By now, you’re an extremely familiar v the straightforward building blocks of your braces. Brackets, wires, and ligatures space no secret to you. Yet suddenly, you’re hearing a brand new term—“power chains.” What exactly are these power chains, and why does her orthodontist think you need them? Let’s see how power chains space *linked* to your orthodontic treatment.

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First, why strength chains?

They’re not really chain in the necklace or cycle chain sense—in fact, they’re only really rarely made with metal. This chains are most often a cable of O ring loops similar to your elastic ligatures, fastened in a heat to resemble a chain.

Chain lengths are tailored to your specific needs. Dr. Ted Vossers will attach each separation, personal, instance loop in the chain about a single bracket, linking selected teeth together. Chains can stretch throughout a couple of teeth, numerous teeth, or your entire upper or reduced arch.

Second, why power chains?

Because these chains are usually do of the exact same elastics the your ligatures, or bands, space made from, they want to host their initial shape. They will try to return to that original shape also as they room stretched in between your brackets. As they contract, they assist move your this together.

Over time, just like an over-stretched rubber band, they shed their elasticity, and also won’t work as effectively. That’s why you’ll probably acquire a new power chain whenever you come in to our Burlington, NC office because that an adjustment.

Third, why power chains?

This is the most vital question. How can a strength chain improve your smile?

Usually, strength chains become part of your treatment after the an initial phase the alignment. They deserve to be used to aid align your teeth or correct her bite, but are most regularly used to close gaps between the teeth.

You can have a void after a tooth has actually been extracted. Or, together your teeth move into their brand-new positions, you might suddenly see noticeable spaces between them. Power chains move the teeth closer together to eliminate these gaps, and do it much more quickly 보다 brackets and also wires alone can do.

How lengthy will you require them?

This is miscellaneous Dr. Ted Vossers will comment on with you. Whether it’s a issue of mainly or months, her treatment setup is draft to move your teeth right into their ideal positions, and also to perform it carefully for a lasting, healthy alignment.

Power chain options

Depending on the size and spacing of your teeth and your therapy plan, these chains typically take one of three forms: closed/continuous, short, and also long. The only difference is the distance between the rings.

We will choose the kind of chain that’s best for her treatment. Your contribution is come personalize your power chain. Power chains come in a rainbow the colors, enabling you come mix and also match. Friend can even coordinate with your ligatures if you have actually ties as well as chains. If your goal is to have your braces blend in, various shades of white, silver, or clean colors space available. Desire to mix things up? select a different color with every adjustment.

Anything else?

You could experience some discomfort for the first couple of days with a brand-new power chain, just as you could with any type of adjustment. Dr. Ted Vossers will have suggestions because that making those very first days as comfortable together possible.

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Also, like brackets and ligatures, power chains have the right to trap food particles, for this reason be sure to follow our indict for keeping your teeth and your braces their cleanest.

Now the you’re all caught up top top what power chains are and what they have the right to do because that you, let’s cite one an ext benefit. This is a process where you deserve to actually see the gaps between your this closing over the weeks you wear your power chains. Keep a selfie record of your progress as you create your beautiful, healthy smile. That’s one em*power*ing experience!