No Manches Frida 2 DVD and also Blu-ray release day was June 18, 2019. No Manches Frida 2 Netflix rental release date is June 18, 2019 and also Redbox release day is June 18, 2019.

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June 18, 2019Jun 18, 2019
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Starring: Martha Higareda, Omar Chaparro, Itatí CantoralDirector: Nacho G. VelillaWriter: Claudio Herrera, David S. Olivas, Sergio SánchezIn Theaters: march 15, 2019Runtime: 102 minGross: $9.3 mil
Zequi, one ex-con who turned his life around and became a high college teacher in ~ Frida High, has found true love with fellow teacher Lucy. Yet, ~ Zequi falls ago on his old ways before their wedding, Lucy dumps him because she fears that he"s also irresponsible to be in a relationship.After your breakup, Frida High join an inter-school competition held at a coast locale to attempt to protect against a complete school closure.During the tournament, Lucy crosses routes with a former high school boyfriend, Mario, who has become a coach v a completing school. The two rekindle your old flame. Zequi must not just teach his college student to save their promises and also be responsible, but likewise prove to Lucy that he can do the same.
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