Merge dragons has acquired a many popularity among its audience as result of an attractive storyline and also engaging gameplay. The land the was as soon as ruled by dragon is currently rendered lifeless since of angry Zomblins lurking in the land. You are offered the obligation to carry happiness ago to this miracle land with your power to merge items. Girlfriend would require the help of Life flower to carry life to the Dead land in the game. We carry you whatever you should know around Life flower to progression faster and defeat the angry Zomblins.

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There are several types of Life flowers in unify Dragonsthat would aid you through providing different levels that Life Essence and also bringing life come the dead lands. They deserve to be gained as you relocate forward in the game levels. The funny lies in the process of obtaining these Life Flowers and also using castle to her benefit.

Life Flower Seed

This is the very first level that Life Flower. The is of 2 types-


Life Flower (Floating) Seed:This is things that roams approximately freely over the camp from west to east. Castle are constantly found in a group of much more than three. ~ above tapping the Life Flower Seed, it falls on a tile. You will create secondary Life Flower Seed as soon as it drops on the tile. Life Flower Sprouts can be achieved by merging three or more Life Flower (floating) Seeds. The Life Flower Sprout will certainly be acquired right listed below the merging area.

Life Flower (object) Seed- If the is left untouched, that will gradually turn into a Life Flower Sprout through itself. They have the right to be commonly found in teams of three or an ext across the camp. Castle lie in the common level that rarity and also occupy the dimension of 1×1.

Life Flower Sprout

Life Flower Sprouts have the right to be combined to create Life Flowers. There are numerous ways to gain Life Flower Sprouts in unify Dragons such as by merging Bones or by tapping events or search Stars. Castle can additionally be acquired by merging Ruby level Grass.


Life Flower Sprout can likewise be spawned indigenous Fruit Trees. Castle are also obtained by making Rain Clouds rain. Life Flower Sprouts take 1×1 size and also are precious 1 dragon coin when sold. This is a usual object in the game however has numerous benefits together they offer Life Flowers once merged.

Life Flower

These Flowers deserve to be merged into Blue Life Flowers and also can be harvest to acquire life essence. They room worth 2 coins when sold and are very common in the game. Lock cover the dimension of 1×1 tile and also can be obtained from level 2 of the game. Merger 3 or 5 of Life Flowers offers Blue Life Flowers.


These Life Flowerscan be gained in numerous ways, together as v level rewards or moon chests. Also by Spawning indigenous a high level (8-10) Fruit Tree and also Treasure Chests. A much more convenient means is through merging around 3 or more Life Flower sprouts.

Blue Life Flower

These Flowers have the right to be merged into glow Life Flowers the can also be harvested into Life Essence. Dragons deserve to harvest it to obtain Life Essence. The Blue Life flower are typical to get from level 3 and occupy a brick area of size 1×1.


The various means to gain Blue Life Flowers space by merger Life flowers (3 or more), gaining it v Treasure Chests, or through search Stars, by buying these for 2 Dragon jewel from Kala’s shop, or by harvesting Old Skulls.

Glowing Life Flower

These are a form of plant that have the right to be an unified into twin Life Flowers. These can be harvest by dragons to gain Tiny Life Orb.


The various approaches to obtain these room by harvesting Life Trees, by harvest Dragon Trees, opened Dragon Chests, and getting level perfect rewards. They accounting an area of 1×1 tile. Though they room common, they price 8 Dragon jewel from level 4.

Twin Life Flower

These have the right to be merged to type Brilliant Life Flowers. You might use two Dragons concurrently to harvest this range of Life Flower.


You could gain these flowers by merger 3 or much more glowing Life Flowers, by opening Treasure Chests, or by harvesting Dragon trees by Dragons and also by obtaining level perfect rewards.

Brilliant Life Flower

These Flowers have the right to be linked to type Giant Life Flowers the can additionally create a Dimensional Jar. It deserve to be harvested to obtain a tiny Life Orb, and also two Dragons can harvest this at once. The various means to gain this room by obtaining it with Dragon Chests, by merging 3 or an ext Twin Life Flowers, by opening Treasure Chests and completing assorted levels, and obtaining it v rewards. These Life flower take up room of 1×1 tile.


