Summary: Gundam fanatics take notice! PS2"s very first game based on the popular animae TV series takes players back to the One Year War through an epos storyine and mission-based gameplay.

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If, however, this is your first introduction come the Gundam series and a solid video game is much more your goal, you’ll discover the gameplay frustrating and the mean graphics and sound disappointing.
limited button-customization, poor object detection, and sloppy beam-saber execution include to the frustrations. Still, journey to Jaburo is one enjoyable different for pan of giant-robot games.
Enjoyable in spite of its flaws, and also it supplies those who have never viewed the original television collection or that movie adaptation a condensed version of a classic component of anime history.
A snail in one Olympic sized pool moves much faster than this game, and also it gets to the point where it becomes also frustrating to play.
The regulate can it is in a pain however the stamin of the Gundam story is great enough to struggle through it.
once again, Gundam gamers are left through the wrong finish of the beam saber. More bad control, less video game and an ext advertisements.
Yo, I'm not too sure why everyone hates this game. As Tristan R. Said, this isn't Gundam Wing yet it's tho a darn great game Yo, I'm not too certain why everyone hates this game. Together Tristan R. Said, this isn't Gundam Wing however it's tho a darn great game to play! The graphics space incredible. The death explosions have to be the finest around, let's confront it. The mechs themselves are truly a sight to see. Indigenous floating Doms come Lumbering Gundams, the mechs have an remarkable amount the detail. Once something comes just a little too nearby you deserve to whip the end your beam sabre and wack that punk up! The complimentary floating camera is gotta be the best tiny feature in this game. You have the right to actually see the prior of her mechs! That's warm $hit right there, friends! Let's view AC2 shot to execute THAT! Now about the controls. WHAT is so bad about them?!? They're practically IDENTICAL come AC2!! control pad to move, R1 & L1 to strafe, square come shoot, triangle to change weapons and also X to jump! all that's absent is an live independence beam sabre button and also the ablity come look up and also down with the L2&R2 buttons. I'm constantly wondering what world are taking when they spout B.S like: "Duhhhhhh..! Duh Cntrols ur reel baaaad! Dere sooooooo annoying!" It's no THAT difficult friends! ns made friend a freakin perform up above! "Well..! Uhh..! my Mech is method too sluggish!" then tap foward come boost throughout the floor or use a much faster mech in tactics mode! over there is a large difference between a Gundam's speed and also a Zaku's! "My mech dont jump high enough!" press X more THAN as soon as to gain a far better boost! The Kampfer, for instance, access time the vertical border in 4 boosts! "This'll never ever beat AC2, Man..." Dude! just LOOK in ~ the game! It's a mutherf** in Ac2/Gundam conversion!! Folks, some ability IS forced to pat the game! Sound is fine, no qualms around that. The mechs and also weapons sound cool. The project basically outlines 0079's story i beg your pardon is pretty cool. I like taking component in that. The cutscenes space pretty bad

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$$, it's right from the cartoon. But by much the best part of the video game was techniques Battle. That's basically all ns play and I normally forget 1 player. Over there are means more mechs there. My only qualms through this video game are the absence of various other mechs/mobile armor with an ext color sport and additionally how freaking strong your sheild is! How can it live despite a Guncannon 2X cannon blast yet your Gouf is accurate shattered when it's safety is down? I gibberish played Zeonic former yet, however look for my next response there as shortly as I understand it!… increase