The Collaborative worldwide Dictionary Word meanings in The collaborative International thesaurus shah Shah (sh), n. h a king, sovereign, prince. Cf. Checkmate , Chess , Pasha .> A former title that the supreme ruler in particular Eastern countries, particularly Persia and also Iran. shaman Nameh . ...

Wiktionary Word meanings in Wiktionary Etymology 1 alt. 1 A king the Persia or Iran. 2 A supreme leader in some center Eastern or South asian nations. N. 1 A king that Persia or Iran. 2 A supreme ruler in some middle Eastern or South eastern nations. Etymology 2 n. (context historical English) An...

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word meanings in Douglas Harper"s Etymology thesaurus location of the king the Persia, 1560s, shaw , from Persian shah , shortened native Old Persian xšayathiya "king," indigenous Indo-Iranian *ksayati "he has power over, rules" indigenous PIE *tke- "to gain regulate of, obtain power over" (cognates: Sanskrit ksatram "dominion;"...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia shaman (Šâh or Şah) (; , , "king") is a title given to the emperors, kings and also lords that Iran (historically also known as Persia). It to be also adopted by the kings of Shirvan (a historical Iranian an ar in Transcaucasia ) specific the Shirvanshahs , the rulers...

usage examples of shah.

Tercy believed the ambassador have to be arrested and thrown into prison, and the shah of Persia educated that his envoy had passed away in France the a quartan fever.

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At the head, or in the rear, of a Carizmian army, Soliman shaman was drown in the passage of the Euphrates: his boy Orthogrul ended up being the soldier and subject of Aladin, and established at Surgut, ~ above the financial institutions of the Sangar, a camp of 4 hundred families or tents, whom he administrate fifty-two year both in peace and war.

In Persia that video game is called the war of the Shahi, and also the play sets space works the art, priced past the with of all but a real Shah or who of equal wealth.

Like Yousef and his uncle Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, shah was a guy of lot of identities.

That night, Yousef partied through Shah, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, and their Filipina days at the XO Karaoke Bar.

The Shah, who had actually commissioned Colonel Sheil to engage an English gardener, to be dead.

In the an initial half of the 18th century, when Bushire was an not important fishing village, it to be selected by Nadir shaman as the southern port the Persia and dockyard the the marine which the aspired to create in the Persian Gulf, and the brothers commercial manufacturing facility of the eastern India Company, created at Gombrun, the modern-day Bander Abbasi, was transferred to the in 1759.

Nadir shaman of Persia started in simply such a cave of Adullam, and lived to plunder Delhi through a host of Persians and also Afghans.

Yusef Shah, the Afridi chief, his three headmen and his American ally, and also who had turned the trusted conference suddenly right into a holocaust that murder.

All 3 were curved scimitars do by the annourers of shah Jahan in ~ Agra top top the Indian continent.

Mahomed Akbar Khan, Mahomed shaman Khan, Ameen Oolla, and also many other chiefs through their followers were present.

Juliet revealed herself together Guli Sarahi, the ambassador can intervene, for she fortress at Serevan had actually helped the shah maintain his east border.

And earlier went he with the force of the blast, and also fell top top a Herez carpet, which had been a present to Rune from shah Jahan for creating the Taj Mahal.

Aufors had not been lengthy gone as soon as a messenger come to invite the Prince, the Invigilator, and also Colonel Leys, to go searching with the Shah.

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Shah come invite you and also the Prince and the Invigilator come go searching with His Effulgence.