Part 26: XXVI - Patron of the ancient Arts

Here we are, fresh out of the roof accessibility to the Museum of natural History. Exactly how Melissa knew around this enntrance gate is left up to our imagination. Not to say that roof accesses space uncommon, simply that Melissa knew specifically how to manipulate this one.Down the stairs and to the left, there"s a dinosaur frosting leaning versus the wall. This do me run the very first time ns played bloodlines. Ns was crouched down, trying to sneak my means through here, and then I turn to my left and also there"s a fucking dinosaur v its mouth open up waiting come greet me.Next to the statue, there"s a keep in mind attached come the wall.OF details interest to us is the truth that this maintence male is leaving his keys around. We could proceed further right into the museum, however let"s explore these next hallways a tiny first, trying to find these keys.Sure enough...There"s the key to some office below in the museum.Now let"s acquire down to exploring this museum. To state the obvious, we"re right here to discover the Ankaran Sarcophagus, i m sorry is being hosted here. That means that there"s a pretty hefty security presence inside the museum, since it"s a rarely and an important artifact. There"s likewise the reality that the sarcophagus is most likely being hosted somewhere means back into the museum, behind number of layers that security. LaCroix wants united state to pull this heist turn off with finish stealth. That"s no an choice here, at the very least for me. I would certainly be a lot much easier with dots in obfuscate, but we"re no playing together a Malkavian or Nosferatu.What this method is the if we"re detect by security...That"s what"ll happen.Up here, there"s supposedly $100 sit on a pterodactyl"s head. Good luck make the efforts to run on it.Killing that guard to be noisy, and it collection others adjacent on alert.So they need to be taken care of. It"s a good thing their bodies disappear best after they die -- LaCroix would be furious if any type of bodies remained on the scene.Attempting to go under these surrounding stairs sets turn off that large dinosaur head, a according to roar that puts the nearby guard top top alert......resulting in his death.Here on the ground floor, there"s a giant dinosaur skeleton ~ above display. Ns don"t remember see anything as grand as this in any museum I ever visited.There"s additionally a cop that is suspicious that a door could be up to some illegal activity. The human being is arguably far better off without him.The door he was guarding is the Museum Office.Which is simply life an office. 4 cubicles, four computers we can"t connect with. I"m sorry for all you cubicle workers reading this. What a boring life you have to have.I imagine you all leave your prescription bottles lying about your desks, too, popping pills in ~ a moments notice to acquire you with the day.There"s a door that leads additional into the museum, yet it"s locked behind a pretty kind skillcheck.So let"s discover the ground floor a tiny more. This is the lost and also found. Poor tiny kids that gain lost in museums -- the would have actually terrified me as a child.Three things are of keep in mind here. The an initial is the clock. It"s among the couple of times we deserve to tell what time the night it is.The second is the computer terminal. We"ll hack right into the email first. The password is iluvgabe.

