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9-Year-Old Army is a tongue-in-cheek label for fans of YouTuber PewDiePie, formally known as the \"Bro Army\". The name was coined by Twitch streamer Alinity during a feud through PewDiePie, in which she accused his pan of gift \"9-year-olds.\"



On September 8th, city Dictionary<1> user TankBeatsEverything submitted an entry for \"9 year old army,\" defining it as a \"special type of specimen who especially devote their lives to complying with a particular god well-known as Pewdiepie\" (shown below).


On October 29th, 2018, YouTuber Grandayy upload a Voiceoverpete video titled \"Attention every 9 Year Old Gamers,\" calling because that viewers to subscribe to PewDiePie in \"The great Subscriber War\": versus T-Series (shown below). Within three months, the video accumulated upwards the 1.1 million views and also 8,000 comments.

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<1> Urban dictionary – 9 year old army

<2> Quora – Why go PewDiePie contact his pan 9 year old?

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