These Life flower are easily accessible at level 6 and also are an unusual object in the game. This renders them a little bit high when buying, at 30 Dragon Gems.

Giant Life Flower

These have the right to be linked into Life Tree Sprouts upon harvest by a Dragon. This can additionally be harvested for tiny Life Orbs and can be harvest by two Dragons at once. The rate of harvesting is the very same as that of a glowing Life Flower. They additionally create Dimensional Jar ~ above merging.


They can be acquired by merging 3 or an ext Brilliant Life Flowers, by merger 3 come 5 baby Rainbows, by opening Dragon Chests, and through rewards as soon as completing a level in Map. Giant Life Flowers are uncommon objects easily accessible at level 7 in the game. This Flowers cost 45 Dragon Gems once bought native Kala’s shop.

Life Tree Sprout

These deserve to be an unified into Life Tree Saplings and also can it is in converted into Dimensional Jars. It deserve to be harvest to obtain Merge dragon Life Orbs, Dragon nest Vault, and Dragon Egg Chest.


The approaches to get these space by merging 3 to 5 infant Rainbow, by merger 3 or an ext Giant Life Flowers, through level rewards, and through Dimensional Jar.

Life Tree Sprouts have the right to be harvest by 2 dragon at the very same time. They are a rare object and thus cost 95 Dragon jewel from Kala’s Shop. Because of their rarity, they are available at level 8 and also cover the area of 1×1 tile only.

Life Tree Sapling

Life Tree Sapling can develop Dimensional Jars when merged into Rooted Life Trees. This is the an initial object that deserve to be harvest by three Dragons simultaneously. The biggest advantage of this Life Flower is the it might be harvested because that Life Orbs, Dragon Egg Chests (Purple Variant). A few ways to acquire these Life Flowers space by merging three or much more Life Tree Sprouts, v Dimensional Jars, or v Level Rewards. Castle can additionally be bought for 150 Dragon gems from Kala’s Shop.


Life Tree Sapling can also be harvested because that items such together level 1-3 Life Flower, tiny Life Orbs and little Life Orbs, and level 1-3 Magic Coins. This items vary from rarely to very rare in availability. These rare Life Tree Saplings are uncovered at level 9 in the Map and also occupy a tile area of 1×1.

Rooted Life Tree

It have the right to be an unified into a cool Life Tree, which may produce a Dimensional Jar ~ above merging. This can also be harvested into Furious Life Orbs. Three Dragons have the right to harvest it in ~ once. They additionally can harvest purple variant Dragon Egg Chests and also Dragon colony Vaults which room rare objects.

Ways to acquire Rooted Life Tree are, by merging 3 or much more Life Tree Saplings, getting it with Level Rewards or it have the right to be bought native Kala’s Shop because that 250 Dragon Gems. Rooted Life Trees are rare objects thus available at a high price. Castle are introduced at level 10 and also cover a tile area that 1×1.

Fanciful Life Tree

It is a kind of plant that deserve to be combined into Gossamer Life Trees and can be harvested into Furious Life Orbs. You can get that by merging 3 or an ext Rooted Life Trees. It deserve to be bought from Kala’s shop because that 3 come 5 Dragon Gems and also through level completion rewards. It can additionally be harvest for rarely items like Dragon Egg Chests and Dragon swarm Vaults the the violet variant. Castle are obtainable from level 11 top top the Map and also take increase the brick area that 1×1.

Gossamer Life Tree

This can be merged into an incredible Life Tree. It deserve to be obtained by merging 3 or more Fanciful Life Trees. This thing is of epic rarity and is accessible at level 12 in the Map. The takes up a tile area of 1×1 and costs 1000 Dragon jewel in Kala’s shop. Using Gossamer Life Tree deserve to be a little tricky, review our guide toimprove her gameplay.

