Overlord Season 4 anime is eagerly awaited by the pan of the collection and sadly over there is no solid upgrade on renewal or breakthrough of the show. However, fans have actually other factors to get an ext of the amazing civilization as brand-new light novel quantities of emperor are coming the end in the market soon.

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Overlord Volume 14 will be introduced in stores roughly the next couple of weeks i m sorry can also give some sort of upgrade on the return that anime series. Here are more details on overlord Volume 14 title, relax date, synopsis and also connection with emperor Season 4 regeneration status.

Overlord Volume 14 Title, start Date and also Synopsis


Overlord Season 4 release date is still not out due to the fact that season 3’s finale was aired in fall 2018.

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There space no production updates top top the anime collection and nothing has actually been confirmed so far. But fans don’t have actually to worry as emperor Season 4 is too popular to it is in canceled and the light novel Volume 14 is a hint that the anime series will return soon.