CSKA Moscow vs. Manchester joined is a game which could have far-reaching bearing ~ above the tightly contested Champions League group B. 

With CSKA, United, PSV Eindhoven and Wolfsburg each having actually won one and also lost one for this reason far, the group is up because that grabs.

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For United, having lost away to PSV, this trip supplies them a opportunity to improve on your away record, i beg your pardon is as soon as again a small shaky this season. The successful trip to Goodison Park top top Saturday may have actually been a an essential tonic in this regard. 

CSKA have actually been unable to progress beyond the group stages of the Champions organization itself due to the fact that 2011/12, so acquisition maximum points here would help them reach a lofty goal.

They are in good domestic type having finished 2nd in last season"s Russian Premier League, and also they have actually brought ago Seydou Doumbia top top loan and also are 5 points clear 12 gamings into the existing campaign, having not lost a league game yet. 

Leonid Slutsky provides orders native CSKA's dugoutKIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/Getty Images

Speaking at his pre-match press-conference, per Goal, CSKA head-coach Leonid Slutsky said: 

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We have actually played a lot of of gamings against huge clubs—some have actually gone well, part a small worse—so we"re ready. 

These back-to-back matches are always crucial; we need to respect our opponents and also be conscious that we space up versus a huge side, however we can hope because that a positive result.We have actually a team through plenty the experience.

Reporter Dmitri Rogvitski created for UEFA.com that, "Slutsky"s team are 6 months without defeat" at Arena Khimki, which will certainly surely feed into their confidence front of this one.

Manchester united

Van Gaal: "We've shed one game v PSV and we desire to acquire at least one point against CSKA. This is a very important complement for us." #mufc

Louis van Gaal addressed the closeness that the team in his pre-match press conference, saying, "We"ve shed one game v PSV and we want to get at least one point versus CSKA. This is a really important match for us."

It was amazing to hear the overtly acknowledging that a allude would constitute a good result, saying, per United"s Twitter account, "Three clues is much better but one is good."

Date: Wednesday, 21 October

Time: 7:45 p.m. BST/2:45 p.m. ET

Venue: Arena Khimki, Moscow, Russia

TV Info: BT sport Europe (UK Only) / Fox sporting activities 2 (US Only)

Live Stream: BT sport (UK Only) / Fox sports 2 Go (US Only)

Form Lines


Manchester United: WWWWLW

Team News

United"s website reports the CSKA goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev is supposed to pat "despite a current knock," while experienced central defender Vasili Berezutski and also midfielder Bibras Natcho are doubtful.

Natcho in actionVASILY MAXIMOV/Getty Images

Israeli midfielder Natcho would be a big miss because that Slutsky"s side, having actually scored 12 purposes and provided eight assists in critical season"s league campaign, and also getting a goal and two assists in the Champions organization last time out. 

James Wilson, Ashley Young, Paddy McNair and also Luke Shaw room the only United football player unavailable because that this one, follow to ManUtd.com. 

Wilson is enduring from illness, and the other three were currently absent. The website likewise reported that Antonio Valencia and Sergio Romero have returned come the squad. 

Predicted Lineups


With Berezutski a doubt, his similar twin brother, Aleksei, will likely line up next to Sergei Ignashevich in the centre of CSKA"s defence. Elsewhere, if Natcho is absent, roman inn Eremenko is likely to pat in deeper-lying midfield. Must Natcho start, then only three of Eremenko, Alan Dzagoev, Zoran Tosic and Ahmed Musa deserve to feature. 

Elsewhere, Slutsky"s lineup is most likely to have actually a acquainted look come those that have followed CSKA so much this season. 


Van Gaal should have actually no must ring the alters after United"s pitch-perfect power at Everton on Saturday. With Ander Herrera revitalized to the line-up, joined looked as useful as they have actually done every season.

Other than the possibility of swapping out Bastian Schweinsteiger because that Michael Carrick and a left-field an option choice because that right-wing, van Gaal must look to keep momentum by picking the exact same XI.

The Dutchman showed up to have stumbled right into a an extremely well-balanced side versus Everton, one which have to be well set up to manage the challenge CSKA will certainly offer.

Doumbia is flourishing in the place he called "home" in one interview because that Africa height Sports in September (h/t the Daily Express) after returning on a season-long loan after ~ a disappointing spell v Roma previously this year.

Doumbia said:

In Rome i was no happy and I did not enjoy my football. From the very very first day I never felt comfortable.

I required to start over and so I assumed why no go ago "home" . I began really well and also I expect to keep it up.

The forward additionally discussed attention from English clubs, saying:

I had actually other supplies from England however in the finish I determined to go ago to Russia, as there to be the champion League and also I knew I would feel most comfortable in ~ CSKA. 

During mine time with the Giallorossi, ns never appreciated playing. In ~ CSKA, i am finding that joy again.

That delight is plainly bringing results, and also United will need to be mindful of the Ivorian"s pace, movement, ability on the ball and also finishing ability.

For United, Ander Herrera"s goal and also assist ~ above Saturday confirmed what a crucial component he have the right to be for United"s team.

Speaking in ~ his push conference after ~ the Everton game, valve Gaal claimed Herrera would be complicated to autumn in his existing form, per the Daily Mirror, and it was basic to see why. 

He looked alive to opportunity practically every time United had actually the ball, combining quick, darting runs with superb pass selection. He additionally judged his run right into the crate for his headed score beautifully, and it to be his sweet strike the brought around the edge from which Morgan Schneiderlin opened up the scoring.

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Herrera have to be beginning every game for van Gaal, no matter who else requirements to be left the end to accommodate him, and he is definitely one to watch because that this game.

Key Battle

Keeping things tight at the back will be the challenge for United. CSKA have actually been scoring freely so much this season, so the an essential battle could be in between United"s deep-lying midfielders and defenders and Moscow"s front four.