Fredericksburg and also the surrounding counties have end up being an enthusiasm dog neighborhood over the years! We wanted to share few of our favourite dog walks with you all! It’s essential for dog to experience brand-new places, smells, and sounds for both mental and physical stimulation. An exercised dog is a happy dog! all of these spots need your dog to be leashed and cleaned up after. Please respect this spaces for this reason we deserve to all proceed to gain them! go we miss out on a favourite spot the yours? share yours in a comment!

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One of the area’s herbal gems, a beautiful getaway in ~ the city limits. The wooded trails give easy accessibility and beautiful views of the Springs. If your dog likes water, this is a great spot to wade and splash around. Summer is an extremely busy with swimmers therefore if you prefer a an ext quiet, undisturbed jaunt, come here in the off-season. Greenbrier Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

At one time collection to be sold for commercial use, this beautiful tract of farmland was preserved as result of it’s historic significance. The abandoned house, barns, and also outbuildings make for a it s as beautiful as picture backdrop as you walk this loop trail approximately the open fields with her pup. There is no shade on the trail so warm summer days can not it is in best. And if her dog spooks easily, trains typically pass. Ideal for you and your furry friends to gain on a fall day! 11196 assistant Trail, Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Paved pup paradise – beautiful see of and accessibility to the Rappahannock River! This 3.1 mile loop is perfect if you and also your pooch space training for a 5k. Walk along the Rappahannock Canal and also past Old MillPark too. There is no cold or boring component of this walk! Be all set to satisfy other walkers, runners, bikers, and dogs! would certainly be a great socialization spot because that young pups! Trailheads located at Princess anne Street and also Ford Street intersection, and off loss Hill Avenue. The easiest location to park is in ~ Old Mill Park, 2200 Caroline St. Fredericksburg, VA, 22401

Mostly recognized for the playground, swimming pool, and also sports fields, Loriella Park has actually some good wooded walking trails perfect for pup go too! The trails often intersect v the key golf food so it is in respectful the the players. Over there is a lovely, wooded gravel path just to the best of the tennis courts and also an accessibility point for one more wooded trail alongside the playground. 10910 Leavells Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407 

Conveniently located behind the Ron Rosner YMCA, there is plenty of parking because of the many sports fields. Top top a Saturday morning, the area is crowded v parents and also kids attending your soccer and also baseball games. However the trails themselves room wooded and also private. It’s rare to see an additional walker. This would certainly be a an excellent place for pups still working on your walking skills. If friend go throughout a weekday as soon as there room no athletic goings-on, you will certainly be practically alone. The trails themselves are a small bit the a maze and also criss-cross one one more but there are so plenty of entrances and exits, it’s easy to get back to the main parking area and also get your bearings. 5710 Smith station Road, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407

Fredericksburg Battlefield, in addition to the many other Battlefields in the area are always great for pup walks. Either stick come the led roadways or endeavor on come the wooded trails that operation alongside. The Battlefields are nationwide Parks for this reason they space clean and also safe, consistently patrolled through the Park Service. Access indigenous Lafayette Boulevard, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 or Lansdowne Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Visit the historic quarry wherein sandstone for the White House and also Capitol structure was mined. The island is a haven because that bird watchers and you’ll likely see other aquatic animals as well. The very first half of the trail is handicap obtainable wooden decking, the second fifty percent of the follow is more hilly and also wooded. A unique and beautiful spot to have an adventure v your pup! 191 coal Landing Road. Stafford, VA 22554

1.5 mile of paved trails with basic access, easy parking. If you’re not interested in having to clean up after a dirty or muddy dog or examine for ticks, this is a nice clean, clear room to walk. Great for households with strollers or children with bikes, as well! 1300 Dixon Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Probably the least recognized pup walk on ours list, the Salamander Loop is a quiet, easy wooded trail. Perfect because that a timid dog still functioning on socialization and also walking skills! on the weekends, this follow is really secluded so lug a buddy! there is a largely flat, gravel trail around the pond that would certainly be simple for kids to walk too. The trailhead is tucked behind the Spotsylvania County school Board building. 8110 River stone Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22407


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