It's honeymoon time, and also since we've already seen one uncomfortably squishy bath tub scene, ns feel primed to soak increase many, plenty of more.

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Let's dive headfirst into the bubbles.

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Alana and Jason

"Last night we had... Last night us took... Us were, like, together... So, we had sex critical night," Alana finally manages ~ waking up on the morning after she wedding day, and off in the distance we hear brand-new expert and clinical sexologist Alessandra rapturously applauding.

Jason engages in some serious pillow talk. (

But in spite of the truth this pair are kicking purposes in the bedroom, Alana is prepared to carry their emotional intimacy up to scratch and kind what Bec might speak to a "heart chemistry connection" transparent the remainder of the honeymoon.

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"Yeah, yeah beaut, look at that, it's insane," Jason later says about a literal meaning hill.

"We've got a method to go," Alana admits.

Melissa and also Bryce

After what could only be described as a complete dumpster fire the a begin to your honeymoon, Bryce is taking out his rage on a item of toast once he gruffly asks Melissa if they're walking to talk or "sit here in silence".

Melissa is upper heart from the night beofre. (

Melissa apologises for acquisition offence come the reality that her husband lovingly dubbed her "not ugly", before rushing the end of the room in tears.

"She's brand-new to gift in a relationship, but I just tell it how it is, and also I'm not going to street coat that so that she's no going to it is in upset," Bryce says before following her right into the bedroom.

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"Don't be upset," he claims — a phrase famous for stopping people from being upset.

Later, the pair have a picnic to clear the air, however the chat turns to even if it is Bryce has cheated in past relationships, and lunch conveniently veers into dangerous territory.

"I don't think you're walking to favor my answer," he begins, and Melissa beginning to rehearse an apology for once she certain reacts completely normally come yet one more upsetting conversation.

"I have actually been that guy who has actually cheated in a relationship before," that says.

Melissa wasn't happy come hear of Bryce's cheating past. (

While Bryce reassures his brand-new wife that he's "not that man anymore", Melissa admits the while she doesn't condone his actions, she's not going to let his past dictate the outcome of your marriage.

Coco and also Sam

After communing through red pandas and cassowaries, Coco and Sam return house from the wildlife park to find the Honesty crate waiting because that them, Jumanji-esque north thumping ominously in the background.

Coco i do not care besties with a emu. (

When cacao asks Sam just how his ex can describe him, that tells she he thinks their relationship didn't occupational out since she didn't have the type of qualities he "desired". Choose generosity, patience and thoughtfulness, perhaps?


"I favor a female v a bit of curve," Sam says as cacao widens her eyes in abject horror. "Like a bum and also some boobs, and also she didn't have actually that," Sam reflects, and we all start to wonder if Sam without doubt dated a human woman.

WHAT'S great FAM. (

"Does the fact that I've obtained a body favor a hotdog matter?" cacao asks, mentally sharpening her nail expansions for attack.

"Hmm," Sam responds.

Joanne and also James

Having resolved their distinctions after the wedding reception, James has made decision to prove come Joanne that isn't the swanky playboy she assumed he to be by taking her top top a low-key... Horseback ride along the beach.

Why the long face, Joanne? (

Making matters worse, Jo has woken up through a bit of a long face and is in no mood to wrangle one unruly steed across the picturesque sand dunes.

Unable to obtain her equine or her emotions under control, Jo bites back at any kind of attempt James makes to it is in friendly, and her hubby lastly snaps. "You're actually placing me off," that says. "You're becoming a little of a sourpuss," the adds, i beg your pardon is a surprisingly terrible barb.

Despite the difficult morning, James offers Jo part time to herself and the pair space able to reconcile end dinner.

"We made some mistakes today, therefore let's find out from the mistake and also give this marital relationship a suitable go," Jo suggests as the day draws to a close.

Bec and Jake

After a insanity awkward garbage kiss on the very first day of their honeymoon, Bec and also Jake room off to a better start this morning, and it's time because that BATH NUMBER TWO.

Overflowing through romance. (

Inexplicably, this soak takes ar out in the center of a paddock, in yet one more teeny tiny bath tub with troublingly couple of bubbles, and even the cows look confused around what this crazy children are up to.

"I was shocked at exactly how open and honest Jake is, i really appreciate him sharing. It's enabled me to it is in vulnerable, and the truth that he's rotate his experienced right into a charity to assist people is amazing," Bec admits.

Samantha and Cameron

Starting out their honeymoon by going paddleboarding and also taking a romantic sunset cruise, whatever seems to be rosy between Samantha and also her nation boy Cameron.

"He's everything I've ever before dreamed of," Samantha admits together their an initial day draws to a close.

But simply as we're obtaining comfortable in our warm and also fuzzies, we're in for yet another round of Honesty crate questions, an practice that has already spelled particular doom for other couples this season.

We're an initial hit with the standard "Am ns your usual type?" from Samantha to Cameron.

"No... I'm an energetic person, ns go to the gym a lot and I thought I'd be with someone like-minded that likes to walk to the gym and keep active," Cameron responds and also WHEN will certainly THESE men LEARN straightforward COMPASSION.

At the very least there's constantly wine. (

"It's hard to hear that, due to the fact that as a woman you would like to have somebody think the you room their type," Samantha responds.

"You would certainly be someone the I would certainly approach, but I don't think you'd be someone I'd generally date," Cameron adds, and oh fine done that'll surely fix it.

Moving to a new card hoping to far better his possibilities at impressing his wife, Cameron asks Samantha if she feel an emotional connection with him, to which she responds "yes".


The conversation end abruptly there for the night, but the an extremely next job Samantha summons her husband come the pub come resume the conversation, saying that he sees her more as a "one-night stand" than a cursed relationship.

"Right-o, I'm excellent here," Cameron claims as the pushes increase from the table and walks away.

Left alone v her beers. (

"All along he claims that he wants this driven, strong, confident woman, however when he gets confronted, he walks off and has a tantrum. Ns don't think we'll do it. There's no way," Samantha claims through tears.

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