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Today the Church the England remembers Margery Kempe. Although not officially a saint, she to be a mystic well-known for her passionate devotion to Christ – devotion that constant led come storms of weeping and also to her being described as 'the Madwoman the God'.

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Born in approximately 1373 and also died in ~ some suggest after 1438, she dictated her 'Book that Margery Kempe' to an unnamed monk – speaking of it s her in the 3rd person – and also extracts were released the printer Wyken de Worde in 1501. The manuscript was only rediscovered in 1936.

Margery Kempe undertook long pilgrimages and also wrote of her mystical experiences.Pixabay

Kempe was born in queens Lynn, but made pilgrimages to Rome, Jerusalem, Spain and Germany. She appears to have actually suffered a nervous breakdown after the birth of her first child (she to be to have actually 14) throughout which she witnessed demons attack her. She became an extremely devout, see visions and experiencing spiritual ecstasies. She saw Julian of Norwich in her cell and also spent time through her, search to understand her spirituality feelings.

Her book describes her sex-related temptations and her religious feelings and also is pertained to as the very first autobiography composed in English by a woman. It additionally tells the her constant trials for heresy, together she was challenged by the spiritual authorities on even if it is she to be orthodox or not and also whether she have to be allowed to teach in public; she was never convicted.

Here space six price quotes from the book of Margery Kempe.


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 On a night, together this creature lay in her bed through her husband, she heard a sound of melody for this reason sweet and also delectable, the she assumed she had remained in Paradise, and therewith she started out of she bed and also said: 'Alas, that ever I walk sin! the is complete merry in Heaven.'

2. numerous times met with males of that ar who claimed to her, 'Woman, offer up this life that you lead and also go and spin, and card wool, as various other women do, and do not experience so much shame and so lot unhappiness. We would not experience so lot for any kind of money ~ above earth.' climate she said to them, 'I execute not experience as much sorrow as I would perform for our Lord's love, for I only suffer cutting words, and also our merciful mr Christ Jesus...suffered difficult strokes, bitter scourgings, and also shameful death at the last, for me and also for every mankind, blessed may he be.'

3. Then the lady's priest pertained to her, saying, 'Woman, Jesus is long since dead.' once her crying ceased, she said to the priest, 'Sir, his fatality is together fresh to me together if he had passed away this very same day, and also so, ns think, it ought to be to you and also to every Christian people.'

4. Then many human being were amazed in ~ her, asking her what to be wrong v her; to which she, favor a creature all wounded through love, and also in who reason had actually failed, cried through a loud voice: 'The enthusiasm of Christ slays me.'

5. Sometimes she wept really abundantly and violently the end of desire because that the bliss the heaven, and because she to be being kept from it for so long.