Human smuggling coyotes are trying to wreak destruction in Santo Padre and also the Mayans MC will certainly not take it it lied down


Spoilers ahead for Season 2 illustration 7 "Tohil" that "Mayans MC"

Episode seven of "Mayans MC" to be all around families, togetherness, and unity.At the beginning of the episode, we watch Coco"s (Richard Cabral) daughter Leticia (Emily Tosta) living v him in his place.

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It had been a while because we experienced Leticia ~ above screen and this episode, she was additionally seen help a girlfriend of hers from institution cross the border.

Leticia tells cacao that Gabriela"s family members — she mother and also brother — are being hosted by one more club the is acting together coyotes. Coco likewise sees the bruises Leticia acquired when she was managing the coyotes.

Still suspicious, coco asks her what she was doing there. Offering moral support to Gabriela, she shares that regardless of giving them the promised amount because that crossing borders, the coyotes began demanding an ext upon getting here at the destination.

She likewise tells that that once she called the coyotes that her dad is a Mayan, they just laughed and refused to let Gabriela"s family go.

You don"t concerned the Mayans backyard and disrespect them choose this. Chocolate takes this information to Bishop (Michael Irby) and tells him about this, who asks that why the Mayans should get involved.

Coco tells him that the coyotes space a mexican MC referred to as Vatos Malditos that typically runs your operations the end of Tijuana and shouldn"t be operation on this next of the border.

That is once it dawns top top Bishop the they had been spending so much time and also energy concentrating ~ above the Galindo deal that something choose this had actually missed your attention.

He notes the the Mexican society is just greedy for money and also doesn"t respect the patch.Bishop ensures that the club starts working on this operation.

Angel (Clayton Cardenas), EZ (JD Pardo) and Coco go the end investigating. While they don"t retrieve any comprehensive information from their first source, EZ points out that if the coyotes have recorded these plenty of people, lock would have to feed them.

And so, they split up to inspect on restaurants that make deliveries. EZ finds the end the deal with that had actually five huge deliveries in the vault week.

The remainder of the Mayans join Angel, EZ and Coco outside the safehouse whereby the mexico MC had held the captives. They manage to rescue some of the men and also women the club had actually held, however Gabriela"s mother and also brother aren"t here.

They are notified that the club had transported the immigrants closer come the border into cages. They arrive at the cages whereby Bishop has heart-to-heart through Angel and EZ.

"Do you know what separates united state from all the various other scumbags, gives us the courage come look right into the mirror?" he asks them. "This f*****g item of leather," he says pointing to his patch. "the history that hangs on it"

"It method I"ve earned the respect of men, males I love, guys I"d die for. Males who"d dice for me. The money, the weight, that can"t lead. We have to serve something greater," the adds.

As the Mayans go into the building, over there is chaos. After part gunfire, one of the Mexican club members beginning a fire in bespeak to kill all the immigrants. EZ manages to complimentary them indigenous the cage and also just as they get out, the building goes up in flames.

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The club has actually finally found Gabriela"s family, who say thanks to them for whatever the Mayans have actually done. Household is first, after ~ all."Mayans MC" airs top top Tuesdays at 10 PM.

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