Prod. By FrozenGangBeatz ( https://londonchinatown.org/frozengangbeatz )Frayed (6/7)sitting in the motherfucking dirt just hurtalways bitching about you never acquire the shit that you deservewhile friend rotting ~ above the curb ima take off v the birdswaiting because that the right time but for me now workswe forever create levels struggle the lever kill the powerevery period a witching hour on the clock top top the manteldont be acting like you psychological you dont really wanna feel ithearing what aint yes, really there seeing what you know you isntexhale blow the leaves strip search every the treesbones choose his woodland sharp leave if friend dont desire to bleedall castle wanna it is in is me all ns wanna do is leavei contaminate the mental of the viewers of the slangfuckand i believed it would certainly be differentstill the same article dont treatment if you listeningand you usage to it is in doubtfulyou play the game however sesh do the consolehow numerous fucking times perform i gotta go and say ityou aint fucking through us poignant anything we fucking madethey watch then repeat v their very own shitbut theyll never ever duplicate the flow bitchif that aint sesh then you understand i dont recognize itif that aint our display there aint no suggest in goini am what they notthey floor in the rocksim a motherfucking problemi aim for the brush but i landed on the topthis a great little clues i know

Genre SESH

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