It's 6000cp. Yes, 6K. WTF guys. The Animat is no that powerful. Sure it's helpful as a distraction however with a price tag of 6K I'm never going going come afford it once it's many useful and when i can, why would I rubbish 6K ~ above a rubbish summon?


I've to be trying to walk for the Triple Crown and also Figurines were a large part the the strategy. Ns don't just have 6000cp laying around. At 600cp it was an affordable, however pricey investment at an early stage game because that me to tank part fights or distract packs to sneak by them. Most importantly it to be the lynchpin come me clearing Caed Nua.

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In action II it to be mostly helpful as one obstacle once running away. It didn't ache anything and died quickly. Again I must repeat i don't have 6000cp in ~ this point. I mean if I completely ignored Caed Nua I would certainly barely have actually the money, yet now I have actually a problem. If ns can't clean Caed Nua, how am I an alleged to also get come Act II because that that type of money?

It's no one use only, though.

You pay 6k and also you get infinite use, right? It's not favor you're payment 6k and you acquire one Animat and then he goes home.

Right? Or am i mental.

I know just how figurines work. My complain is the by the time I get the money for the Horn, I've already passed the put I want to usage the horn and also am left with areas where it's just mildly useful. A point at which ns would lot rather invest the 6k elsewhere.

Ouch. I simply bought mine this morning prior to the price change. Sorry to gloat, things prefer that never happen to me.

My. Problem. Is. I usage the bronze Horn to get to Defiance just (read: clean Caed Nua) since getting to level 4 to clear Caed Nua is a pain in the ass ~ above PotD Solo. And also once I get to Defiance Bay, I prevent using the Animat almost entirely precisely because of the totally free summon inn defiance bay.

Conversely If i was using a party ns still wouldn't touch the figurines due to the fact that I run two chanters and they have enough summons for me come manage.

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Mate, please. I had like 50k before even make it come Dryford. You earn far, far much more than you can spend in this game.


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