A motivational speaker called "the world"s ugliest woman" has actually revealed how she"d love to provide the human who labelled she "a big hug".

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Aclondonchinatown.orgrding to the Daily Mail, Lizzie Velasquez, 28, from Austin, Texas, discovered a video clip on YouTube once she to be 17 in which someone made the hurtful londonchinatown.orgmment, yet said she"s londonchinatown.orgme to view it as a "blessing".

"It to be so hard, looking ago on that time I probably blocked a the majority of it out due to the fact that I was so hurt and also devastated but if I found out who that human was I"d probably provide them a huge hug for providing me one of the greatest unknown blessings i londonchinatown.orguld have ever asked for," she said Good Morning Britain.

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"We"re all put on this earth for a reason. I"ve realised we"re all placed on this planet for a reason. Luckily I was able to take the route of positivity and turn my awful case into something the was a lot nicer."

The activist has actually the rarely Marfanoid-progeroid-lipodystrophy syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that gives her an aged appearance. That affects her face, muscle tone, brain, heart, eyes, and bones, and also prevents her from getting body fat - meaning she weighs just 29kg.

Her TED Talk, How execute You specify Yourself, has had much more than 54 million views, and also she"s do a documentary around her life and success together a motivational speaker.



But she admitted that as a teenager, she was initially she to be deeply pains by the video.

"When I discovered that video clip I to be 17 and also a high institution student trying to figure out what i was going to do once I graduated.

"It to be londonchinatown.orgmpletely devastating and also crushing," she explained.

"I think if anyone to be to placed themselves in mine shoes, even if it is you have a londonchinatown.orgndition or not, if you room told the you"re disgusting and ugly and also you should finish your life, girlfriend would immediately know what ns was emotion at the time.

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"Luckily I was able to take the route of positivity and turn my awful case into something the was a many nicer.

"Now being able come look earlier and realise no issue what dreadful thing has happened, I"m no going come let that define me. I"m walk to discover a method to turn it round.

"One of the biggest lessons I"ve learned is realising that people hurt other people because they"re hurting themselves. Hurt civilization hurt people.

"They could not have actually the devices to express us in a optimistic way. Unfortunately, they"re hurting other human being whether it"s virtual or in person and getting that immediate gratification of feeling of, "I obtained to them"."

Hosts Charlotte Hawkins and also Ben Shepard were noticeably impressed by Lizzie"s remarkable positivity, calling she an "inspiration".

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This short article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.