Cartographic depictions that Seoul, the present-day funding of south Korea, during the time the the Japanese occupation of Korea are not often seen and the surviving artefacts a little rare. The duration of Japanese influence and also control over Korea lasted native 1905 till 1945. It began with a protectorate that escalated right into a full-scale colony and also ended with the Allied win over Japan in human being War II. During the duration of Japanese rule, the name Seoul to be not used by the Japanese together a londonchinatown.orgation name; instead, the was called Keijo in Japanese or Gyeongseong in Korean.

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As part of its initiatives to carve the end its government on the korean peninsula, the royal Japanese administration renamed neighborhood landmarks and also geographic londonchinatown.orgales, reflecting those name transforms in brand-new maps. In 1910, the Japanese published the map that Seoul, viewed below, annotated in English with red ink, to depict the crucial Japanese governor’s residence, as well as military and also police installations, consulates, hotels, banks, museums, and gardens, amongst other londonchinatown.orgations. In the upper, middle section of the map sit Gyeongbokgung Palace, i beg your pardon is annotated together “Keifuku Palace.” come the west of the royal residence is Seodaemun Prison, i beg your pardon was provided to hold political prisoners. In the south is the city’s main rail hub, ”Nantaimun Station” (Namdaemun means “Great southern Gate” in Korean), which was renamed Seoul station in 1947.


Korea, Seoul City, 1:7500. 1910. Native Geography and Map Division, Library the Congress.

While the Japanese occupation that Korea was frequently brutal, with many political dissent and also expressions of Korean culture harshly suppressed, the Japanese estimate of their place in Korea softened considerably when common with the West. In 1913, the Japanese traveler Bureau published a two-sided map that advocated Seoul to potential American and European tourists. The map, v its warm and also inviting colors, list sight-seeing destinations. Prominently shown is the extensive stone wall that when guarded the old city. ~ above the reverse side, the directory states: “Tourists, that have took pleasure in their excursions in the charming ‘Land the the rising Sun,’ need to come end to favored (Korea) and stay in Keijo to check out the strange attire and observe the strange customs and distinctive style of the ‘Land that the Morning Calm."” A londonchinatown.orgal map, come the left of the text, depicts the proximity of Korea to Japan and a variety of routes one could take by ship to visit. Speak to Japan’s royal authority over Korea, the brochure informed international visitors who enter Korea by way of Japan that “passports are now abolished” and also baggage will certainly be check by Japanese and londonchinatown.orgal personalizeds officials.


Keijyo (Seoul) pamphlet front. Japanese tourist Bureau, 1913. Geography and also Map Division, Library of Congress.


Keijyo (Seoul) pamphlet back. Japanese tourist Bureau, 1913. Geography and also Map Division, Library the Congress.

A decade later, the Japanese tourist Bureau continued to market Seoul to west tourists. The cover of a brochure, seen below, illustrates a woman in traditional dress gazing upon Gyeongbokgung Palace, probably an artist’s effort to convey a romantic concept of a world and means of life unblemished by industrialization. The city map is semi-ringed through photographs, v the very first illustrating the modern-day Chosen Hotel, which offered comfort and amenities the appealed to west travelers, and also the remainder the the photographs showing classic depictions of korean life and architecture that one can encounter ~ above a visit excursion. Tie the article together is the pink background, a color that symbolizes trust in korean culture. Note the numbers outlined in white wearing classic dress and partaking in day-to-day life. Top top the turning back is a lengthy text explaining the geographical position that the city; a overview to banks, hotels, restaurants, and also consulates; and also suggested plans for sight-seeing excursions. Surrounding destinations are highlighted, such together a expedition to a hot spring.


Keijo (Seoul), pamphlet cover. Japanese tourist Bureau, 192-. Geography and Map Division, Library that Congress.

Keijo (Seoul) pamphlet interior . Japanese traveler Bureau, 192-. Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress.

The strange appeals come tourists space upended in this American armed forces map of Seoul from 1942 (seen below). With human being War II fine under way, American armed forces leaders operated to assemble a perform of potential targets. Using a 1934 map, American knowledge overlaid a network in red to assist determine the collaborates of areas within the city. American troops, however, only landed in Korea after the war’s end. Back the Japanese had been ejected from Seoul and also the remainder of Korea, issues in between Korea and also Japan regarding the Japanese occupation were unresolved and also remain therefore on some levels today. The maps remind united state that at one time, Seoul was referred to as Keijo, a Japanese bureaucratic entity and also a traveler destination. Top top the various other hand, londonchinatown.orgk are evidence of colonialism and also represent the floor of Korea sans a korean voice.

Keijo, preferred Prefecture, 1934. U.S. Army Map Service, 1942. Geography and also Map Division, Library the Congress.

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