Carla Baratta as Adelita in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 1 illustration 7 (Photo through Prashant Gupta/FX)

Adelita desires to understand who else would have actually been mindful of Pedro’s whereabouts. Felipe trust it to be the human being who took the photo, the third member the their small group that did every little thing together. The man’s name was Rodrigo and he’s a priest. He’s also the one who developed Felipe’s new identity. It’s possible he did the for Pedro, too.

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Adelita realizes the spiritual trust that was damaged was broken by a priest. She asks to borrow the photograph of the 3 friends and also Felipe agrees. Prior to leaving she asks if her father was an animal and also Felipe replies, “We didn’t start out the way. Us just chose the not correct family.”

The Mayans meet up with Sons the Anarchy top top the road and also it’s hugs all around. The club’s make a resolve SoA for weapons and also as the product’s exchanged EZ gets a call which the ignores. That’s followed by a text warning him something bad’s happening and to pick up the phone. Kevin calls and tells EZ he’s been pulled off the detail and also EZ’s transaction is over. EZ allows Kevin in on the reality Galindo was arrested at the border. “Don’t cavern on me. You must steer clean of the Mayans. They put out a BOLO,” advises Kevin.

Kevin hangs up and then stealthily follows his supervisor as he pipeline the office.

Back in lock-up, a huge inmate desires Galindo’s shirt. ~ Galindo taunts him about being less than a cockroach, the takes turn off his shirt and also uses it together a weapon come take under the larger man and also choke him until he’s unconscious. Galindo it is provided a stomp come the chest followed by spitting in the man’s challenge to complete up the one-sided fight.

Elsewhere, chocolate takes Letty back to his mom place. Lock argue over food, her lacking car, and also a dead body. Cacao tries to make peace by promise her an additional car, but she’s not satisfied. She doesn’t think Coco cares about her and also is just using her to take treatment of Letty.

After his mom leaves the room, cacao hands Letty part cash because that food and also whatever she needs. When he bring away off, his mommy returns, grabs the money and suggests Letty get back on the street come earn her keep. Letty’s so upset she locks herself in the bathroom and also bangs her head against the toilet, bloodying her face.

Deal done, the club gets ago on the road. A cop surrounding spots them and gives chase.

Out top top the street, the cop calls in backups and also everyone’s required to pull over. The club’s currently carrying guns and realize they must stay cool, but EZ likewise knows he can’t be doubted in former of the Mayans. The rides back over to the policemans parked 100 or for this reason feet back, speak them he is the guy they’re feather forward, kicks a squad car door shut, and rides off. The cops go after EZ together he flees, providing the club a opportunity to ride off.

EZ’s ultimately cornered and also beaten, although he is in no way resisting arrest.

Back at the border it’s been 18 hours since Galindo was arrested. Devante confirms he dubbed the lawyers, but right now there’s naught they deserve to do. No one’s sure who is in charge because of the chaos in ~ the border under the trump administration. However, Devante no think that the Feds since they like to open wield your power and haven’t taken credit for Galindo’s arrest therefore far.

Elsewhere, Kevin complies with his supervisor to an office facility and waits outside. Inside, the agent can’t remember the code to a locked room but the personnel inside ultimately let that in anyway. Sons that Anarchy antagonist Asst U.S. Lawyer Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) is to run the battle room. They gain word EZ has actually been picked up when Kevin decides to do his visibility known. Kevin barges right into the secret meeting, revealing he’s invested two years top top this case and EZ just gave him details that Galindo’s gift detained at Calexico East, something the comes as a shock come this group. They realize Galindo has actually in fact been turn off the grid because that 26 hours. Potter orders teams sent to uncover Galindo. He likewise tells Kevin his deal’s still in play and also that they’ll autumn the BOLO ~ above EZ.

Galindo is traction from the cage in the general public lockup area and taken come an the end of the way room. He’s in handcuffs and also not told what’s happening. Adelita actions out that the shadows and also asks the border patrol police officers to remove the handcuffs. The police officers leave her alone v Galindo, and also she confirms his son and family space safe.

Adelita discover the Galindo cartel slaughtered her family but this is much an ext than just revenge she’s seeking. She desires his cooperation and makes a phone call while opening up her laptop through a live feed of his poppy fields, his distribution hubs, and his refinery. She offers the order and also the areas go up in flames along with the refinery and also distribution centers. He doesn’t seem to care and doesn’t think it will influence his business. She then areas live feeds the every solitary one that his framework on the screen, informing him she’ll take them all the end which will open up clues for smaller sized drug dealers to relocate in. Plus, he’ll be liven in the united state courts and also won’t be able to rebuild.

Miguel realizes the kidnapping was just to set up this play. Adelita shocks the by revealing she desires the rebels and his cartel to work-related together. Acquisition him the end won’t stop the violence, and every level of federal government is infected consisting of social services and also health care. She willing come let the devil secure your future and also evil feeding the children. The rebels room 2,000 strong and she’ll placed them to usage to make certain no one takes under the Galindo cartel. In return, she wants Galindo to provide money to the rebels to use to help the poor.

Miguel wonders just how they’ll ever trust each other. She says they tell the truth and also reveals her actual name. She also suggests they usage a third party to keep them honest, because that now.

At the clubhouse, the society thinks EZ acted to keep the rest of the Mayans out of trouble. He wasn’t carrying any weapons, for this reason he led the cops off on a wild goose chase to odor them from the remainder of the club. He could be charged with reckless driving or speeding, and also Bishop tells angel his tiny bro has actually balls.

Just climate EZ mirrors up and also he’s summoned come the meeting room. He’s to be beaten and is icing his arm. EZ defines he let them catch him when he knew the society was out of range. Castle didn’t fee him v anything since it would have been a many paperwork for simply misdemeanors. Castle beat him and also let the go.

Bishop calls EZ a clever kid, however he’s angry that the prospect went rogue. It might have led to one the the Mayans acquiring killed by angry cops. EZ apologizes and Bishop alerts him once much more and he is out. Gift tossed from the club will come through a serious beating that will certainly make what the cops did feel like a day in ~ the spa.

As EZ walks the end of the clubhouse, Chucky cd driver up v Letty. She looks horrible and claims she grandmother practically killed her. Cacao sees his daughter and heads out, informing EZ to clean Letty up.

Coco breaks under his mom door while she’s relaxing in the bathtub. She able to acquire up and grab a knife however believes she safe when she sees that Coco. Chocolate punches she in the face, knocking her ago into the tub. She intimidates to call the cops and end him, but Coco finishes she off through holding her head underwater as she battles for breath.

Meanwhile in ~ the border, Miguel’s handed his son. The border patrol agents collection him complimentary and as he walks under the hall, Adelita speak him she’ll be in touch.

The Galindo family’s at residence when Miguel arrives with the baby. A happy family members reunion ensues.

Things no so rosy because that Riz who’s captured by the club utilizing the tunnel exterior Vicky’s ar to smuggle in two Hispanic females and also a baby.

That night, EZ goes come his dad’s. Felipe’s no there yet the box with the photos and Felipe’s real history is sitting on the table. EZ appears stunned while that looks through the box’s contents.

Back in ~ the Galindo home, the reunion continues until all the lights unexpectedly go out in the house. They believe it’s simply a brown-out and Paco goes exterior to examine the electrical panel.

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Paco’s challenged outside while within candles space lit. Noises space heard outside and everyone heads off different directions, leave Emily alone stop the baby in the life room. She finally follows the path Miguel took and reaches the former door. Outside, Asst U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter and the DEA have currently placed Miguel and his men in custody.