Incredible Life Tree

This selection of Life Flower have the right to be an unified into a Worldly Life Tree. That is harvested for Wondrous Life Orbs. It have the right to be acquired by merger 3 or much more Gossamer Life Trees, that is you can merge 3 or an ext Incredible Life trees to gain this. This tree lies in the epic level that rarity and thus, it is worth 1250 Dragon gems in Kala’s Shop. This tree unlocks at level 13 in the Map and also occupies one area the 1×1 tile. This tree might be differentiated by the pink-colored branches and also Life Orbs hanging from it.

Worldly Life Tree

This is a type of Life Flower that deserve to be merged in a team of either 3 or more to offer a mainly Life Tree. This have the right to be obtained by merger 3 or more Incredible Life Trees. Dragons can be used to harvest this Life Tree to give an excellent Life Orbs. This Tree is obtainable at level 14 in the Map and thus lies in the rarity level the Epic.

These Flower Trees space worth 1600 Dragon Gems and take an area the 1×1 tile, like other Flower Trees. They deserve to be differentiated by purple shade branches with various levels of Life Orbs hanging out from them.

Stellar Life Tree

This Life Flower can be an unified into a Heavenly Life Tree. Dragons deserve to harvest it to obtain good Life Orbs. It deserve to be obtained by merger 3 or much more Worldly Life Trees. They autumn in the category of legendary level of rarity and also are the first to occupy space an ext than 1×1 tile. They could be bought for 200 Dragon jewel from Kala’s and take up an area that 2×1 tiles. This Life trees are obtainable at level 15 on the Map and can be figured out as multi-colored Tree through white-colored branches and gold colored Life Orbs hanging top top them.

Heavenly Life Tree

This tree deserve to be linked into a living Tree that Cosmic Dreams and also is harvested by dragons for giant Life Orbs. It deserve to be obtained by merger 3 or much more Stellar Trees and can be obtained as a by-product of producing a Rainbow. The takes increase 2×2 Tiles. These are worth 3000 Dragon jewel in Kala’s shop and thus, are very precious.

Life Tree the Cosmic Dreams

These types of Life flowers in merge Dragons have the right to be merged to kind a Rainbow i m sorry is a supreme level thing in the game. It offers a by-product that a Heavenly Life Tree and also can be harvest for gigantic Life Orbs. It can be created by merger 3 or much more Heavenly Life Trees. Their rarity level is Mythical and occupies an are of 2×2 Tiles in the Game.

Life Tree of Cosmic dreams unlocks in ~ level 17 in the Map and is precious 4500 Dragon Gems. They can be identified by the large purple bright stem and also white Life flower and golden colored Orbs.


This is the critical level the the Life flowers in merge Dragons and Wonder #2 of the Dragon World. It can not be an unified and deserve to release infant Rainbows adjacent occasionally. The spawning or the production of baby Rainbows is stopped after some time. This thing cannot be harvested. Tapping on that will produce Baby Rainbows at first for some time. After initial days, a 10 hour generate time top top camp is required to gain Baby Rainbows. This Life Flower can be acquired by merging 3 or much more Life trees of Cosmic Dreams.

As the surname suggests, it looks favor a normal Merge dragon Rainbow v 7 colors. Rarity is mythical together it lies last in the chain of merging Life Flowers. They room worth 7000 Dragon Gems as soon as bought from Kala’s Shop and also occupy the size of 3×2 Tiles. Obtaining this means the game is near completion and also the player becomes a legend in his accomplishment.

We have mentioned and explained every the varieties of Life Flowers found in the unify Dragon civilization to aid you development faster and become a grasp of the game. Their importance need to be taken into consideration while planning the video game strategy. The unify chain of the Life flower in unify Dragons is the longest in the game, therefore, it should be given proper consideration.

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The game becomes more interesting if you make a strategy to tackle every the tasks and plan her Dragon Land. This is why girlfriend should recognize the prestige of Life Flowers and obtain greater levels as shortly as possible. Gaining all the level of Life Flowers will ensure your win in the game. You might read more about unify Dragons and also become an professional in the game.