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You"ll require the MONSTERMON PLUSHIE, FACULTY REMOTE and CARLA"S LASER BOMB to complete this storyline.School Yard
The day will certainly start and also Ms. Applegate will certainly say she"s lost her remote. Speak to Monty and buy a battery for $2.00.Talk come Penny, put the battery in the remote and she will certainly blast open the drain grate and free Nugget.Go down right into the grate, squeak the MONSTERMON PLUSHIE by the cardboard box and also talk to Lily and Billy. Provide them the remote and they"ll define their plan and give friend a pneumatic drill.Go earlier outside and talk to the Principal, gain her to give you among her passes.

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Morning Time
Talk come Billy, he will offer you the remote back.Talk to Cindy and also ask for her aid killing the teachers.When she asks you to put gum in a girl"s hair, push the green switch on the far to summon Penny. Put the gum in her hair then push the yellow switch to dismiss her.Talk to Buggs and ask because that his help killing the teachers. Push the green switch to summon penny again, then press the blue button to open up her contraband compartment.LunchTalk to Billy, then show the CARLA"S LASER BOMB come Carla.Talk to Nugget and give the the drill.Jump right into the tunnel after ~ Nugget to acquire to the teachers" lounge. Location the an equipment under the table.Use her principal"s happen to get out of lunch.After the scene, go v Lily come the girls" bathroom. Choose up the knife and kill Ms. Applegate.
Enter the Nugget cave and talk to Billy and Lily.Talk to Penny and also use the remote on her.Go up the alleyway to the dumpster. Speak to Carla and tell her that Penny is gone.Go inside.Collectable!Go inside the teachers" lounge and also examine Dr. Danner"s human body to unlock the outfit!Collectable!Go approximately the girls" bathroom and examine Ms. Applegate"s body to get the outfit.Collectable!Go to the boys" bathroom and also give the lighter to the hall monitors. They"ll provide you the Monstermon card.Go through the feet in the wall and talk to Bob.Go right into the below classroom and take the doll indigenous the toy box.Go ago to the Nugget cave and give the doll to Penny.
The final Showdown
After the scene, feel totally free to ask inquiries if friend want. Otherwise, walk to the regulate panel in the top-right corner and press the green button to death the middle monster. You"ll additionally unlock the outfit.Next, speak to Penny and she"ll kill the height monster. You"ll additionally unlock the outfit.Go back to the control panel and also move the blue crane left then push the switch to death the bottom monster. You"ll also unlock the outfit.Collectables!Interact through the broken window where the monsters escaped from to unlock the outfit.Collectables!Walk come the bottom-left corner of the secret lab to uncover Monstermon card.Press the red switch on the manage panel.Use the manage panel to relocate the eco-friendly crane to the left then press the switch to close the monster"s mouth.Use the control panel to relocate the red crane come the left twice, then press the button to make the monster look up.For completing this storyline you"ll get the Monstermon card and also a guide that tells you whereby to find any kind of remaining lacking Monstermon cards and also outfits.

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