The one that many everyone to know from the guys.“Hair of the Dog” is the title track of Nazareth’s album Hair of the Dog. It was released in 1975 and also that riff blared out of… check out More 
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Heartbreaker... Soulshaker!I've to be told about you...Steamroller, Midnight Shoulder...What they've to be sayin should be true...Red warm MamaVelvet Charmer'Times come to pay your dues...

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Now you're messin' with...A child of bitch!(Now You're messin' through a child of bitch)Talkin' jivey poison ivy...You ain't gonna cling to me...Mantaker...Born Faker...I ain't so blind I can't see...Red warm MamaVelvet CharmerThe time's pertained to pay your dues...

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The one that many everyone knows from the guys.“Hair that the Dog” is the title monitor of Nazareth’s album Hair that the Dog. It to be released in 1975 and that riff blared the end of radios everywhere, and seared itself right into the awareness of record buyers, sending out the album into the optimal 20, offering the tape the biggest album of their career. The ring the the cowbell and the driving guitar riff made for a winning combination, and also to this day, it continues to be the band’s signature song.

It is sometimes dubbed “Son the a Bitch” due to the fact that of the repetitive lyric in the hook (“Now you’re messing v a boy of a bitch”). The tune is around a charming and manipulative woman that can get men come acquiesce to she every need. The singer is letting her understand that she has met her enhance in him, a self-described “son of a bitch.”

“Hair the the Dog” uses a speak box broadly during that is bridge. The song’s title, which go not appear in the lyrics, is a pun (“hair that the dog” = “heir that the dog” = “son the a bitch”).

In 2014, the song was supplied in the movie Dumb and Dumber To, during Lloyd’s fantasy about Harry’s daughter.

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As a independent song, it only charted in Germany, where it peaked in ~ #44. In the united States, because the Hair of the Dog album to be a top-20 struggle on the album charts, the tune received considerable airplay top top album-oriented absent stations (despite “bitch” gift a borderline profanity) and remains in the playlist that most classic rock formatted stations. In the USA, it was released as the B-Side that Love Hurts.