Last year, only 61 percent that high school students that took the action English accomplishment test were considered college-ready. In math, it to be 41 percent. Us teachers recognize it is ours fiduciary responsibility to meet state and also national education standards that prepare students because that college or career. Countless of us uncover students benefit greatly as soon as the school employs curriculum-based assessments to measure up progress. Why? because by teaching, assessing knowledge, tracking progress, and also personalizing to college student needs, we can determine if students space accomplishing what they should to finish the job-related of learning.

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Unfortunately, many textbooks sell no easy means to measure in its entirety progress toward completing state or nationwide standards, nor execute they backfill because that a lack of knowledge. Both of this are crucial pieces to the successful success of finding out goals.

This is wherein Mastery Education’s Measuring Up can help.

What is measuring Up?

Measuring increase is a suite of tools that supplements any classroom curriculum by giving standards-based instruction, practice, assessment, and reporting customized to many state or national standards–with the singular goal of assisting student in meeting English Language Arts, Mathematics, and/or science standards.

Measuring increase Live 2.0, the online arm of measure up Up, is written of two unique programs: Insight and MyQuest. Here’s just how they occupational together:

Insight diagnoses student skill level and standards knowledge. This is done with its standards-aligned evaluate library or teacher-created assessments emerged from a bank of end 60,000 standards-specific questions. These space searchable by Standard, Difficulty, or Cognitive brand with choices to differentiate for details students and offer questions exterior of their grade level. The emulates the state’s testing atmosphere (i.e., STAAR, PARC, or Smarter Balanced) for this reason students room not surprised by what lock see as soon as taking one of those summative tests. It also provides an assignment history on the teacher dashboardMyQuest uses the results from the insight assessments to immediately prescribe products targeting each student’s needs. It adapts to individual student understanding and also responses allowing teachers to pinpoint instructional needs. Together students move through the content, they receive immediate feedback with the difficulty level the subsequent concerns auto-adjusted based on their input. This procedure allows for true differentiation and personalized instruction.

While building proficiency, students have the right to receive badges, medals, or tokens and can play gamings to add sizzle to the education experience. As soon as ready, students can access full-length exercise tests together another method to self-assess progress. Student and class reports space robust and also actionable, do it simple to monitor progress, display growth, measure requirements proficiency, and also get/give assist when needed.

Measuring Up materials are accessible in digital and print format and also can be provided to serve full classes, tiny groups, Saturday instruction, or summer school. Teachers have the right to individually assign Standards practice to classes, groups, or individual students. Customized program are accessible for California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, brand-new Jersey, brand-new York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas. ELA and Math are accessible for grades 1-8; science for qualities 4, 5, and 6-8.

Key services of measuring Up

Key benefits of Measuring Up include:

introduction of concepts by connecting what students will find out to what castle may currently know and also to real-world examplesprovision of vital academic vocabulary in contextscaffolding learning through guided instruction, questions, hints, and checklists at the point of learningapplication of learning independently with questions that prepare students for high-stakes assessmentsability to measure up mastery with exit Ticketsability come motivate college student to master the standards with checkpoints, hints, turn and also talk, think around it, and also other prompts

The Teacher’s Edition contains (which may vary depending amongst the English Language Arts, Math, or science texts):

instruction to combine the real-world class goalsdifferentiation for struggling, advanced, and English language learnersscoring rubrics, checklists, and graphic organizers

The college student workbook includes everything you’d mean in a student workbook aligned with a teacher text and more. Right here are several of the extras (which may vary amongst the English Language Arts, Math, or science workbooks):

a letter to parents explaining how Measuring Up ties in with the school mission and also curriculapractice tests aligned through the standards testsa summative correlation showing which lessons attend to what state standardsgraphic organizers to assist students organize and assess informationa glossary of termsa share rubric for scoring (which might or might not be used by the teacher)

That’s the general background. Here are fast details on each of the three standards-based instruction offerings–English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science:

Measuring Up: English Language Arts

Measuring up English Language arts features:

foundational and word knowledge an abilities to academic vocabulary buildinglanguage conventions and also writing compositioninformational text and also literature the varying text types, genre, and also complexityintegration the knowledge and also ideasbuilding knowledge illustration upon formerly read or recognized information

Click the links listed below to watch sample lessons:

Grade 3 – lesson 23Grade 6 – lesson 27

Measuring Up: Mathematics

Lessons bring about mastery that mathematical principles by providing:

broad written and also verbal interactionsconnections between and amongst conceptsmulti-step facility problem solvingprocedural an abilities and fluencyintegrated mathematics practicesvarious problem-solving solutions

Click the links below to watch sample lessons.

Grade 3 – great 11Grade 6 – lesson 27

Measuring Up: Science

Lessons affix larger scientific concepts to what students need to know and also their elevator knowledge. Each lesson contains independent practice with items that satisfy NGSS assessments, hand-operated activities, experiments, and also investigations.

For a large collection of class samples, click here.

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Data on measure Up

The measure Up website avails interested stakeholders to a plethora the data supporting the efficacy of this routine in helping students fulfill standards. For example, the national Dropout Prevention center conducted a year-long examine of the Measuring Up program and also its impact on student outcomes. The results revealed that the Measuring Up program positive affects learning goals and far better prepares students because that ELA and also Mathematics assessments. A case study worth looking at is this one indigenous Midview center School (Grafton Ohio):

“We chose Measuring Up due to the fact that it provides a means to assess and also diagnose every student. It offers the data we need to determine weaknesses so that we are able to tailor an instructional plan to encourage growth… based on our results, we think our students will certainly be well ready for the academic and technical challenges the the high-stakes test, in large part since we have implemented Measuring up Insight.”

For more data, click this attach to discover a perform of academic and case studies. Pick what interests you. Two I recommend are:

National Dropout avoidance Center’s evaluation of Measuring Up reveals students experienced substantial academic progress

How curriculum-based assessment enhances education


Not only does Measuring Up provide teachers the tools to for sure students satisfy school education standards, but it offers students devices to track their very own progress, pace learning to your needs, and also ensure an individual success. Through the high price of not measuring as much as the demands put on today’s students, checking into this regimen is a no-brainer.