The tiniest the weapons, yet one the the deadliest. Daggers are small, solid weapons that are simple to hide and also don’t take up much space. Daggers room a good substitute for those who don’t have actually the capacity to wield swords or need something a little an ext discreet for their dirty work.

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Mages and also assassins also use them. As players are currently aware, wielding 2 daggers at the same time offers twice the lethality. You’ve pertained to the right ar if you want to recognize the various kinds the daggers in Skyrim and also want to understand which people you have to be looking for. Take a emergence at Skyrim’s height ten ideal daggers!

Valdr’s lucky Dagger

With a name like this, you understand we’re talk business. The Bloodthorn blade is the very first and many special tongue on this list and also one the the many versatile tiny weapons in Skyrim. If a foe dies within three secs of gift struck through Bloodthorn, the soul of that enemy will move on to fill every empty soul Gem in the player’s inventory.

The Bloodthorn blade likewise has a special effect that isn’t contained in the description: the consumes every enemy’s wellness it cuts, consisting of for its lack of basic damage. The sword, ~ above the other hand, is extremely complicated to obtain.

Players need to go to Hag’s End, a Nordic tomb, and overcome any obstacles the stand in your path. Bloodthorn is simply atop the altar, for this reason shake off any blood stains and pick it increase after clearing Hag’s End.


While that does not seem come be particularly spectacular, the blade of Woe has 12 basic damage. Plenty of Elder Scrolls football player are familiar with that is name, and also it is the easiest highest damages dagger come acquire. There’s also an enchantment that consumes 10 wellness when football player strike an opponent, making it the best overall dagger in the game.

It deserve to be derived in 2 ways. The very first is to kill Astrid the the Dark Brotherhood and plunder she body. Completing the death Incarnate quest is the 2nd option. It’s all approximately the player which come take.

Glass Dagger

After hitting level 26, the stylish Nordic dagger is a flexible sword that can be situated in a variety of locations in Skyrim. Since the weapon wasn’t initially included in the basic edition that the game, it have the right to only show up if the Dragonborn DLC is installed.

Despite the fact that the blade’s base damage is the same to that of various other weapons, its rare and stunning forgery renders it one of the many sought-after weapons by skilled assassins.

In the game, the Nordic dagger only has actually one collection spawn location: Hrodulf’s House. The knife can additionally be uncovered on defeated opponents’ corpses, but players have to be level 26 or higher to uncover it. At level 25, the Nordic dagger can also be found, however it isn’t enchanted.



The Shiv is the game’s 4th weakest weapon, only ahead the forks and also wooden swords in terms of impact. It can’t be upgraded through grindstones, yet it can be enchanted! only by finishing the quest, no one Escapes Cidhna Mine can a player obtain a shiv.

By now, everyone’s eyebrows need to be lifted regarding how the shive ended up ~ above this list. The key explanation is the it has actually the ability to carry out players with an countless amount of money! A shiv have to be enchanted and put on a dagger stand. The Dragonborn’s enchanted shiv will remain in the inventory, however a brand-new shiv will show up on the shelf. Rinse and also repeat until you have actually an conveniently sold dagger for endless gold.

Mehrune’s Razor

Due to their high base damage, ebony daggers space the perfect alternative for players who are well into their adventures. It’s ~ above the list due to the fact that it does more harm than any of that is counterparts, but it’s not the ideal dagger in Skyrim. If you review the spoiler, you’ll see that it’s not the easiest to get, and you could end up missing the Ebony version of your favorite weapon type. This weapon can be obtained an in similar way to the Glass Dagger, other than players must reach level 35.

Alessandra’s Dagger

Critical access time inflict extr damage that bypasses armor, making it much simpler to knock out opponents. It’s difficult to overlook Valdr’s lucky Dagger’s strength, which supplies players a 25% chance of landing a an essential hit through each attack. Particularly when used in tandem with one more dagger, such together Mehrune’s Razor.

This dagger is additionally not complicated to obtain; all players need to assist Valdr in death a team of spriggans who murdered his friends in Moss mother Cavern. Valdr will send the dagger to football player after they have actually completed the Hunter and Hunter quest.

Orcish Dagger

You’re saying Ebony daggers have actually the very same base damage as Stalhrim? And, you room right. Stalhrim daggers, top top the various other hand, space 0.5 lighter 보다 Ebony daggers, providing them the upper hand ~ above this list. While it is strict arbitrary, Stalhrim daggers tend to be superior to Ebony daggers, i m sorry look favor sticks. Only the Dragonborn DLC has the knife, which deserve to be steal or bought native merchants.

Daedric Dagger

Borvir’s Dagger is component of a canceled questline in the game, yet it isn’t particularly notable as well as its odd name. Why is it on the list, then? It’s among the most powerful daggers to obtain at the start of the game, and it requires very small effort. Journeyman’s Nook is wherein players can uncover this unique Elven Dagger.

Elven Dagger

The Fang the Kahvozein is useful, but only for a very details purpose. Due to the fact that it’s used to conference dragon heart scales, it’s the only method to end up the modification Ritual Spell search so that any real mage will need this dagger. It’s worth noting that this just happens if the Dragonborn’s ideal hand is equipped; it’s a strange glitch.

Blade the Sacrifice

This dagger has a one-of-a-kind layout that looks like a miniature blade. It does the same amount of damage as the Elven Dagger and is reasonably easy come get. The best means to acquire the Skyforge steel Dagger is to hunt down Eourlund Gray-Mane, who will nearly probably have actually it with him, together with a slew of other weapons.

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While players can constantly buy the from Eourlund Gray-Mane, there is always the possibility that players will receive it together a compensation from a random quest. There are a lot of Skyforge weapons to uncover in the game, and the Skyforge steel Dagger is just one of the most reliable tools at the start.