L.A.\"s fine, the sunlight shines most the timeAnd the emotion is \"lay back\"Palm tree grow and rents space lowBut you recognize I save thinkin\" aboutMaking my means backWell I\"m brand-new York City born and raisedBut nowadaysI\"m lost in between two shoresL.A.\"s fine, but it ain\"t homeNew York\"s homeBut it ain\"t mine no more\"I am\"... Ns saidTo nobody thereAnd nobody heard at allNot even the chair\"I am\"... I cried\"I am\"... Said IAnd ns am lost and I can\"tEven speak whyLeavin\" me lonely stillDid you ever before read around a frogWho dreamy of bein\" a kingAnd then became oneWell other than for the namesAnd a few other changesIf you talk around meThe story is the exact same oneBut I obtained an emptiness deep insideAnd I\"ve triedBut that won\"t permit me goAnd I\"m not a male who likes come swearBut I never ever caredFor the sound of gift alone\"I am\"... Ns saidTo nobody thereAnd no one heard at allNot even the chair\"I am\"... Ns cried\"I am\"... Stated IAnd ns am lost and also I can\"tEven say why\"I am\"... Ns said\"I am\"... Ns cried\"I am\"

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General CommentIs there any way he is gift deep and philosophical v the resonance that Descartes(?) with the \"I am\" (I think as such I am), climate he\"s talking about how no one heard at all, which renders me think about, if nobody is about to hear me, am I actual (if a tree drops in the woods and also no one hears it, did it make a sound?); so when \"not even the chair\" comes in, it renders me think of Plato\"s discussions about reality and also \"is this chair real\" (he supplies a chair as an instance if i recall correctly). Probably entirely off base and it way nothing and I\"m just over-thinking the entirety thing.

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montgomery67on November 29, 2007Link
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montgomery67 I\"ve struggled v depression indigenous moving residences myself. I\"ve additionally found the unbelievably tough to express exactly how I feeling with other people. I translate his usage of \"I am\" in 2 ways:1.) together an incomplete sentence. Once I finally started walking to human being for help, i stuttered and also struggled to communicate. With tremendous emotion, the narrator desires to speak \"I to be depressed\" or \"I to be lonely\" come let the people know, yet is therefore wrought v sadness the he can\"t even carry himself to end up the sentence. I\"ve remained in this case myself numerous times. 2.) as a statement against the world he feel is versus him. To be I no a person? to be I not badly in need of pleasure or at the very least consoling? am I not worth anyone\"s time? *I AM.*
montgomery67I not think you room off base at all. I think therefore I am and also as God said Moses, \"I am that ns am.\" Becoming aware of being ns am deserve to initially be quite traumatising and brings through it one over-pervading feeling of loneliness upon the suddenly realisation the there is no-one else to hear, no, not even the chair.

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General Commentfor this song is sad. That depicts gift lonely and also realizing that you room lonely or alone (emotionally). The saddest part of the lyric for me is that he is talking to the chair saying i am .... I cried to the chair and also the chair can not hear the ( it has no ears). Making the even much more alone. In ~ one suggest in mine life going v a failed partnership , trying come date and also find someone brand-new and not finding anyone who was worth it. And also realizing myself i am in reality alone. It to be sad phase for me. I simply pictured myself alone, dice alone and also not having anyone to even hear me say...I to be ...