Nancy Kay Kelly, 82, that Davenport IA pass away surrounded by family members on Tuesday, might 19th 2020. Private household services will be hosted on Friday might 22nd, 2020 in ~ 10AM at The Runge Mortuary. She will certainly be laid to rest next to her loving husband in ~ Mt. Calvary Cemetery. Virtual condolences may be left in ~ Memorials may be made come the family to be provided for the grandchildren’s education and learning funds.

Nancy was born ~ above April 5th, 1938 come Ray and Frieda (Scott) gab in Grinnell, Iowa whereby she spent most of her upbringing. Farming up she was active in 4H and credited her upbringing ~ above the farm v her solid work ethic. She moved “to the city” in 1956 to to visit Marycrest university in Davenport, Iowa. She to be a an excellent student and excelled at theater and in she home business economics courses.

She was employed in the Walcott school District when she met Gerald “Jerry” Kelly at a wedding. “That’s when life acquired interesting,” she would certainly say, noting that Jerry “knew exactly how to have a an excellent time!” Nancy and also Jerry married in April of 1966, and also had six wonderful children who never obtained into any kind of trouble. They are all exceedingly an excellent looking! (if she wanted the truth, she would have actually written this herself).

Jerry and also Nancy owned and operated Kelly’s circle Tap on West Locust Street till 1988. Nancy preserved the kids and also house safe while Jerry ran the Circle. She went ago to teaching as soon as her youngest kid was potty-trained, somewhere around the period of 14.

Nancy taught and substituted in ~ Holy family School. She retired from teaching after functioning for a variety of years at Pleasant valley High School. In 2012 she was proud to accept the St. Patrick’s Society’s “Irish mom of the Year” award.

Nancy was many proud of her children, Leo (Stacey), Dan (Elizabeth), catalen (Tom Felts), Bob (Kasey), David (Randi) and Jerry (Amanda). She gone beyond at increasing nice people.

Those left come cherish she memory room her children, 14 grandchildren (whom she could even surname on occasion) Cassie, Jake, Paige, Cannon, Sully, Autumn, Trinity, Max, Sadie, Miles, Will, Henry, Kaden & Isla. She was looking front to conference her very first great-grandchild later on this summer.

Nancy to be a nurturing and also loving person who will be let go by anyone lucky sufficient to have met her. She lived the last few years at the Davenport Lutheran home where she got excellent care and help from many, however had a special bond through her girlfriend Amber.

She was came before in fatality by she loving husband Jerry, her parents and also her older sister Donna Rae Gunzenhauser.

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She was so happy to invest her final days top top hospice in her boy Leo’s house, whereby she can be close to she kids and also grandkids.