A residence on Eos¶

The changes to Eos will certainly be immediate, and promising - the storms have actually cleared, revealing placid blue skies. The world is tho a radioactive desert, yet hey, you can only ask for so lot at a time. Probably - just perhaps - it’s enough of a adjust to offer an outpost on Eos a chance. Note that there’s a Forward terminal deployed top top the island now, and likewise take into account the 1,150 AVP and +50% Eos viability reflecting the transforms to the planet. Those numbers aren’t typos, you’re usually a hero.

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You’re no done right here yet, yet - the whole suggest of boosting a planet’s viability is come deploy one outpost and colonize, a job you’ve yet to complete. No sense in terraforming without colonizing, so rapid travel ago to the second Forward station (the Forward station northwest of the second monolith).


When you arrive, drive down the road to the southeast and also at a fork head downhill come the south, then west until you find some Kett fighting a Krogan in ~ the station Site. Leaving the Nomad and head come the fight site, whereby you’ll find Drack engaging some Kett. Placed down the very first wave of favored down, after which a dropship will deploy some Anointed and more Chosen. When the Kett space swept from the battlefield, Drack will certainly chat v you, ultimately joining the Pathfinder team.

After the battle you’ll uncover yourself close to an station Beacon, i m sorry is eagerly blinking in anticipation the a details Pathfinder lavishing attention upon it… but first, take it a success lap approximately the adjacent lake, as you can collect countless nodes that Fluorite, a node of Cadmium, and a node that Vanadium. It’s not important to do this now, however it’ll be much easier to manipulate these sources without all the buildings and also whatnot in the way. As soon as you’re excellent plundering, activate the station Beacon and marvel at her Pathfinder handiwork coming to fruition.


Decide even if it is the very first outpost in the Heleus cluster will be a army outpost or a scientific one (left), climate witness the birth of station Prodromos (right).

Not just is placing a swarm on Eos - the first viable nest in the Heleus cluster - a huge decision in and of itself, however the nature that the station will be necessary as well. Or therefore the video game insists, structure up the choice between a military outpost, or a scientific station - characterizing your an initial steps in Andromeda. In reality, very small will change, so go for everything suits your Ryder’s intends and interests.

A quick while later you’ll uncover yourself speak to august Bradley - mayor of the new outpost on Eos, which that names Prodromos. Why don’t you gain to name it? five well… banter a little bit with Addison, after i m sorry you’ll find yourself on a hill overlooking Prodromos, i beg your pardon is turn off to a rapid start. Enjoy one more 300 AVP and +10% Eos viability (you must be in ~ 76% viability now), after which it’s time to ponder your next moves.


Prodromos is Greek because that “forerunner”. A fitting sufficient name for an station in the Andromeda galaxy. In fact, Andromeda and also Heleus are both characters from Greek mythology, together well.

The pursuit “A far better Beginning” currently directs you to return to the Nexus and talk to Tann, while likewise waiting because that the radiation top top Eos to clear up. Certain enough, there’s much more to explore on Eos, however until few of those high radiation areas calm down a bit, there’s not lot you can do around them, yet. There’s also a brand-new Priority Ops “AVP Cryo Deployment Perks”, which jobs you v speaking through Addison come thaw out some an ext people, i m sorry is certainly worth doing. Top top the other hand, over there are brand-new quests to undertake in Prodromos, and also old quests that, now that you’ve made progression on Eos, can be offered some attention, however there’s really no must rush Eos till the radiation gets rid of up.


Chat with Drack (left) and also Peebee (right) top top the tempest to learn much more about your brand-new crewmembers and perhaps start up a brand-new quest.

Drax and also Peebee top top the Tempest¶

Return to your ship (it’ll now set down immediately at Prodromos, fairly than the derelict site 1), upon which you’ll have actually a bit of a group meeting, trivializing your own achievements and offering everybody the many superficial the introductions.

Once done, head v the door ~ above the east side of the leg to uncover Peebee, who has set up shop in her Escape ford area. That… can’t it is in a an excellent idea, right? speak to she as much as you can stand, then leave the Bridge, go under a ladder, and also enter the Galley, whereby Drack is busy saying with his granddaughter. A flighty Asari tinkerer in the escape Pods, and a violent an are frog in the kitchen - what can go wrong?

Exhaust Drax’s dialogue alternatives to find out a bit about a Nexus operative named Spender, that Drack isn’t horrible fond of. This beginning Nakmor Drack’s companion mission “Krogan Betrayal”. Once you’re done through Drack do a tour of the ship, talk to older crewmembers, who may have brand-new flirtation alternatives available… friend know, if that’s your thing. As soon as you’re excellent fraternizing, return to the Bridge and also check her emails to discover out that physician Aridana has a new mission because that you - she hasn’t even finished her old one, yet! five well, one more thing come do. When you’re excellent chatting, collection course for the Nexus.

Back top top the Nexus¶

When you arrive on the Nexus, you’ll be pestered through hopeful, mindful colonists, whom you deserve to respond to however you please. There’s an horrible lot of brand-new stuff to see and also do in the Nexus, and you’ll obtain to few of it before you leave. Generally, the place is less cluttered, an ext functional and also overall much more lively - there room even new sections that the Nexus opened up! Ignore all of that because that now and also make your way to the tram and ride it come the to work level the the Nexus.


You’ll be warmly welcomed by eager colonists earlier on the Nexus (left). Be certain to fulfill with the Nexus leaders and also tell them about what you discovered on Eos (right).

Make your way to Tann’s office, or rather, the “Pathfinder HQ”, a summary for the area the didn’t really make much sense… till now. Tann has been busy, and naturally one of the first areas of concern once sources were easily accessible was sprucing up his office, i beg your pardon is additionally a monument to the achievements of the Pathfinder. Respond to Tann yet you wish - he responds surprisingly fine to your gloating - after which Kesh and Kandros will show up and also jockey because that political position. Once that’s been mitigated (for now, at least), Ryder will relocate on to stating their future plans, which Tann graciously gives you unsought-after permission come pursue.

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Enjoy a enormous influx of XP, after i beg your pardon you’ll be contacted through Dr. Carlyle, who is rapid to inform you that some form of breakthrough has happened through your sibling, enabling you to communicate with them. You’ll also be reminded the you need to fulfill with Addison, which is easily the more financially rewarding of the 2 tasks.