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1 posted: Reminder C. MarshallJust a reminder, Dr. Anders Johansen - AKA the sarcophagus guy - will be functioning at the museum because that the next few daya. Display him the experienced courtesy we display all ours guests.-CM
We an initial learned around Johansen top top the Elizabeth Dane, whereby he to be menioned in an e-mail as "Professor Johansen". He"s more than likely not right here right now, v it gift night, yet he"d more than likely be a an useful asset to LaCroix.
nmh.vtmThat statue top top Daryl"s workstation is rise me out. I was functioning late the various other night and also I make an oath I believed I observed it move. This isn"t one more gag is it? If that is, i don"t think it"s funny.-Pam.
This sounds close to that occult item from a museum the Pisha wanted united state to retrieve. Pertained to think the it, didn"t LaCroix mention a tiny box that was shipped v the Dane? He can have to be referring to this. Us should try to find it.
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4 posted: thanks JJ ElmsterThose keys you found? They"re Larry"s. I"ll call him girlfriend left them in the lost and also found.
Keys are constantly good. We should take them, if they"re quiet here. Now we"ll enter the sales directory. The password is griff.No sales figures. That figures.The third thing of attention is this newspaper clipping, but it doesn"t tell united state anything we don"t already know.Museum Security? That must be good.I assumption: v it offer me right, no being as cautious as ns should. There"s actually a method to autumn in right here from a ventilation shaft overhead, however that requires we discover the enntrance gate to the in a bathroom. This to be a tiny faster.After killing that guard, we uncover the basement key, just what us need. There"s a server room that we can go into, yet there"s nothing to discover in there.Downstairs we go. If we"re walking to find the sarcophagus all over in here, it"s more than likely going to it is in as far down as we have the right to go.
Whoops.The guards were currently on alert.You can see the there are cameras ~ above the wall. If castle spot us, one alarm goes off, and also if there are an ext security safety in the area, they"ll do their method to ours position. If you"re trying to carry out this mission with stealth, this cameras will certainly be the bane of your existence. We can turn them off by going right into the protection room you saw 2 screenshots ago, but it"s most likely that you"ll be recorded if girlfriend don"t have any dots in obfuscate.We go in there and also turn them off also though we"ve taken care of the guards. It"s just a boring computer system interaction without anything extra -- no need to present it off.We"ve seen that there are two lines. You have the right to imagine that the red heat takes us in the direction of wherever the sarcophagus is being stored. However let"s monitor the eco-friendly line first, view what that takes united state to.The eco-friendly line ultimately takes us towards this side-room. That looks like there can be some interesting artifacts in there, maybe even that thing Pisha was looking for. Just how do we get in?We shoot our way in. Deceptively simple.And as with that, there"s the fetish statue. Pisha have to be pleased, though it look at a small weird.Moving on, the environment-friendly line also takes united state to a side-room through a door entrance. Shocking, i know. We choose up this general museum crucial from the room.The eco-friendly path at some point meets up through the red path, counter-intuitively, however we can"t go any kind of further because we don"t know the code.So we follow the red course backwards, and we"re at some point led come this nice small office. In the workdesk we discover a yellow ring and a clock -- why these would be left right here overnight is past me -- and take them, and also on optimal of the workdesk we uncover a note.People sure love to leaving sensitive passwords lying about in the civilization of darkness. Through this, we"ll head through the formerly locked door.Passing a deactivated camera, we"re eventually led to one more security room.THe life expectations of any type of security guard in the people of darkness have to be nice low. Us take treatment of him, and by the I typical take him the end to dinner, and continue forward......but our course is clogged by these laser beams! The equipment is to go back into the security room we simply passed and also shut them turn off via a computer terminal. Alternatively, friend can strike an electrical panel top top the wall, but that makes the beams flicker in and also out. It"s simpler to simply shut castle off. All they execute is sound the alarm if you touch them, they"re not sci-fi burning lasers.Continuing forward, we"re taken with a warehouse area, short lighting and boxes everywhere. This have to be the place.It should--gone!?Beckett!? Beckett? What room you doing here?This shouldn"t it is in surprising, come to think the it. If there"s a discovery to it is in made, Beckett will be near. I"m one archaeologist, so I assumed I"d indulge in a fast study of this Ankaran Sarcophagus everyone"s so riled up about. My guess, native what I"ve read about it, is the it"s a mummified Mesopotamian king. I required confirmation. Walk you get to examine it in ~ all? Oh, ns really wish ns had. Every this speculation around the sarcophagus comprise an Antediluvian and also being a portent that Gehenna is make me cringe. These space the kinds of ridiculous, superstitious presumptions I came below to debunk.We"re forced into asking around what we already know of: Antediluvians? no one I recognize has ever met one, however each the the clans and their bloodlines supposedly map their origin to an initial vampire - an Antediluvian. Some swear these grandsires quiet exist into the present. Yet then, Kindred and also kine think a many strange things. And also Gehenna? Armageddon, doomsday, the finish of all Kindred. It"s a common facet of most mythologies - fear that the world will end. Many believe Caine and also the Antediluvians will return to consume or destroy all Kindred. I wholeheartedly disagree. Why execute you disagree?Beckett"s pompousness is unfitting. His debate here doesn"t actually demonstrate that Gehenna is false.

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Bobbin Threadbare posted:It have to be noted that (as any good scientist would) Beckett would later on toss his assumptions aside when the Ravnos Antediluvian climbed in India. Instead, that rededicated self to researching ways to prevent the other Antediluvians from damaging the world, and also in the one Gehenna scenario where that"s possible he dram a significant role.
Humans and Kindred are simply as qualified of controlling their own devastation as a deity. A self-realized Gehenna warrants much more vigilance 보다 a god-induced one, don"t girlfriend agree? such is my argument... I beg your pardon so frequently falls on hearing deactivated ears.The debate that Gehenna is simply the estimate of the Kindred"s capability for self-destruction would be a better one, but it"s not an debate that Beckett makes.We can ask Beckett more questions about Gehenna, but additionally his pet fascination, the thin-bloods. Deserve to you tell me an ext about thin-bloods? Thin-bloods seldom exhibit attributes or strength of their clan and also many can"t Embrace. Some are also rumored to have reproduced. Plenty of Kindred room terrified that their weak blood heralds the dissipation of every bloodline. Rather of an ignorant, reactionary response, don"t girlfriend think? Who"s Caine? Caine is the biblical an initial Kindred and founder that the mythological an initial City, Enoch - a location where Kindred and also kine coexisted. I think Caine"s a number concocted come personify the change from nomadic culture to agrarian society. That myth, favor most, has actually been twisted through time. Room there any kind of other indications of Gehenna? What prophecy doesn"t have vague, apocryphal signs? Let"s see, the usual ones cited room the figure of thin-bloods, Caine sightings, doom, gloom, that route. This is all fascinating stuff... Exactly how long have actually you been researching Kindred lore?This bumped increase our academics stat through one. Ns don"t like any kind of of this answers, but I"ll choose the least stupid one. We"re the next advancement of human being beings. Yes, I"ve heard that concept before. It certainly seems plausible, yet there"s small proof to assistance it. Still, it"s a better explanation 보다 a divine sentence for manslaughter. Ns agree.Look at the shit eat grin. Goodbye, Beckett.The screen fades out......and then we"re transported back downtown. LaCroix isn"t walk to take it this well, however we"ll have to wait until following time to tell him. I"m i m really sorry if this upgrade wasn"t really good. Ns don"t favor this quest, therefore it"s tough to do it interesting.