Mean?We have the right to Never be Friends, ... Can Go to Hell,No much more Hangin" round The home Like A poor Smell,Either the Goes Or ns Do,

Sons that The eastern - currently gone

whisperedBaby, don"t leave meLooked me in the eye and ... Yeah ns guess I"ve done some wrongKnown it infant all ... AlongEvery time i try, ns failSo ns said

Lil" B - linked in prison

BMmmm, Shit, you know...Tiny PantsYa know, Pink Bandana ... ShitYa understand we squaded up in jail though bruh the ain"t nothingYou recognize we real ... Fine respectedYa feeling me, Bitch lot hitters and

Joan Armatrading - Mama mercy

was recording up v my baby as soon as I witnessed ... Girlfriend coming under the roadway I thought mercy mama Don"t permit him acquire me I got a happy life at home ... Sure, as sure is you passed me of course ns had come look

Spice girl - Mama

my only enemy and also never let me it is in freeCatching me in ... Various other day ns crossed the lineI didn"t mean to be so ... Believed you wouldbecome the friend I never ever had

Public adversary - capture the thrown (feat. Big professor & cor..

they need and also people bleeding from the greedNow whose ... Thrown come the sideThrowin increase disgustedSo to be throwin ... Thrown under the bus draggin on theGroundPower come the

Example - currently told you

ve already told you.No you f***ing ... Didn"t.I"ve already told you.No you f***ing ... Didn"t.I"ve already said you.No friend f***ing ... Didn"t.Why friend talking when you know,You"re informing f***ing porkies.I"ve already said youNo girlfriend f***ing didn

R. Kelly - currently taken

night up in the club obtaining money v the thugs assumed ... I"d never fall in love (what what)Then there ... A player no moreEvery night in the society trickin through a

August Alsina - Mama

Verse 1:>Mama said continue to be out that troubleMama said don"t be a foolMama ... Said continue to be in somebody"s churchMama said boy ... Continue to be in schoolMama said me I far better get home, before the

Canton Jones - already gone

Verse 1:> I"m in a zone and I"m already gone, ... And it"s already on, should"ve already well-known ... Act accordingly, you"re in Rome game gotta nappy head,

Jake cacao - Mama"s only child

"son as soon as your people comes wrong down, laugh cuz ... You"re not alone"Because every ... A revolve Everyone crumbles when in a while, however keep your head

Porcelaine people - Head againts the radio

painted eye on your headI painted a many frackles ... Across your faceDrown in mine cigaretteDrown in ... M certain you play v yourself rather of graceShading my

Bob Dylan - In search of small sadie

her downI run ideal home and I checked out bedWith a ... Forty-four smokeless under mine head.I start to think of what ... Ns ran too slowThey overtake me under in Jericho.Standing

Eagles - currently gone

ns heard some civilization talking just the other day and ... They said you were gonna put me on a shelf Well, permit me ... Tell you I"ve got some news for you and you"ll

Wilson Phillips - currently gone

i heard some world talkin" just the other dayAnd lock ... Claimed you were gonna placed me on a shelfBut permit me tell ... News because that youAnd you"ll soon discover out it"s trueAnd then you

Annuals - Mama

ns promisethere"s no truthin that lovely, wood homeyou ... You dress my armsback up in sleeves,Mama, oh Mama.Where ... S the to trust in running?Baby cool her head, I"m

Jon Mclaughlin - currently in

to me - gentle face, overdue, worth ... The end of mine reach yet I¦ getting to out for youMe come the night ... - speak goodbye, time is up, hit the timeA ... Award ns can"t afford, a perfect more chord

Briaandchrissy - Arrest me

I move I"ve obtained your life in mine hands.I understand it"s gonna ... Is gonna go.When this emotion comes I never couldn"t go ... You ever wanted to think in.Let"s walk there, lets find

Dala - not alone

won’t permit me in‘cause ns am overdressed, ... Roughly the block,and i think ns pretty happybut my ... Mother thinks ns notAnd my phone knows more

Ozzy Osbourne - Mama, i"m coming home

have changed and times room strangeHere ns come, ... But I ain"t the sameMama, I"m coming homeTimes unable to do ... Have actually been a much better friend come meMama, I"m comes homeYou

Imx - Love me in a special method

knew friend had meWith her sensuous charm ... However you looked therefore alarmedAs i walked on byIn amazing wonderYou had to recognize why ... I did not respondTo bring onLove me in a unique wayWhat more

Magic! - Mama didn"t raise no stupid

says, "Love is as soon as in a lifetimeHow you gonna uncover love at nights because that the one ... Time?"See the thing around me, it"s simply not the ... Appropriate timeMama says, "Son, you can"t

Godsmack - Mama

ve been goneMy life changed me means too fastI don"t recognize if ... I might lastHelp me uncover my way, and mama save me ... Help me uncover today, mama you re welcome come and also save me, oh

Ha-ash - already home

t check out you cry, friend crySometimes you just can"t explainThe ... Goodbye,goodbyeIt took something, it took falling,It ... Take it distance, it took time,It take it a many getting

J-k winner - castle ask me

J-Kwon talkin" over music>Ya know, right ... Right currently cuz castle ask me, and also they questioning me,And lock ... Asking me, castle ask meNow castle ask me ... Know so lot at 17What you mean?You never ever seen a

Koven - breathing me in

down what"s in your headSo friend don"t have to say that ... I know that it"s to be coming for a whileWhile ns try, ... HeartHeard it beating, ns was needingThe

Scarface - In my time

Verse 1>It to be a cold morning, gloomy, sun barely bright ... Figured it was gon rain today, for this reason i"m inSit about ... Back upNostradamus, I"m readin chapter, after chapter

Carleen Anderson - Mama said

mama told me, my mama saidPay attention, small ... SisterMama, something occurred todayA boy come ... Approximately me, who stated he"d lost his method ... He complied with me and gently organized my hand

Baracka Flacka Flames - Head that the state

m the head that the motherf***ing state, niggaI lugged you ... NiggaWhat the f*** girlfriend thinking, niggaI won"t die, I"m ... Hillary, that"s mine motherf***ing niggaI cave in DC with

Melissa Etheridge - Mama i"m weird

little lie They save on telling me It"s just another high ... They keep on marketing me ns was only 5 They fed me so much jiveThey said simply ... They churned and also burned me out till they turned me

Florida Georgia heat - God, your mama, and me

Sunday morning choir calling, church doors open broad ... Appropriate where it"s atIt"s waiting v the porch irradiate onDon ... T stroked nerves calling, no require for knocking, just

Paul wall surface - "daddy wasn"t home (mama elevated me)"

Daddy, daddy wasn"t home, for this reason momma raised me and also I"m ... Baby Daddy, daddy wasn"t home, so momma elevated me and also I"m ... Daddy, daddy wasn"t home, so momma increased me and also I"m

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