Alexander the an excellent was an old Macedonian ruler and one of history’s best military minds who—as King of Greece and also Persia—established the largest empire the old world had ever before seen. By turns charismatic and ruthless, brilliant and power hungry, diplomatic and also bloodthirsty, Alexander inspired such loyalty in his men they’d monitor him almost everywhere and, if necessary, dice in the process. Despite Alexander the good died before realizing his dream of uniting a brand-new realm, his influence on Greek and also Asian culture was so profound it inspired a brand-new historical epoch—the Hellenistic Period.

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Literary sources tell us, though probably not reliably, that Alexander (reigned 336-323 BC) made decision only a couple of artists to create his image, and famous name such as the sculptor Lysippos and the painter Apelles were connected with his portraiture. Despite none of the well known images have actually been recovered, plenty of sculptures in different materials, and portraits top top gemstones and also coins, survive. These to be mostly developed long ~ Alexander’s death and while the portraits follow comparable general characteristics, they also vary in style.

*Alexander"s appearance has actually been most thought to it is in accurately shown by the sculptor Lysippos, and in truth Alexander himself desired Lysippos"s likenesses of the over that of any type of other artist.


Head that Alexander, uncovered near the Erechtheion of the Athens Acropolis in 1886.

Thought to be an original job-related of the sculptor Leochares, made around 330 BC.

Acropolis Museum, Athens.


Marble head that Alexander from Pergamon,Turkey.

First fifty percent of 2nd century BC.

Istanbul historical Museum.


Marble head of Alexander the Great, uncovered in the Kerameikos,

Athens c. 300 BC.

Head that Alexander the Great, make of pentelic marble. It was found in the Kerameikos, Athens. Alexander wears the lion’s pelt, a usual iconographic function in depictions of the young king on coins, which ideas at his lower from the mythical hero Herakles. The letter on Alexander’s challenge were sculpted at a later on period.


Alexander was always shown clean-shaven, which to be an innovation: every previous portraits the Greek statesmen or rulers had beards. This royal fashion it s long for almost five hundred years and almost every one of the Hellenistic kings and also Roman majesties until Hadrian were depicted beardless. Alexander to be the an initial king to wear the all-important royal diadem, a band of towel tied roughly the hair that was to come to be the prize of Hellenistic kingship.

Earlier portraits the Alexander, in heroic style, look more mature than the portraits make after his death, such as this example. These show a an ext youthful, despite perhaps much more god-like character. He has actually longer hair, a more dynamic tilt of the head and also an upward gaze, the same, similar thing his description in literary sources.

This head was obtained in Alexandria, the city established by Alexander in 331 BC, and the location of his tomb. Alexandria was additionally the capital of the longest making it through Hellenistic dynasty, the Ptolemies. From the time of the power of Ptolemy i Soter (‘Saviour’) (305-282 BC), Alexander was worshipped as a god and also the forefather that the dynasty.


Youthful photo of the conqueror king

Hellenistic Greek, 2nd-1st century BC, stated to it is in from Alexandria, Egypt.

There space a few copies of Lysippus’ sculptures, including the one below, which mirrors a pretty traditional Mediterranean visage.

A roman inn copy of a copper made through Lysippus

Roman, royal (1st-2nd century AD)Location: Sully wing, ground floor, Athena gallery (also dubbed the Melpomene gallery), Room 344

Modern Latin inscription: “This effigy of Alexander the Great, found in 1779 (in the Piso villa) in ~ Tivoli, was restored by Joseph Nicolas Azara.”

*Alexander"s physical summary is variously reported as of him having actually curly, dark blonde hair, a significant forehead, a short, jutting chin, fair to reddish skin, an intense gaze, and a short, stocky, hard figure. It has been comment upon more than as soon as that Alexander had one dark brown eye and also one blue eye! together a phenomenon walk exist, so it is not too lot to suppose that Alexander could also have displayed this trait.

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But these statues space not ours only picture sources. The Alexander Mosaic, a recovered floor decoration, depicts Alexander v distinctly middle Eastern features, although together a Roman-era photo it have to be taken through a grain of salt.

The Alexander Mosaic, date from circa 100 BC, is a roman floor mosaic originally from the home of the Faun in Pompeii, that is accused an imitation the Apelles" painting. It depicts a battle between the militaries of Alexander the an excellent and Darius III the Persia and measures 2.72 through 5.13 metres (8 ft 11 in × 16 ft 10 in). The initial is maintained in the neapolitan National historical Museum. The mosaic is thought to be a copy of an early 3rd-century BC Hellenistic painting.

Ultimately, however, most people would have seen Alexander together the stylised depictions top top his silver- coins. Or rather, what they assumed to be Alexander. In fact, the confront on the obverse is the of Heracles, and also erroneously presume by the creator that the Alexander Sarcophagus in ~ Sidon to depict Alexander himself. Note the lion pelt headgear, a standard Herculean feature, and also the absence of a ram’s horn, a symbol of Zeus Ammon appropriated by Alexander top top imagery to indicate his very own divinity.

In fact, that is post-Alexandrian coinage that in reality depicts him, such together this instance by Lysimachus.

So, we don’t know for absolute certain. All primary photos are gone, so we need to rely ~ above what we do have. His facial framework is most likely a mixture the those depicted on his statues, Successor-era coins and the Alexander Mosaic, most likely closer come the former two 보다 the last one. Gift of largely Greek heritage, Alexander was almost certainly that Mediterranean complexion and also hair colour.

Where was Alexander the great From?

Alexander III was born in Pella,Macedonia (a an ar on the northern part of the Greek peninsula) , in 356 B.C. Come King Philip II and Queen Olympias—although legend had it his father to be none various other than Zeus, the leader of the Greek gods.

Philip II to be an impressive military male in his own right. That turned Macedonia right into a force to be reckoned with, and also he fantasized about conquering the massivePersian Empire.

What was Alexander the Great"s ethnicity?

Alexander was the kid of the King the Macedonia (a Greek kingdom) and a Princess native Epiros (another Greek kingdom). He spoke Greek, worshiped the Greek gods and spread Greek culture throughout the eastern Mediterranean. That made Greek the dominant language and culture of what became known together the Hellenistic period. He to be ethnically Greek.

How did Alexander the an excellent die and also when? fatality of Alexander the great

The fatality of Alexander the an excellent and subsequent related occasions have been the subjects of debates. Follow to a Babylonian huge diary, Alexander died in between the evening of June 10 and also the night of June 11, 323 BC, at the period of thirty-two. This occurred in the royal residence of Nebuchadnezzar II in Babylon.Macedonians and also local inhabitants wept in ~ the news that the death, if Achaemenid topics shaved their heads. The mommy of Darius III, Sisygambis, having learned of Alexander"s death, refused sustenance and also died a couple of days later. Historians vary in their assessments of main sources about Alexander"s death, which outcomes in various views.

Proposed reasons of Alexander"s death included alcoholic liver disease, fever, and also strychnine poisoning, but little data assistance those versions. Follow to the university of Maryland college of medication report of 1998, Alexander probably passed away of typhoid heat (which, in addition to malaria, was common in ancient Babylon). In the week before Alexander"s death, historic accounts mention chills, sweats, exhaustion and high fever, common symptoms of infectious diseases, including typhoid fever. Follow to David W. Oldach from the college of Maryland clinical Center, Alexander additionally had "severe abdominal muscle pain, leading to him come cry out in agony. The connected account, however, originates from the unreliable Alexander romance. According to Andrew N. Williams and also Robert Arnott, in Alexander the Great"s last days he came to be mute. He came to be mute due to the fact that of a ahead injury to his neck from the Siege of Cyropolis.

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