Noppera-bo. Artist: Asai RyoiIt’s a sunny day, with only a couple of puffy white clouds in the sky. The temperature is perfect — warm sufficient you don’t require a jacket, however cool enough to be comfortable. Girlfriend decide the it’s time to walk fishing. As soon as you call your wife (or husband, together the case may be) where you intend to fish, they become frightened. “Don’t go,” castle say, “There’s a cemetery close to that pond, and it’s haunted!”

You laugh and go anyway, reasoning that ghosts are the points of children’s stories. You with the pond, which is a cozy little place tucked far from the outside world amongst a little copse the trees. You deserve to see the grey bumps of headstones turn off to one side. You drop her line in the water and also wait for the an initial bite. You’re about to drift into a well deserved nap once you hear footsteps approach.

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When you look up, you find a beautiful young woman approaching you. She asks you come please protect against fishing in her pond, and tells you the it is a spiritual place. You overlook her, figuring the she is simply a regional playing a prank. Then, much to your horror, she wipes away she face, leaving nothing however a flat, featureless expanse of meat in that is place.

Naturally spooked, friend run. As soon as you return home and also tell your wife (or husband) the story, they to speak “I told friend so!” and also proceed to wipe far their own face.

You, my unfortunate friend, have just encountered the Noppera-bo, the faceless ghost. The story I simply told is a modified variation of one of two traditional stories about this ghost species. In the original the fisherman is lazy and also is going to fish from a sacred royal koi pond. He likewise runs right into a 2nd person (after his wife) that tells him no to fish there. The 2nd story requires a man traveling top top a road, wherein he comes across a woman crying. Once he do the efforts to comfort her, she transforms around and reveals her challenge is smooth as an eggshell. The guy understandably flees, and comes to a food stand, wherein the vendor also reveals the is a faceless ghost.

Noppera-bo are reportedly harmless. They carry out nothing much more than scare the ever-loving crap out of unsuspecting people. As for why they perform this, well, your motives are unclear. Castle often show up initially in human being form, regularly as someone who is acquainted to their potential victim. As soon as they’ve ingratiated themselves to the victim, or otherwise attracted their attention, they climate go complete horror movie top top the negative guy (or gal, but usually a guy).

If the koi pond story is any kind of indication, the Noppera-bo might have worked as a sort of boogeyman, a method to ward world away from places they ought no fool about in. The 2nd primary story including Noppera-bo smacks that paranoia toward strangers, reading nearly like a feudal Japanese variation of the phantom hitchhiker. Everything the message could be, Noppera-bo space strange critters, and yet another example of the bizarre menagerie of monsters the Japanese thought haunted your countryside.


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composed by Andrew Kincaid
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Trenton Newton June 19, 2013 2:26 am

This story recounts a lazy fisherman who determined to fish in the imperial koi ponds near the Heian-kyō palace. In spite of being warned through his wife about the pond gift sacred and also near a graveyard , the fisherman went anyway. ~ above his method to the pond, he is warned by one more fisherman not to go there, but he again ignores the warning. When at the spot, that is met by a beautiful young woman that pleads with him not to fish in the pond. He ignores her and, come his horror, she wipes her challenge off. Rushing residence to hide, he is challenged by what seems to be his wife, that chastises him for his wickedness prior to wiping off she facial functions as well.

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