With more than 200 prayers because that Christian living, this publication is for household or worship, because that marital difficulties, for servicemen or women, for the job, and for the lonely. Consists of presentation page and also a ar on an essential chapters and also stories that the Bible.

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PrefaceMorning and also Evening PrayersFirst Week2Second Week15Third Week27Fourth Week40Additional Prayers53Prayers because that Christian LivingFor an ext Abundant Living62For Purity the Heart63For Readiness come Forgive63For Finding tranquility of Mind with Forgiveness64For Finding joy in mine Forgiveness65For Overcoming my Worries66For Overcoming mine Fears66For Overcoming my Doubts67For Overcoming mine Disappointments69For Overcoming my Dissatisfaction69For Overcoming my Sensitiveness70For Overcoming my Self-Pity72For Overcoming my Intolerance73For Relief indigenous Frustration74For grace to adjust Myself75For the elegant of Humility75For grace to it is in Patient76For the elegant of a Consecrated Life77For the elegant to be True come Myself78For the elegant to do the right Decisions79Gratitude for the blessings Received80Gratitude for one-of-a-kind Blessings Received81Gratitude for the joy of being a Christian82For overcoming Alcoholism83Prayers because that Christian WorshipFor the happiness of Worship86Before Going to Church87After Attending Church87For Baptismal Grace88For mine Communion Sunday89For holy bible Sunday90For a far better Understanding of mine Bible91On authorized the Church91Taking an Office in the Congregation92For brand-new Year\"s Day93For the Epiphany of our Lord94For the Lenten Season95For Palm Sunday96For great Friday97My Easter Prayer98The Ascension of our Lord99For Pentecost Sunday100For Trinity Sunday101For Mother\"s Day102For Father\"s Day103For improvement Day104For Thanksgiving Day105For Christmas Eve106For Christmas Day107For new Year\"s Eve108For the Pastor109For the Congregation110For the Sunday School and Its Classes111On opening of institution Term112By the teacher of the Church113By the Youth the the Church114By the Youth Workers115By Camp Workers116For the objectives in foreign Fields117For goals at Home118For Missionary Zeal119For the spread of the Gospel through Radio and Television120For ability to Witness121For the Unconverted122For a particular Person to who One desire to Witness123For the spiritual Welfare that Friends, Relatives, and Fellow Workers124For opportunities for Kingdom Service125Prayers because that the family LifeMy Birthday128Upon mine Graduation129For a Life Companion130For One Disappointed in Love130On the work of Engagement131On Expecting a baby (Mother\"s Prayer)132On the coming of the infant (Parents Prayer)133For my Wedding Anniversary134For God-fearing Children135Thanks for Godly Children136For a High college Son or Daughter137For a College student Away indigenous Home138Of Parents because that a mentally Retarded Child139Of Parents because that a physically Handicapped Child140Of parents for kid or Daughter Who has actually Strayed141In Marital Difficulties142For One missing from the Family143For the family members of Those in Service143For My household While ns Am in Service144For among the household in Service145Family Reunion146For travel by Land, Sea, or Air147For family members Having Misunderstandings148For the Lonely152For Parents153For Children155Prayers for miscellaneous OccupationsBefore Going to Work158On return from Work159On acquisition a brand-new Position159On Receiving a Promotion161When walking on Vacation162On returning from Vacation163While ~ above Strike164For the Unemployed165For company People166For Laboring People167Labor Leaders168Management169For indict in Vocation170For guidance in the choice of a Vocation171Doctors172Nurses173Workers in Hospitals and Nursing Homes173Lawyers175State Officials175City Officials176Teachers177Technicians178Scientists179Farmers180Of a Handicapped son of God181Prayers Pertaining come National and International LifeFor Peace184For Government185For the president of the unified States186For the Nation186For the City187For Friendship amongst the Nations188For much better Understanding among the Nations189For Washington\"s Birthday190For Memorial Day191For ascendancy Day192For self-reliance Day193For labor Day194For Veterans\" Day195For the opening of Congress196During Wartime197By Men and also Women in the equipped Services198During Unfavorable Weather199For Rain200In days of Drought201Prayers over time of SicknessBefore an Operation204After an Operation204Prayers because that the Sickroom205Prayers throughout the Convalescent Period214At the strategy of Death218After a fatality in the Family219For the Sorrowing220Intercessions for the Sick221Table PrayersGrace at Meals224Prayers the Thanks225The Benedictions of the LordThe Old testimony Benediction230The new Testament Benedictions230Where to uncover It in the Bible233Outstanding stories in the Bible234Outstanding Chapters the the Old Testament234Outstanding Chapters that the new Testament235